7 May 2014

50 Shades Of Grey: Kevyn Aucoin

New York, Central Park - Vicki Archer


NEW YORK had me thinking in shades of grey.

It’s unavoidable in a city of soaring skyscrapers.


There must be more than fifty shades… there must be a million different tones.

A city captured in grisaille.


Strange how my mind works.

All that grey, rising above me and all around me… I started wanting to get my urban out.

Wear smokey eyes to compliment the structured.


I re-discovered Kevyn Aucoin.That was dangerous.

Can I call it research for you?


The Perfect Eye Palette

eye shadow is a tough one on a mature eye… it’s something that needs to be worn subtly and with precision… these shades of grey from kevyn aucoin are soft and flattering… giving definition without drama

the high concentrate of pigment allows for a less-is-more approach and easy application… it is the only way i can manage


1. Apply translucent powder to the eyelid using eyeshadow brush for a smooth oil free surface.

If the eyelid is oily, the colour will stick in patches and not blend flawlessly. 


2. Gently dust the lighter of the two colours all over the lid up to the brow bone.


3. Press the darker grey from the middle of the eyelid outwards, not going above the eye crease.


With a separate brush, blend the colours outward, so the pale grey at the inner corner blends to the darker grey on the outer corner. 


4. Apply mascara as usual.


** Optional extra… Apply a black pencil eyeliner along the outer three quarters of the upper lid and soften the line a little by blending over it with an eyeshadow brush.

*If any of the product drops under the eye, use a large clean powder brush to sweep it away, do not use fingers as this will smudge the product into the skin.


kevyn aucoin the eyeshadow duo 203 fog/cool smoke


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Anita Rivera

Vicki ma chère, you and I both think in similar patterns! And New York City is a place, like Paris, that inspires with the structures all around as well as the culture and all that goes with it. I was wearing gray and pink yesterday, and I just love that combination.

I wear smokey shadow all the time, but apply it in different intensities, according to the time of day or night. For school, I wear a light layer and as I am reading your instructions here, I am glad to see that I’ve been doing something right, by instinct! I apply just a tad of liner to the outer tip of my eye, then blend. That gray shadow is just the right thing for my very fair skin against my black hair that has an unusual shade of black…almost a pewter color! So gray is the color for me, no matter what the shade.

I am so thrilled to know that you are on US soil. ENJOY every mile of the city my friend! Anita

Heather in Arles

What a shame that we lost Kevyn Aucoin too soon -what an amazing talent. And I am happy to hear that his beauty line is still going strong. The colors that you chose are just gorgeous!


Am loving the grey in New York Vicki …. in fact, I just LOVE grey !! Grey interiors, grey fashion, grey make up …. grey blog !!!!
So sorry that I missed commenting on your BIO post but, I have read it and it was a wonderful take on our subject this month. You are so clever.XXXX


Thank you for these tips Vicki! I have been wearing less eyeshadow because of creasing issues and I really look better with some color on my lids!

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It was just heart breaking that Kevin died so young ! He was a friend of a friend and I remember some really good and funny stories about him. He was a beautiful soul.

Speaking of eyeshadow, I now live in the Country but I refuse to not wear make up , as if I still lived in the city :) But instead of eyeshadow, I have been just smudging like crazy, the soft pencil liners that I use … for night I would do more, but these days, I am not going out at night.

I don’t care if only the kitten sees me, I get up in the morning and shampoo and blow out my hair and put on my makeup. :) you never know what the day will bring ~

Piaf Vintage French

Is Kevyn Aucoin the makeup artist that passed away a decade ago? I used to love his work, he was a genius! He made every face he touched so beautiful. I didn’t know there was a kevyn aucoin line!


NYC is the best! The streets, the park, uptown, downtown, energy and excitement everywhere. I think you had wonderful weather too! We’re you able to walk the Highline? I have never found time to walk it.
Thanks for the tip on the KA grey shadow. I have been looking for something new. I use MAC painterly as a shadow base but I think I will try a sweep of powder too. My eyelids are not what they used to be!! Lol!


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