28 May 2014

Christobal Balenciaga And Living The Art Of Elegance

The Art of Elegance, Cristobal Balanciaga

christóbal balenciaga 


Christóbal Balenciaga, the founder of Balenciaga, certainly understood the concept of elegance when it came to fashion.

The art of Elegance is something that has been playing on my mind.

Specifically, how to live a life that epitomises such sentiment. 


Finding a word or an emotion that can guide and direct me towards the place I want to be is always my challenge.



Elegance is one of those beautifully soft words that describes and evokes so much.

Style, sentiment, generosity, beauty and spirit could all be depicted as elegant.

My reflections on elegance are to do with an approach to everyday living.


The thought of elegance, the art of elegance means serenity to me… I admire serenity.

Serenity is not just sitting still and keeping quiet.

Serenity is about contentment and grace… with serenity comes elegance.

Elegance is expressed with not only kindness to others but also to ourselves.

Forgiveness requires elegance, an elegance of thought and mind.


Elegant living means not only dressing well and making the most of what he have but also appreciating our best qualities.

How much time we waste focussing on our negatives… I know I do.

How much more elegant we could be if we engaged in the positive.


The art of elegance should be at the forefront of my mind not buried way back in a list of things to do.

Right out there where I can see it.


So that means…

Wearing my best, not saving everything up for a better occasion. Today should be as wonderful as tomorrow.

Forgetting about breaking the porcelain and remember to enjoy it every day. Take pleasure in the beauty.

Be kind, be thoughtful, be considerate… in all things, big and small.

Gracious in defeat and even more gracious in success.

Focus and enjoy time for that is the biggest limit we have.


The art of elegance… it’s a big call, xv.


French Interiors: The Art Of Elegance by Christiane de Nicolay-Mazery

by far the most beautiful expression of elegance


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Beautiful post! I love your descriptive words of elegance and something we should all hope for as we live our lives! What a better world it can be if we do! Thank you Vicki!


I fear it is easier said than done most of the time… but it is good to try… :)

Anita Rivera

Amen, vicki. I come late from my tablet, so my comment is brief, but I love whst you said about being gracious in defeat…I need that so much. Wonderful thoughts today. Anita


A few years ago I saw a retrospective of some of Balenciaga’s pieces at a museum in San Francisco. They were spectacular and some, very unusual. The tiny hats were intricate pieces of beauty. He used the Spanish culture for influence. Classic masterpieces and a joy to view.


He was a true master of style and understood what made women look beautiful…


Just beauful Vicki!! I love how you describe elegance. I strive to live as a elegantly as possible. Saving our best for later, is such a hard habit to break…I’m getting there. Being graceful is a large component of elegance for me. In word and deed. The art of elegance…thank you for bringing it to the forefront as I begin my day. xo


It is hard to use the best every day… but I do believe we should enjoy every moment in the smallest and greatest of ways… :)


I just rediscovered a beautiful dinner set when moving house recently. It’s floral, pretty and very feminine and I can’t wait to use it again! C x


What a beautiful post, Vicki, and how beautiful are the words “elegance”, “serenity” and “grace”. C x


Dear Vicki Archer,
I think you are living a truly elegant life.
What a lovely post, thank you.
Regards Maggie. Canberra Australia.

miss b

Those wonderful images certainly sum up the word elegance as far as outfits are concerned but I agree that it’s more than just a look. Your definitions of the art of elegance are wonderful. ‘Gracious in defeat and even more gracious in success’ – absolutely!


“The serene woman”……full of grace and elegance. Truest of beauties. Eye catching and inspiring. I hope to become that woman. I think you are that woman!


I’m not too sure about that Mona… but like you I hope to be that woman, too… :)


I think you are that lady too Vicki, you are elegant, eloquent gracious and beautiful…both as a person and in your writing.

My grandmother was also that lady, she was elegance personified in everything she did, and dressed, every day, exactly as in your Balenciaga pictures, until her passing at 85. I try very hard to have her grace, she was amazing

I am surrounded by inspiration, it is a wonderful place to be


I’m lucky enough to have a dress by Balenciaga. I’m not super-wealthy, I bought it at The Mall outlet centre just north of Florence, and it cost me a lot less than some high-street dresses. If you’re ever in the area, I recommend it highly ~ but I digress.

His dresses are amazing. The inner structure is almost Spanx-like in the magic it weaves, I don’t know how its done but no matter what my weight is I feel amazing in that dress. Its so special to me that I’m guilty of ‘saving it’ for best… not any more.

I’m going wear it out now. Thanks for reminding me. x


Loved this post. I agree that elegance is definitely an everyday approach, and that the most elegant qualities are kindness and positivity. These in turn provide grace, calmness, and the ability to thoughtfully and intentionally enjoy every moment of life and its treasures. We radiate as human beings when we achieve this.

Thanks for the beautiful post! xo


Excellent post Vicki. I try to be elegant, but after a week of having to dress for work, all I want to do is pull on the trackie dacks & sloppy sweater on Saturday & let it all hang out/down! A client did surprise me recently though by telling me she always remembers a cream suit I used to wear 20+ years ago when I called on her – ‘We all used to say how elegant you looked!’, so I guess I was elegant once, does that count??!!
Love M xx


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