25 Jul 2014

How To Lose Weight? Walk In Paris

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How to lose weight? That age old question. I have a solution for you… but it involves Paris.

It is almost impossible to resist the wining and dining when in Paris… and it does play havoc with the diet.

I try and stay on a reduced carbohydrate and sugar regime… (it’s still going on) and it’s not the easiest when in France.

The patisseries, the champagne… the bread… you get the picture.

 6 days of the week I am strong and on the 7th I live a little.

It is the only way to sustain a diet for a lengthy period of time and reach the goals I have set myself.

Except in Paris… In Paris… I walk.

The beauty of Paris makes it easy to walk for hours and hours.

Walking in Paris is no chore and if you walk long and take care of what you eat… the weight falls off or at least maintains.

Below are a few of my favourite paths… with wonderful points of interest along the way… xv

Walk Through Montmartre

Sacré Cœur Basilica

Moulin Rouge

Place du Tertre

Dalí Museum

The Montmartre Vineyards

Montmartre Cemetery

Le Lapin Agile

Famous Windmills

Bateaux Lavoir

Discover The Latin Quarter

Notre Dame

St. Chapelle

Place St. Michel


Luxembourg Gardens

Les Bouquinistes

Stroll Romantic Paris

The Eiffel Tower

Notre Dame

Napoléon’s Tomb

Louvre Museum

Tuileries Gardens

Musée D’Orsay

Champs- Elysées

Sunday In The Marais

Musee Picasso ( re-opening September 2014)

Place des Vosges

Rue des Rosiers

Centre Pompidou

Hôtel de Ville

Musée Carnavalet

Île Saint Louis

Pont Neuf


Sainte -Chapelle

Marché aux Fleurs

Notre Dame Cathedral


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Anita Rivera

Oh yes…..I know this all so well.

I am small to begin with…thanks to my dad! So while in France – no matter where I was, I walked, and walked distances and hours unknown here in the states. I dropped off even more weight without trying. I HAD to buy a boule a day just to keep some weight on. When I came back to the states, my co-workers could not believe me that it was the walking that made me shed 10 lbs from my small frame. But a fellow worked came to my defense, who is a native German. She vouched for me that in Europe, people simply walk more, and eat less AMOUNTS. They eat what they want out there (as you know!) but Vicki….the amounts of food served are so much larger here. Being used to that, while I was in France, I would walk away from the table still HUNGRY! But it is a good practice to eat less and walk more, and Paris is the perfect gym, if you will!

I think what you are describing as your routine is marvelous. One must LIVE a little, and keep up the routine of walking for the pleasure and for the….HEALTH of it..teeeehee

Karen in Oxford

This is a great list. One of the joys of cities like Paris and London is that you can reach practically everything on foot. I’m much happier staying above ground and only resort to the Metro or Tube if really pushed for time. In my twenties, I was fortunate enough to work in Knightsbridge and would take lunchtime picnics and walks in Hyde Park – fond memories.
I suggested to my husband when we were recently married that we go to Paris for the weekend (having been there before I met him) but he was rather cool about the idea. He said that he’d been to Paris on business trips and was not impressed with the place! I said ‘Yes, you have travelled to an office in Paris and then got straight back on the plane to come home, but you haven’t EXPERIENCED Paris’. So we went to Paris, walked EVERYWHERE…..and he fell in love….like we all do in the end.


when……my dream to walk in Provence and live there…..it nothing less visit…..lol

Nancy from Naples, FL

Walking in Paris can have other health benefits as well. A few years ago, I had to have an MRI. Being somewhat claustrophobic, I knew that lying absolutely still in a metal tube that was less than an inch from my face, with all the banging, clanging noise was going to be a serious challenge. The doctor told me to imagine that I was somewhere else, soooo I walked the beautiful avenues and streets of Paris in my mind, tracing those wonderful walks my husband and I take each time we visit the world’s most enchanting city. I was shocked when it was over – forty-five minutes had passed as quickly as they do when doing something I love! Paris is ALWAYS good for you!


I love the way you escaped Nancy… what a brilliant idea… clever thinking … and Paris, always inspiring… :)

D. A. Wolf

You had me at the title! Yes, yes, and yes. (Make that oui, oui et oui!)

Every time I’ve lived in Paris, I’ve lost weight. I’ve also eaten marvelously, seen gobs of (fantabulous) art, and yes… walked, walked, walked.


carolina elizabeth

I have absolutely enjoyed strolling through your blog as it serves as wonderful inspiration. Thank you for sharing. I do hope you will stop by and visit my blog to see some of my oil paintings, as I wish to try to return the favor. Kindest regards, Carolina Elizabeth


Vicki, I enjoyed reading your list of favourite paths…cultural, historical and educational.

However, I had to smile when I saw the last place on your list belonging to another category: Berthillon on the Ile Saint Louis….. their wonderful “glaces” are surely a 7th day treat – well deserved after all that walking!

Dee Dee

Walking! In Paris. Very few things rank up there on my ‘love, love, love’ list than this.

When I first visited Paris I wondered how I would get around, then I remembered that I live in New York so I can read a subway map :)

What I didn’t realize was that I’d use the subways far less than I’d walk – and I walked everywhere and continue to do so each time I visit the city.

What a wonderful post to remind me that I need to get back soon! <3


What a beautiful thought. I have loved walking miles in Paris, but you have given me some ideas for new places to venture when we return for a visit next summer. I look forward to the sites and sounds of that magical city!

Berenice Omans

Memories! I have walked miles and miles in Paris and spent many afternoons and mornings in the Luxembourg Gardens. I have enjoyed croissant au beurre every petite dejeuner and vin ordinaire with every meal. I did not even know my weight when I lived there. I still walk almost daily and follow a healthy diet and constantly fight the belly bulge. Next year on my 85th birthday, I want to go back to Paris!

Tierney Fox

I am a lucky girl. I have been to all these places several times.
And I always leave some extra poundage in Paris when I go home. Living there is not a diet, it is a lifestyle.


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