13 May 2014

Grace Kelly … Taking Inspiration

Grace Kelly, Monacco Collection Christophel


Grace Kelly and her elegant style has always resonated with me.

I’ve watched her films, read her biographies and tried to embrace her sense of fashion.

As I grow older I find myself longing for the classic and the understated.


Grace Kelly was a master of simplicity… her sense of balance and proportion when it came to dressing was impeccable.

The right accessories made her outfits unique and memorable.

Her Kelly namesake is still probably one of the most beautiful and coveted bags.


The addition of a scarf, the button up of a collar and the cinch of a belt worked for her.

She wore jewellery well… but never too much… or too conflicting.

An ornate necklace with an uncomplicated white blouse. Drop earrings with a simple décolleté.

Bracelets adorned her wrists on many occasions.


Timeless style… allowing us timeless interpretation… xv


The Grace Kelly Five

1. the full skirt, below the knee

tibi silk-faille  skirt from net a porter  //  shop bop


2. the black pencil pants

quinn skinny ankle pants  //  theory belisa woven pants


3. the silk shirt

equipment signature silk blouse  //  hunter washed silk tuxedo shirt


4. the fine cashmere

halogen ultrafine cashmere sweatshirt  //  michael kors featherweight cashmere sweater


5. the accessories

neiman marcus buckle belt //  sjp t bar pump  //  classic fox sunglasses  //  hermès vintage etriers scarf

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Karen in Oxford

Exquisite Grace Kelly…..a classic beauty.

I’m with you Vicki. As I grow older I feel more confident in choosing what suits me rather than what’s on trend, so my wardrobe tends to be more classic. However, I have been inspired through your blog to try clothes that I might not have considered otherwise and I thank you for that.


I love to hear that Karen… and we all need inspiration from each other… :)

Anita Rivera

A class act all the way. I never tire of watching her in Hitchcock’s To Catch a Thief or Rear Window. Her clothing alone is enough to watch the movies more than three times, her diction and poise so great (like Audrey’s) and I too think that as I get older, the understated style is the way to go.

I used to wear loads of jewelry, but these days, if I’m wearing a pair of big earrings, I don’t wear a necklace, and my black skirt at the knee is the perfect accessory to feel elegant, mature, but young and stylish at the same time!

Great choices as always Vicki! Anita

The Enchanted Home

She was such a graceful beauty…..an all time favorite. Love the Grace five! She is living proof of how the classics stand the test of time…..hope you had a Happy Mothers Day!

Cynthia Olson

I, as well, love the Grace Kelly style…a great hair style too, especially for our hot, humid weather down here in Texas. I may try that today! Thank you Vicki!


Oh yes, she is one of my Examples of Perfection when it comes to wearing simple unadorned outfits that look fine. Fine as in quality, feminine and not trendy and contrived.
I too think of her sometimes when dressing, and try to go for that look.
Less is More is definitely her style .. that and Ladylike and wearing Quality, nothing cheap.


classic and understated is my personal style since I was young. You can never get wrong and I think fashion should only underline your
personality. Women who do too much…is there something to hide? But nothing against some it pieces when you know how to combine.

Heather in Arles

For me, summer dressing has always been inspired by Grace Kelly and Audrey Hepburn. There is just nothing better than what these two inherently elegant women wore. So that means white shirts, capris always! And maybe a flowing skirt on a good day…or a really hot one. ;) I am always delighted to see such classic icons here, Ms Archer…

sharon santoni

I love it when you use a well known figure as inspiration for your shopping tips! You could hardly find more iconic than the beautiful Grace Kelly



There must be few women so exquisitely beautiful as Grace Kelly, Vicki
Her style and poise are to be revered, your fashion top 5 are too true! My favourite must be her wedding gown though…the lace alone is inspiration.
I love the photo you have shown, with the yachts, she looks so happy. Such a tragedy to lose her so young.


Grace has always been one of mu muses, Vicki. I love that you featured her timeless classic style!

The Arts by Karena


bring back the glamour, romance, and great manners of looking someone in the eye and breaking bread with them again around the table……I love Grace Kelly style, bags, charm…..and yes Sally, her wedding gown…..gorgeous……forever classic’s, pencil pants, ballet shoes, fabulous white blouses, I love this….never will go out of style and looks great on any body shape! Touche’ dear Vicki, xo

Pauline from Phillip Island

I love what Grace Kelly represented too. Her beauty, poise and elegance shine forth from every photo. She inspires me to dress more classically and yet still feel young and fresh. I wish there were more role models in the world like her.


My mom lived in Hollywood during Grace’s era and though more people dressed like her, she was still the most iconic even then. Mom raised my sister and I on Graces movies, books, anything. Each of us have a streak of Grace in us. The classic clothes, etc. My sister though won the prize when she got married. The photographer was taking candid photos while we ate, he happened to catch one that looks exactly like Grace at her wedding meal. It’s my moms favorite. Thanks Vicki. And thanks for the shopping tips. Now I will just run upstairs pull out my Grace magazines and float back in time.

Linda C.

I think Grace Kelly could’ve worn any old thing and still looked beautiful. Her face is so perfectly proportioned and her figure, when young, ultra slim. Her look is timeless. I have seen a picture of her, just a head shot of her in a pool, wet hair slicked back ,and she is stunning. I think she is the classic beauty of all time.
p.s would still like to see what you took on your recent trip. Don’t need any selfies, appreciate your need for privacy…but there is nothing like learning from the experts.
thank you. Linda C.


She truly is a classic beauty…..which always is inspiring. Less seems to be more in every avenue of life. Her love and adoration of her family was so admirable as well. You too inspire us! Have a beautiful day!

miss b

I have always admired Grace Kelly – the epitome of style and looking back at photos, it’s incredible how modern she looks, particularly in the first image you featured here.

Margaret Elmendorp

I would have loved to have seen how she dressed as a 60+ woman. She was the epitome of elegance with every changing decade and figure-shape change- she too experienced a ‘ little natural thickening of the waist’ but always was beautiful and regal.


she is the most elegant woman I have ever seen. I named my daughter for her…and my grandmother


I have always, from the time I was a young girl, simply adored Grace Kelly. To this day, I continue to dress in a classic fashion, such as Grace. Simplicity = sheer elegance! To this day, I wear my pearl earrings with just about anything — whether it be jeans; work clothes; the classic capris, collared sleeveless button down shirt and sweater; or an evening gown. Thank you, Grace …. your style, your inner and natural outer beauty lives forever.


Dear Vicki,
Princess Grace was the epitomy of class, self respect, and also had a true sense of self.
She was true to herself, and was very kind to others. I have asked her for many favors, now that
she is one of the citizens of Heaven, and she responds with some sign or answer each and every time. God blessed her with us on earth, and now blesses us with her interceding for us from Heaven! SHE IS ALWAYS WAITING TO HELP US ON EARTH WOTH HER PRAYERS.


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