3 Jun 2014

The Best Kept Beauty Secrets #1

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The best kept beauty secrets are not those held in a jar, administered by needle or executed by knife.

We so often focus on products to improve ourselves… and I am all for those, as you well know

Sometimes we forget the real beauty secrets.

~ ~ ~

The best kept beauty secrets, those that are free and available to us all, are sometimes the hardest ones to remember.

The first best kept beauty secret that I want to talk about is laughter.

Laughter is our secret weapon, the start of all successful beauty routines.

It’s infectious, it’s engaging… it’s addictive.

For us and those around us.

~ ~ ~

Laugh at yourself and with others… it’s incredible the energy a good belly laugh will give.

Don’t you just love a good session with the girlfriends… Isn’t that kind of laughter the very best?

Or those secret little laughs between husbands and wives, boyfriends and girlfriends, sisters and brothers… the shared joke.

The best of all is when I hear my three laughing together.

It’s the laughter that bonds us.

Sometimes I have even laughed my way through the darkest of tragedies… it doesn’t change a thing but somehow it made the suffering bearable.

~ ~ ~

Laughing lights up the face, takes years off our age and makes us so much more attractive to others.

Most importantly laughing makes us feel good about ourselves… and that is the most beautiful of all.

Laughing won’t solve problems but it helps us manage them.

If we devoted as much time to laughing, to engaging others… as we do to our beauty routines…

Can you imagine?

Our beauty would be limitless… we would be happier and those we love would benefit.

~ ~ ~

Laughter… the #1 best kept beauty secret.

Let’s do it… xv


The Best Kept Beauty Secrets

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image, carla coulson

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The Enchanted Home

I will have to agree that laughter feels so good…..and yes laughing with a bunch of girlfriends is the best! The only thing that can top it is hearing my three sons laughing together over something, it literally warms my heart:)


I am so with you on that Tina… when my girls and son get together and laugh… it’s just the best!


One of the things I have enjoyed the most about teaching high school is laughing with my teens. They love to laugh…and they love that I laugh at myself! Laughter and smiling are essentials for looking younger!


Yes… laughing at ourselves is so important… I agree Pam… How fun to be with those teenagers… although I imagine at times they are tricky… ;)


What a beautiful girl she is – they both are. I think it’s one of Carla’s best shoots. C x


It’s fun isn’t it… :)
They had a lot of fun… and laughter… and nothing is better than that…


I so agree. You can tell by an old woman’s face whether she has laughed at and through life. Joyous wrinkles…perhaps why I’ve never felt the desire to “fix” my smile lines! Lovely post Vicki.


Laughter is truly the best medicine…a wonderful warming balm that soothes even in the darkest of times!
Yes, the beauty effects are many and the ability to laugh at one’s self…priceless!
Today,with everyone so preoccupied with texting,talking and looking down…what a beautiful world it would be if all would just look up,make eye contact and smile! A beautiful smile works wonders on the face!
Beautiful, beautiful photo of the girls,Vicki!

Celia Becker @ After Orange County

What a great post! Last Sunday I went to see Vanities with a bunch of girlfriends at a dinner theater. We laughed so much that afterward the 3 girl cast came to our table and said how much they appreciated our enjoyment, as it really motivated their acting. They said we were their best audience ever. One of the girls posted a photo of us on Facebook and others who were there in the audience (but not at our table) commented back on Facebook about how it made them happy seeing us happy. You are right, happiness sure is infectious. I am still laughing just thinking about it. Thank you!


SOunds like a fantastic evening… nothing better than a night out with the girls… :)


Laughter, yes it is the best cure for so much! It was one of the favorite traits of my late husband!!

The Arts by Karena

Anita Rivera

And while I am currently swamped with end of the school year work, I laugh because that is the only thing that keeps me sane and all things in perspective, dear vicki! Love carla’s photo!

La Contessa

GORGEOUS!!!!The one with the red lips……….carrying the girlfriend?Or the other gorgeous creature?Now I need to go study which one!I think the RED LIPS GAL is YOURS!!!STUNNING!REALLY STUNNING!I now need to go see what I wrote on CARLA”S BLOG about them……..I was TAKEN with the whole shoot!THAT STUDIO was FANTASTIC…………back to Carlas’ I go………..XXXX
LAUGHING……..YES its the BEST!I do not do enough of it!


Touche’ laugh laugh laugh, see the sunnyside to life, sunnyside of the road…..!!!


I was just reading Carla’s blog yesterday and thinking “that girl looks so familiar to me!” – I saw Carla talking about Emily, and I’ve just realized she’s your Emily!! How beautiful! She looks so gorgeous… I love love love these pics… It totally captures that special life-long friendship :) So special. Nothing like spending time with a girlfriend to bring overflowing joy to your heart!! Bless you Vicki :)

Nat xoxo

Mona Turner

I couldn’t agree more with you Vicki and all these other wise women who have commented above. So happy to have the #1 beauty secret.

Esther George

Hi Vicki the photograph is absolute beauty…Getting together with friends is a happy time (girls do have fun). Our childrens laughter well that’s pure Joy. Thank you for sharing. Regards Esther from Sydney.

june furey

Vicki, I wish to express how much your books particularly” French Essence” has meant to me I re-read it at least once a month. My travels started in the year 2002 travelling to many parts of France and loved every day of my trips whilst I painted my impressionist oils, but now with my birthday next week and reaching 85 my health has hindered me from travelling long distances. But each day I interact with people around me and without doubt its the laughs we share that continuues to spark my life. peoople say to me “Oh June I do love to hear your laugh.” The wonderful way you have of expressing your daily ife in France, makes me feel truly uplifted. Merci
Your ami artiste, June
Gold Coast


so so true, just finished watching a standup tv program with Robin Williams. I laughed, I cried, I laughed again, thought it might be to soon… but this is the 5th time seeing this same program, he never disappoints when you need a good laugh and after today I needed to laugh. rip robin x


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