18 Apr 2014

French Riviera White

Cannes - Vicki Archer

If Cannes is all about the sea then it is also about the architecture.

Cannes - Vicki Archer

 All white… with a faded glory… much had seen better days.

Some had been renovated for the influx of wealthy tourists that hug the Cote d’ Azur in the summer months.

Cannes - Vicki Archer

Others retained their faded charm… relishing their age, embracing their flaws.

Either way… the decorative nature of the architecture, the frills and fancy got me feeling in a “white” frame of mind.

There is something about the sea breeze, the smell of salt and the faded grandeur of an old style town…

I’m bleaching up the whites… xv


French Riviera White

**the long sleeved white shirt… loving with jeans, capris and the trainers


divine extravagance

the row  //  the victoria beckham //  the jill sander


happy medium

the pieione  //  the free people // the tory burch  // the foxcroft


don’t refrain

the gap classic  // the gap shrunken boyfriend shirt  //  the gap tailored

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Anita Rivera

Oh, bring it on, Vicki! MORE!Yes, the whites and grays of France play with the blue of the sky and sea and create a classic combination of beauty. THANK YOU! Anita


Love the faded belle époque architecture you’ve captured in Cannes, and along the Cote d’Azur generally. Such charm! Looking forward to the 1900 exhibition in Paris, should be really interesting. Also on a different note, the Dries van Noten exhibition, that looks good too! Happy Easter! Pamela


we have this great stuff here called Borax, it is great for whites and does not compromise the fabric and lemon juice for linen napkins is great too, better than pure bleach that hurts the fabric over time and can even put holes in the fabric if used too much…..this is beautiful ~ getting my mascara and lash curler today you recommended, ;-)))…aww to live & work in France is my dream…Happy Easter Vicki ~ xo


Gorgeous Vicki!! I love the faded whites and gorgeous buildings. I love it all…but still working on embracing the “trainers”. xo

Anita Rivera

Bonjour Vicki! Joyeuse Pâques mon amie, and thank you for coming to visit this morning! We finally have spring weather, Vicki. This was the harshest winter we have ever known in 29 years since we’ve lived in the midwest. But today, on Easter when hope is the topic, we have seen hope take on wings and unfold into reality. Warmth, sun and new life. Happy Easter! Anita


Ah…Cannes. One of my great loves….spent a summer there at the “College International”…good memories… ;)
Thank you for the stunning photos…


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