21 May 2014

A Moment On The Lips A Lifetime On The Hips

Vintage Beach Beauties, Pinterest Vicki Archer

A moment on the lips, a lifetime on the hips.

Isn’t that the most awful sentence.

I loathe it.


I remember once a very beautiful (and slim) woman quoting that to me as I was about to bite into a delicious cream laden pastry.

I decided I didn’t really like her all that much… and that the calories were much better company.

Of course, she was annoying but also… she was right.


As I continue to follow a healthy eating and exercise routine I am reminded of this. It’s true… thinking before taking the plunge is a clever idea.

My routine has taken a few side steps as I have travelled all over this month. I wanted to stick to my plan… and for the most part I have.

I decided to be kinder to myself… allow myself a few breaks, without completely going overboard.

My bagful of good intentions needed a large scoop of moderation.


It’s so easy when moving about to loose focus… body clocks are shattered, routines are non existent and temptation is only a few steps towards the buffet.

What I found helpful was to allow myself those treats that I can’t find at home.

I decided that maintenance was my goal on my voyages… not further weight loss.

Planes, trains and automobiles are not conducive to healthy options… they are better than they once were… but not brilliant.


What I did remain vigilant about were sugar and carbohydrate.

I didn’t always win but my mindset was better than it had been previously.

I’m trying to change my lifestyle not live my life dieting… I believe there is an enormous difference.

This way of thinking, the benefits and the results… take time and it is important to allow the time for the work to take effect.

I am still two hens down.


I would like to tell you that there are a trio of chickens clucking around out there somewhere… but for the moment I am patient.

It will happen because my resolve is firmer than ever.


On my travels I stocked up on exercise gear ( goes with the new mind set)… the US gets it totally right.

Comfort, style and well priced… I don’t know why we don’t have better choices in Europe.

 How life has changed… that I could come home with a suitcase full of teeshirts and leggings…


Tell me… How’s your program… are the “hens” vanishing?


 In The Suitcase

of all the choices these were my picks


zella trinity jacket  //  zella victory razerback tank  //  zella streamline live-in capri leggings  // zella perfect run tights


athleta forerunner tee  //  athleta stripe fast track tank  //  athleta honeycomb connect capri  // athleta no sweatin’ it top


nike free 5.0 tr fit 4 training shoe in lime green, mango, mint candy and purple fade


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Anita Rivera

Good morning Vicki!

I have volumes to speak about on this subject. Where to begin is the problem! But you are correct my friend; to change our lifestyles in order to allow us to live healthy and happy lives takes some twists and turns on the path. I am convinced, through experience, that we have to FIND OUR OWN answers for our own needs. I think I’ve mentioned this before to you during one of these stimulating conversations, but there was a short period of my adolescent/young adult life where I was out of control, and it was food that was my vice. I learned young enough however, that this behavior needed to stop. Now in my circumstance, I am sure it was more intense that what you are trying to change, but all the same, I came to the conclusion that I needed to change the way I lived, totally lived. 35 years later to this day, I live the way I want, and it has resulted in a healthy life style. The other day when you were talking about hair, you really made me think twice about my hair regime. What I value is healthy hair, trimmed and neat, shiny and strong, no matter if there are grays. WEll, the same goes for the body. What I eat will show up on my skin, hair and eyes (and yes, HIPS!) and the many years of enjoying veggies and fruits and staying away from JUNKY foods has really paid off.

That is one woman’s journey….what will be yours? I am confident that your hens will no longer exist. I know it.



Yes… those hens need to disappear… and stop clucking…;)
I agree Anita… it’s small changes every day and a clear focus that set our paths… I also believe that the idea is to not agonise too deeply if we loose track sometimes… the thing is to get back on track and pronto!


I like your attitude and approach! My habits went awry in April due to my honeymoon in Bermuda and a visit to friends in Seattle. I’m not being hard on myself though–life is to be enjoyed and celebrated and sometimes it (for me) involves delicious, abundant meals in beautiful settings with loved ones. I wouldn’t trade those experiences for anything. I am getting back to better eating habits and now that it’s nearly summer in the US, this means more time outdoors walking and playing tennis, which helps. I’m back to using an online system for logging calories each day. It’s a bit tiresome, but putting calories “on paper” helps to keep me from over-indulging. I hate the idea of having to type that I ate six cookies, for example, instead of a more reasonable one or two.



THat’s a great idea Deborah… it’s very easy to sneak those calories… :)


Many years ago, after I stopped breastfeeding my 3rd son I remember weighing myself and being devastated that I was in the 130’s. I went on Slim Fast for a few weeks and, before I knew it, I was 118. I stayed around that weight for the rest of my 20’s and all through my 30’s and it was effortless.

I met my 2nd husband when I was 39, switched from a very active job to a sedentary job, then turned 40 and that’s when I started struggling with my weight:( Kids are all grown now, I no longer work so I know a big part of my problem is having “cocktail hour”, which never really lasts only an hour, with my husband when he gets home then having a late dinner. The only way I lose weight is by eating dinner by 5 and completely cutting out alcohol, which is what I’m doing right now but will have drinks and later dinner on weekends only!

I try not to complain because I think there’s nothing more annoying than someone whining about their weight but not doing anything about it! When I do, my husband gets very upset and tells me I’m perfect…love that man:) I agree with you 100% though, at this stage in life I think you start to realize you have to treat yourself once in a while and enjoy life because it doesn’t last forever, no matter what weight you are!!! Trying to be healthy in general but not agonizing is the way to go:)


Agonising only makes the weight pile on… ;)
And yes… balance of enjoyment and health is the way to go…

my notting hill

A very timely post for me. Finally seeing positive change from an increased exercise routine and the skipping of coffee with half cream to most days enjoying green tea. You mentioned your resolve is firmer than ever. If feel that way too and it’s nice because it gives me patience as I proceed to “unpack” what I’ve accumulated over the years. Hope you have a wonderful rest of the week!


I have grown to love green tea too… and that is a great description… “unpack”… I have a bit of accumulation too! :)


Hi Vicki – It was great meeting you in Dallas last month! I also struggle with keeping up healthy habits when I’m away from my home and routine.

I love your idea of enjoying treats that you can’t find at home. I’m traveling again this weekend, and I’m going to use it!



I just heard about the Nike Free shoes the other day and am headed out to try some on! They sound SO perfect for traveling and yet being comfortable and then being able to work out. Only problem will be to decide on a color!
Well, I don’t really have a weight problem, but no matter your size or weight, the body shape changes….. It’s just not ever going to be what it was in the 20’s and before children! I do think a huge part of growing older is learning to accept the changes and “go with the flow”!


There is no way we can’t accept the changes… they are coming, “ready or not”…
The Nikes are great work out footwear… and the colours do give a little fun factor to what oftentimes is an all black outfit… that’s why I loved the ones I found…


Oh Vicki,
Just as I clicked on French Essence, I was popping two SMALL squares of chocolate with sea salt into my mouth !!!!!!! But, I don’t care …… everything in moderation is my motto and a little indulgence on occasion ! XXXX

Karen in Oxford

I LOVE FOOD! I love Italian food, I love French food, I love Asian food….I just LOVE food. When I wake up in the morning I’m already looking forward to breakfast. In fact, I’m salivating just writing this! However, I don’t snack in between meals (although that rule is sometimes sorely tested) and several years ago I gave up sweets….including the beloved chocolate. But, you see, I’m vain enough not to like to the breakout that inevitably occurs a few days after eating sweets and chocolate. That really shouldn’t be happening at my age! I’m also not very good at portion sizes. Don’t ask me to cut you just a small slice of cake because I’m physically incapable of doing it! And I agree that sportswear is so much more appealing in the States – they have lovely yoga wear that I can’t get over here.


Moderation is so tricky… but for me it’s the key…
Why are our sports/yoga clothes less appealing here? Maybe we just prefer shopping away from home… ;)


I’ve really been focussing on living a healthier lifestyle for the last couple of years. Right now I’m trying to maintain what I have. You’re so right no one wants to hear anyone whine about not being the weight they want to be. I have a lovely friend that hasn’t enjoyed her life for years. She’s 59 and weighs 106. I keep telling her it’s years she’s trying to drop and that’s impossible. I haven’t owned a scale for 30 years. They just sabotaged my routine. My weights fine but it’s your adventures I’m totally envious of!!


Scales are recipes for disaster… I usually have one article of clothing…actually it’s a dress that I have had for years… if that fits well then I know I’m on the right track… Jeans are a good yardstick too… :)

Peggy Braswell

living, enjoying every minute of the journey + that is the motto i took + in good times that is easy + in bad times, not so much + love that you are taking such good care of yourself + adore this post. xxpeggybraswelldesign.com




Perfect Sissy!
Why is it that restricting ourselves only makes us crazy for more… Human nature I suppose…


I had been feeling sort of tired and run down for awhile and made an appointment with my doctor. My sugar level was high. Ugh! I can pass up the cake or pie but bread is my weakness. And I’m having to watch the fruit. It’s been tough because I’m trying to control without medicine. Walking and moderation have become my new lifestyle.


The problem with fruit is that it is heavily sugared so we have to watch how much we eat…
As for bread… I can resist it everywhere but… France… so when I am at home there I have to be extra vigilant. My greatest love is warm bread with our olive oil and a little sea salt… Wickedly delicious… :)


I really enjoy this type of discussion! I have friends who obsess over fitness. It is what they talk about constantly! I love them but I think balance is the key. Enjoy life, exercise, feed your mind and spirit, and stay away from foods that do not work well on your body type! I have dropped weight this year also and it has been by eating smaller portions and fresh foods. Learning about the value of nutritious meals has been a life long passion for me. Where you live in England and France, it seems, the choices are readily available for you in markets, etc. Another beautiful luxury of England and France! Among other beautiful things…..:)


So true Penelope… the fresh food choices are really wonderful here… It’s easy to eat well… especially in the summer.


So timely and wise Vicki! I’ve been ignoring my ever growing waistline and not very happy with the results. I remember reading, and believing, “Nothing tastes as good as thin feels”. What happened to me? I like your idea of maintaining while traveling. I usually decide all bets are off, and eat with abandon while I travel. Sadly that’s kept the scale going the wrong direction. I think I need those Nike’s now!


Which is exactly what I have been doing … until I realised I will always be travelling… it’s the nature of my life so best to make it work for me!

Mona Turner

Good Day Vicki!
I too am a true believer in “everything in moderation.” I also think that feeding our mind with positive, healthy thoughts daily is just as important as a healthy diet and exercise regime. There is so much beauty in being a loving, peaceful, joyful woman. This is what I strive for daily.

Heather in Arles

I am still at one kind of a hen down (2 kilos) – what would that be? Une caille? hehehe
You rock, you looked great the last time I saw you and the time before that…but what I really need to know is…did you get Le Vans? ;)


Vicki, I have printed off each one of your blogs (and comments) about your weight journey. You are truly an inspiration to me. I am 56 and never had to even think about weight until I turned 50. I know that is the case with many. I am “3 hens” heavier than I want to be. i know that’s not a lot, but it makes me very unhappy about myself. The more I agonize the more I eat! What is it with that??? Anyway, you have given me hope to not agonize and be logical and the weight will come off! Thank you so much for your honestly and inspiration.


The more we worry… the more we eat… that’s what happens to me. I need a few simple guidelines and a very strong mindset… and the results appear. The easiest one for me is sugar… without that I feel better and look better!

Liz D

I had an aunt who was slender; she always used the phrase ‘don’t worry about your weight, you have such a pretty face’ very inspiring, isn’t it? I love food of all types and have always been active as well. When I hit my 30’s, I finally got serious and lost 50 lbs, and have kept it off for the past 15 years – no easy feat. What helped me is to pay attention to what works and don’t deny myself anything, also tune in to how I’m feeling, I’m a stress eater. If I’m tired or stressed I eat everything.
My basic guideline is: move every day, whether it be a walk, swim or yoga, eat a tiny bit of dark chocolate (the good quality variety)and limit snacks and sweets. I also have a lovely meal on good china, after all, life is to be enjoyed, no??

As I approach 50 it is more difficult to maintain the loss but it can be done.


It does requires discipline…and knowing yourself and what are your needs… it sounds as if you have it well in control, Liz… and yes… good glasses and china make everything taste good!


This is so funny, Vicki…it has been a very stressful few months at my job. Today is very hard…and I told someone I was craving ice cream to drown my sorrows in ….I had just counted out the money for an ice cream treat from our cafe when I decided to read a few blogs first (it is lunchtime here)…and yours was the first I opened. I just threw the money back in my purse…THANK YOU!


Funny! I live in California and always envy European clothes and complain of the boring clothing here! Shopping abroad is always more exciting!


Sorry about that last comment Vicki, as I was trying to say I am snacking as much as possible on fresh fruits including watermelon, which is so refreshing!

The Arts by Karena

Teddee Grace

I’m having such wonderful success with tracking my calorie intake and calorie expenditures on line. I’ve lost 3.5 pounds in a little over a week and I’m eating well. It’s even fun! Thanks for the inspiration and for not losing focus.

Suzanne de Cornelia

I’ve been interested in good nutrition and was sporty from childhood. Then later worked managing design and construction with many projects in leading US Medical Centers like UCLA and UCSF where witnessed thousands of horrifying results from obesity/lacking nutrition.

The quality of knowledge about nutrition and environmental toxins, and how act on it, decides health…much more than genes. Much of medicine is based in Newtonian physics with respect to thinking on nutrition, as if later Quantum Physics never happened.

I’m 5′ 7 1/2″ 123 lbs and 95% of the time eat for optimal nutrition, and subscribe to online newsletters like Dr. Mercola so always learning.

I think raw food juicing diets are the #1 way to give a person a ‘clean slate’, a new baseline, and reverse a lot of damage.

Today, with multinational ‘food-stuffs’ laced with cancer and obesity causing neuro-toxins, aspartame, GMOs, and chemicals that bio-accumulate from all sources; cancer/neuro related disease rates are sky-high. To Big Ag/Big Pharma a cancer patient is a $300K ‘profit center’ and many of the “new” neuro diseases ADA, ADHA, and the explosion in diagnosis in others is due to environmental toxins there by design. A result is that in the US 66% of bankruptcies are due to medical bills..

The world would change overnight if everyone had a French Intensive garden and ate mostly from that. Info on 75-year old veggie who looks robustly healthy: http://www.suzannedecornelia.com/2011/04/10-reasons-to-become-veggie.html


MY rule is always… “nothing produced or packaged, always fresh”… it makes a great deal of sense…

Suzanne de Cornelia

100% agree with that, Vicki. It’s my rule too.

Dr. Mercola in part attributes the sky-high incidents of Alzheimer’s disease happening at ever younger ages to all the packaged foods, I think he’s right.


I must admit that when I am traveling or even staying for a while in a new place.. I don’t eat much and I walk more and I lose weight. Not on purpose, it just happens that way.
I lost weight when we moved to Argentina and it stayed off, I walked miles a day. It was part of our days, we had no car and taking a taxi everywhere was annoying sometimes. Where we were was so beautiful, it needed to be seen by walking. The food was not French so it was easier to not eat much of it :)
Now that I am home, I have no appetite at the present ( circumstances not choice) but what I think is, it is not the reason that I lose weight when traveling or living in a new place but circumstances.
I am not comfortable in my own kitchen with familiar products and tastes. I walk more than I sit comfortably at home watching television .. especially at night, after dinner !
This can be said for hotels stays or apt rentals or staying with relatives or friends.
You don’t eat the same food, in the same comfortable rooms .
I used to like eating out as a way of dieting… someone else can make a non fat , time consuming meal for me .. otherwise, I will just eat a tomato sandwich :)
I know someone who plans what they are having for dinner, first thing in the morning. She looks forward to eating so much, that is her early morning thought. Needless to say, she has serious weight issues.
I think that is why travel and weight loss go together for me .. I am not thinking about the food, I am thinking about the sights, sounds and experience.
Maybe we should come up with a weight loss program that requires trains, planes and Paris :)
and I totally agree with Liz D … a sandwich on a paper plate is a snack, on a china plate it is a meal ..


Travelling is a great way to shed kilos… somehow when w are stimulated mentally our mind is less focused on our eating…
Yes…let’s work out “The Parisian diet”… :)

Martine Alison


Il ne faut pas faire une fixation non plus… juste faire attention ! afin de mieux s’aimer…
Une publication pleine de bons sens. Merci pour le partage.

Gros bisous ♡


La manière française de modération est le meilleur modèle … profiter de tout mais pas trop … Merci Martine …

Donna De Luca

We all know that sugar is the enemy…however I LOVE that when I am in Paris and being tempted daily with the wonderous array of pastry shops that I return home having lost weight! Yes..the answer for me, is that I am walking everywhere in Paris…exercise is the answer!!! If ONLY I could be more disciplined at home!!!


Maybe we need to pretend, Donna that everyday we wake up…we are in Paris… and walk!! :)


Vicki – ooohhhh I wish i could have you for a day on my couch! Alas you would have to hop on a plane… but then again maybe I could hop on one and come over!

This is exactly what I love doing – I am a nutritionist who quickly realised that telling you what to eat or how to exercise was not enough – it may be for the short term but not easily sustainable. And 90% of my clients know exactly what they should and shouldn’t be doing!
So why is it so hard? And why do we make attempt after attempt?

Your mental monkey menace has a lot to answer for! By the time we finish the program I ensure he has a won way ticket for on a very long holiday..Your head/mindset falls into the right place and end result – clients shed their weight, not to mention feeling so much lighter in themselves!
Love it!


It’s always about the mental Caroline… it sounds as if your program is really helping many people… and I wish I could sit and chat… in real time! How fun would that be… :)

Melissa Hebbard

Well done on your 2 hens Vicki.
I have been doing the 5:2 diet by Dr Michael Mosley for 3 months now and have lost a bit over 8 kgs, that is around 3 big chooks!!
I find it fantastic and easy as I can still have my cake and eat it, just not on the 2 days a week when I fast. As these days are flexible I can still enjoy nights out, lunches, having a piece of cake and champagne at Book group, and Easter treats, and in a few months time the Christmas parties and goodies.

This is the only diet that I have ever been on that I feel I can live on, and it is also the only one that has kept me loosing weight over the 6 week mark as EVERY diet had by then had awakened the Starvation reflex and would send me into a 2 month plateau followed by a weight gain.

I also walk each day. I make myself do at least the minimum 20 minutes, but usually it will be 40 – 60 minutes.

I still have a chook shed full to go, but I am enjoying my life and not feeling deprived and I think that is part of the battle.


Also doing the 5:2 program since February… very doable. Lost 4 hens(20 lbs.)so far and have purchased a new bathing suit. At 65 I didn’t think it was possible but I am thrilled. Also walk 6 miles almost everyday and have cut out anything with white flour. Every so often I give in a little but get right back into the program.

D. A. Wolf

This is so timely … and so tricky! I am one if those women who have had food issues since childhood, worsened by being tiny in stature and having an obese mother… I grew up watching her self-destruct with food, and repeated the behavior at various points.

The past dozen years I’ve mostly managed to be sensible and stable, but old habits die hard and then steady regrouping is required once again… That’s where I find myself at present. Regrouping … It’s hard.

Moderation is key along with sleep. The former is easier for me than the latter, and lack of sleep keeps those pounds hanging on.


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