6 May 2014

A Crazy Little Thing Called Love

Heale House, Wiltshire - Vicki Archer

It’s the first Tuesday of the month.

A group of bloggers choose a topic and interpret the subject in their own way…

Today, the idea is to write about 5 things that make you crazy.

~ ~ ~

I thought of this as an easy write.

We all have moments of craziness and of being driven crazy.

There are idiosyncrasies that we all loath and there are those we find endearing.

~ ~ ~

When it came time to list my 5… somehow the little things seemed petty and the big… well, they are far too big for me to deconstruct.

You know the ones… the unhappy parts of life, of our world… the external forces that are beyond our control.

Political, religious, economic and geophysical… these are not my strong points…  it is not the reason we are here together.

I’ll leave them to the experts.

~ ~ ~

Then there are the petite crazies.

The chipped nail polish annoyance, the frizzy hair drama… the discomfort of over indulgence… mini crazies that multiply but are meaningless.

Or the mid way annoyances… too much talk… excess gossip… lies and whispers… unattractive at every level.

As I said, minor grievances that don’t add up to much when you look at the big picture.

~ ~ ~

I try to look at the world in a positive way.

I never focus on the negative, on irritations… however big or small.

I try and change them… when and if I can.

~ ~ ~

So rather… than what makes us crazy mad…

What makes us crazy happy?

Without thinking… I will say…

Love, Laughter, Friendship, France, Flowers… and Fashion… *wink*

Ok 6…


Tell me your 5 “crazy happies”…

Make it snappy… whatever comes to mind in a heartbeat, xv.


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What made me irrationally loopy this weekend was coming back from a long dog walk to discover the marauding teens had not only finished the milk but also discovered the leftover cake I’d stashed for personal consumption.

No tea, no coffee-and-walnut.



I get that one!
Mine is… that I come home and there isn’t a drop of wine/anything in the house!!


ELS, you have my sympathy, I used to have that all the time.
One teen can eat the same amount as maybe 5 large adults :)

My Crazy list:
1- seeing that my insane kitten is finally calming down.
I am getting more kisses than bites.

2- knowing that I will have company for the weekend.
That company always includes one perfectly perfect 6 month old baby.

3-Crazy sad – that my crazy perfect husband who was crazy about me too, is not here to be crazy with me anymore.


Candice – Thank you for your gentle reminder on your number 3. My heart turns to your emptiness. I wish I could send more comfort through the web. I also envy that you ever had each other. It must have been wonderful.

Anita Rivera

1. watching squirrels stuff their faces in my garden.
2. my husband’s hilarious sense of humor.
3. horses wiggling their noses.
4. when a student learns to really, really speak French.
5. PIZZA!!!!!!!!!

The Enchanted Home

Agree with all of your minor crazies and for the five that make me happy…..good health, laughter,love, peace and a beautiful home to come back to at the end of every day:)


Friendship, perfume, chocolate, flowers and an accidental glance in the mirror & find myself looking fresh & alluring… in the morning *beams* (Not a usual chance)


Bless you Vicki for your positivity and gracious interpretation on your subject to make it ‘happy crazy’..

for me it is Love, Parents, Music, Flowers and Elegance

… ( that last one is to encapsulate art, interior design, architecture ,fashion, the wonderful world of favourite sylish blogs, and my beautiful grandmothers who were super fabulous in ‘wear-gloves to all occasions’ kind of way)


Elegance … what an important point… and your summing up is lovely, Sally… :)


Vicki, I love that you took our post in this direction – I was in the same boat as you – the small things seemed too small and big seemed overwhelming. I love how you looked a things in a crazy-good light. How clever. I’m crazy for: New shoes, chocolate cake, Paris, vintage chairs and my husband in black tie…

Hope you have a crazy-good day. XOXO

Karen in Oxford

5 things that make me crazy mad –

Intolerance – can’t we all just be kind to each other?
Lack of good manners.
Men who exploit women (don’t get me started).
Too much rain.
And….Cellulite. Grrrr…..

5 things that make me crazy happy –

The first joyful birdsong – the harbinger of spring on it’s way after a long winter.
Friday pizza night with a bottle of red and preferably a good movie to watch.
My husband.
The sea.
A good book – the kind that makes it sad to finish but while you’re in it, you feel immersed in an entirely different world and completely oblivious to everything else going on around you.

OK, not snappy, but that was fun, thank you Vicki.


I adore kindness given, offering a hand to someone in need, passing along a smile first to a perfect stranger in which I have found always a smile is given back in return, what makes me crazy is to buy wonderful fresh vegetables to find they go bad in a day even in the refrigerator, I really don’t like throwing away food, littering makes me crazy, plastic in the oceans. xo Vicki


Kindness is the greatest quality of all… and given to strangers is a wonderful gift…

D. A. Wolf

Crazy happy! I love it! And your list is delightful. (On the fashion note, may I add my two cents… especially when it comes to shoes?)


Esther George

Hi Vicki love your post as always. 5 things that make me happy Laughter, family get togethers, hubby and the children, love animal shows and at this time of the year just can’t go past chocolate Tim Tam biscuits, sorry my 6th is you ladies that take the time to present us with some wonderful blogs…priceless. Thank you for sharing. Regards Esther from Sydney.


Tim Tams!! That’s a good one… I need to forget about those… they don’t go so well with my new regime… ;)

Piaf Vintage French

My 5 crazy happies:
my husband
a good meal (including food, wine and company)
French vintage
writing (some of the time)


A good meal with the husband … and a little French vintage… and yes…writing… Aren’t we lucky, there are so many happy moments to enjoy… :)


Wine, music, flowers, laughter and chocolate go straight to the top of my happy meter.
Good friends, delicious meals, hugging my new grandson, travel and shopping for new treasures are also right up there.
Now I can’t stop,… my darling little dog, my hilarious husband, my beautiful children, new cosmetics, beautiful lingerie, soft pillows, satin or velvet anything…what a happy way to think of my world. Thank you Vicki for turning this into a happy exercise. xoJennifer


I love that… “happy meter”… we should have a permanent one for our happiness… :)

Marsha @ Splenderosa

OMG, how you can turn something ordinary into something wonderful!
I do love you so for your stunning ability to do this, and make all of us a little happier. Flowers, Fun, Fashion, Dogs, Grandchildren…& all of the members of our beloved BIO.


Thank you Marsha…
Life is anything but ordinary… even the everyday… so that’s how I like to look at it… :)
Be over tonight….


I love the idea of crazy happy! Just reading all the lists, I am in a good mood. My crazy happy: Dancing, playing with my little dog Suzi Q, cooking a great meal and sharing with friends, indulging in a superb glass of wine on my patio looking at my garden and definitely chocolate!


Beautiful thoughts, Helen… :)
I can only imagine the joy that painting must bring… I have never been very good at drawing or painting… but I can appreciate the pleasure it must engender… :)

Glamour Drops

Trust you Vicki to turn things on their head!! Crazy happy is the key to making the crazy serious stuff actually change I think.

karen in va

A lovely post Vicki … I find as I get older that not so many things bother me.

I have no idea why but maybe 1. I realize that some things are just the way they are; people or issues. 2. It’s such a waste of one precious hour to be upset over something that is done, it happened, move on.

Happy ….
Family & Friends & Fellowship
Classical Music
Gardens & Birds
Being on or near the water

Oh yes, as a p.s. I do love being in blog-land and Instagram … the connection you make to people you have never met is such a wonder.

Caroline BH

warm days, sunshine, cuddling in the mornng, sushi & smiles on my 3 guys


Crazy happy….
1. The smell of a library/bookstore
2. My Yorkies being sweet
3. Fresh flowers
4. The beach
5. A really good laugh.
Wink wink.

sharon santoni

this girl is crazy happy about …
other people’s kindness
other people’s talents
watching my children start their own lives
my garden flowering for the start of summer
walking the dogs in the forest

of course there is other stuff too … loved your post Vicki – I think we missed our lunch in Paris this spring! Where do the weeks go to?


In my simple life under African Skies – Five Favourites. Flowers,Faith,Family,Fragrance & Friends.

Suzanne de Cornelia

Without thinking…

1. My son has been filling my heart with joy from the day he was born…

2. The natural word…esp the sea…that I live blocks from…and exercising in the outdoors

3. Beauty…in the arts, books, flowers, music, film. intentions, poetry, in people’s eyes, deeds and souls, birds, animals, generous thoughts and actions…the smallest detail that has beauty captures and delights me…

4. Cooking…my heart always beats a little faster in gorgeous Farmer’s Markets or Whole Foods here in US…the fresh colors, thinking of what I’ll turn the ingredients into…I love to prepare very healthy beautiful meals.

5. Everything connected to an enriching home is an immense joy…


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