5 May 2014

New York, Soho, Meat Packing… And The Minnie

Not the Mini as in short skirt or cute car… The Minnie as in pants…

I’ll come to that…


New York, like London, is a city for walking.

The way to take it all in.


Assault the senses, breath it in… engage until there is no more puff.

Yes… totally and utterly exhausting but also, totally and absolutely stimulating.


I figure I can sleep when I am surrounded by the familiar.


New York, Soho - Vicki Archer


I am fortunate that I have always been a high energy individual… Some would call me exhausting. I prefer to think of it as… enthusiasm.

Observation is one of life’s great pleasures… so when I walk, I observe.


This trip to New York didn’t visualise as I imagined. I thought I would be snapping fashion and street style.

I didn’t … I got hung up on the architecture.


Fell in love with exterior staircases, with iron work… with unfamiliar paint colours and construction details… and in deeply, madly with skyscrapers.

More about those later.


New York, Meat Packing - Vicki Archer


All this walking meant easy dressing and comfort.

That’s where Minnie came in… she is the light weight version of the Pixie.

Just right for spring and summer wear.


The Minnie, like the Pixie, is the most comfortable and flattering pair of pants I have… and the best value.

They walked all over New York, they sat with me at dinner and they were in great shape the next morning.

Looking good and working with everything.


Thank goodness for Minnie and the Trench… the way the weather behaved, it meant I was ready for anything.

I know that pants are just pants… fashion is just fashion… but when comfort, fashion and looking good work well together… life does free up, xv. 


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I’m so glad to hear that Phyllis… I’m not alone either…
Might have bought two new pairs… ;) ;)

Anita Rivera

You and I both dearest Vicki…we are both “Enthusiastic!” My husband and I STILL exhaust the day for what it is worth, whether in Paris, NYC or here in Minneapolis. We come home after a day of walking the lakes, shopping, talking, eating, then come home to crash in our little château. What better way than to live with this gusto? You are giving me some fab ideas for what to wear to work today! XOXOXO Anita


Have a fabulous day Anita… and yes… we must revel in our energy…


Hi Vicki, We are similar in this sense…when I visit a major city I am as entrenched in the architecture as I am with the street style. When I went to Chicago last summer, we made it a priority to take the architecture boat tour and I could not snap too many pictures…NYC has always affected me the same way. Glad to know I am not alone!


Next time I go… I am going to allow whole days for the cityscapes…
I was a little tormented by the weather… but even in the rain and the grey… I found so much to capture…


Some of my best photos were in rain and grey , the atmosphere changes and gets a mystery about it :)
I have a tumblr blog that is mostly just photos of architecture ..

The Enchanted Home

Hi Vicki…so with you love being an observer and studier of whats going on around me….and architecture is always fascinating. Too bad the rain prevented you for capturing more of the street scene but its another reason to come back:)


YES! I will be back… I love the energy an dthe differences between the major cities… and our lunch …well that was a super highlight… :)


I’ll try… I am not so good at having my photo taken… ;)
I’m better behind the camera… :)


Totally understand your hype walking through NYC. You can’t escape
…looking at the iron stair cases, the same did I so I did picture
the sky scrapers …too impressive no matter how often you hve seen it. Walking with you day by day…enjoy and forget your sleep lack..it’s worth to get NYC in full.


I never wanted to accuse you that you can’t sleep well. What I meant is, that NY is a city which is
lively and busy day and night ..hence you get a lack of sleep because there is so much to explore.


It is like a uniform… that’s what I did… black and white… works well… :)


A perfect travel pant! Chic and comfortable as well. What more would a woman want? Well, I for one, would like thinner thighs.


Goes without saying… ;)
These make mine as thin as they are ever going to look!


I love New York and have only been once. I am addicted to the show Selling New York so I can enjoy then city that way. Continue to have fun on your travels.


Dear Vicki
Thank you again…because of you first I found Pixie and now I will try Minnie too! You are our style guru…and you have your very own London Paris New York vibe..:)
I too love to take in fashion and buildings around me, especially in the great cities….you have the Italian attitude- live now, sleep another time
Glad you are enjoying it so much


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