30 Jul 2014

Wearing The Boyfriend Jeans

Jane Birkin, Google Images, Denim, Boyfriend Jeans, French Essence, Vicki Archerjane birkin back in the day

To wear or not to wear is the question?

Boyfriend jeans that is.

My answer is yes… although my daughters disagree… they only like the skinny jean.

That’s too bad, because I love my boyfriends and will wear them regardless.

I don’t always take notice of them.

The secret to a good boyfriend jean is the cut… they look best if they are a slim fit.

That’s a contradiction… but they exist.

At my age I am not too much into the rips and holes… faded and distressed, yes… cut and torn… no.

I have nothing against them, I am just a believer in adapting fashion to suit my age and stage.

How To Wear The Boyfriend

I have tried on so many pairs and rejected most of them.

Too baggy and too unflattering… they need to be loose, but not too loose.

Give the impression of ease without swamping the frame.

I wear my boyfriend jeans with a very simple teeshirt and longer line blazer… flats or the new balance trainers… even the slip on sneakers work well with this look.

I wear the blue boyfriend jeans with a white tee and white blazer… the white boyfriend jeans with a black tee and black tuxedo .

If day is turning into evening, I will add a pair of heels… a suede pump with a little ankle action for interest.

The tee shirt means there is no extra bulk around the body and the longer line of the jacket slims down the hips.

I like that… xv

Which Boyfriends?

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Anita Rivera

How I love mine. I got mine at The Gap last year, and talk about comfortable and versatile! In the winter even, I can wear them with a coat/dress and booties. In the summer, like you, with a tee and flats. I too love them to hang on me, but not be overly baggy, and I’ve never been keen on wearing any tight-fitting pants, EVER! AHHH! I can’t do it…so the boyfriend jean is for me!

Happy day, Vicki! Anita

Teresa @ Splendid Sass

I agree with you! I love boyfriend jeans! I am beyond the days of being uncomfortable, other than shoes! I love the way they look.
Happy Tuesday, sweet lady.

Cathy Wong

I was very pleased to find a great pair at the Gap. Took them into the dressing room with an indifferent attitude-not optimistic, but was pleasantly surprised. As you said Vicki, it’s the cut – these are slimmer, but still boyfriend. So very versatile…I like to wear them with quite feminine things too. Am thinking about ordering the JBrand white ones you listed above.


Vicki I agree and keep the look sleek and simple with a fitted tee!

C. Z. Guest: American Style Icon
The Arts by Karena


I wore mine today and love them. The fit where they should fit and are relaxed just enough to be so comfy. I wore a black and white striped tee with a black cardigan and black ballet flats with little brass studs to punk it up a bit :)
No matter what I wear, here … I am overdressed :)

david terry

“No matter what I wear, here … I am overdressed :)”

Well….good for you Candice. Dress to please yourSELF. I can promise you that all of my very Southern great-aunts (they’re all dead now, but, if they read your comment?) would lift their eyebrows, close their eyes for a moment, and pronounce “Well…..better to be ‘over’-dressed than UNDER-dressed, which is they all seem to be doing these days….even the ones who should be old enough to know better”

Good for you….you sound like a contented/happy woman.

david terry

david terry

Well, since you asked, Vicki?……
I’ve never worn any of my boyfriends’ jeans over the many years since I began having boyfriends (think “OH, that was the year George Michael’s ‘Faith’ was ruling the charts”). I’ve never been particularly concerned with how I look/dress, but even I realize that at 5’6″ (and that’s in shoes) I look pretty stupid with 7 or 8″ rolled-up cuffs. I have, however, been extremely happy to “borrow” their t-shirts; the just-above-the-knee look seems to suit me (without shocking the staff) when I answer the polite knock of a hotel maid who’d like to roll in the morning coffee tray. In any case, it beats the hell out of hearing the knock (and wondering why in the world Herve asked for coffee to be delivered at 6 am?) and scrambling to find both a shirt AND a pair of pants…..while he slumbers on.

Was this the question you were asking?

Level Best as Ever,
David Terry


I long had four pairs of vintage boyfriend jeans – from the younger Jane Birkin era – a washed blue, mid wash, dark wash and white….all from the US. A friend kept telling me to get rid of them as they were too baggy looking for today’s look. However, I was lucky enough to find a local tailor who transformed them with a spot on slimmer fit. They are so comfortable and look good (especially with slip on skaters/trainers, tee, or white shirt and tux or leather jacket) that a London fashioista in her 20’s recently remarked to me how “on trend” I look in these transformed oldies. So glad I didn’t chuck them out!


Can you send some links for jackets? I love your style ideas and always go to them for the visual of what you describe … I am 5’1″ and don’t always know the right proportions for jackets for me ..
thank you .. your blog is one of my most favorites .. elegant, lady-like and classic

lisa thomson

I lOVE a boyfriend jean! Not with super high pumps though, as I think that look has passed. Just my personal opinion that it looks like a woman is trying to hard when she mixes ripped up boyfriends with ‘sexy’ pumps….NO. Just wear some cute or chic Oxfords or loafers. :) Nice photos, Vicki!

Gina Diamond

I totally agree that you have to find the right fit. I have two pair, one regular denim and one white denim. I love them for the look as well as the comfort.

I wish I could wear the NB and feel dressed up. I love the look on other people, but whenever I try it, I just feel it looks bad.

My go to shoe with the boyfriend jean is either a sandel or a ballet flat…sometimes a low clog in winter.

Deborah Peterson Milne

I am another boyfriend jean wearer too Vicki. I wear my leather biker jacket to a tuxedo jacket as well. They are have been my savior having not been blessed with thin thighs and unable to wear skinnies. I always appreciate your style advice and I trust you like none other! xx

Judy Elliott

How in my busy life my most favourite blog that I have followed for years has been recently absent from my daily readings, I have so much goodness to catch up on right here!


Of course we will wear them … distressed too… with high heels, a white t-shirt and a blazer! I don’t always listen to my daughter either!
Jane Birkin is amazing! The essence of minimal style… I read recently “own less do more”! Love this quote :)
x Nina


I loooove my sass & bide boyfriends & at 37 weeks pregnant they still fit!! It’s because they’re so low slung, they still fit neatly under my belly. Although I’ll admit they aren’t as baggy in the bum & thighs as they originally were ;-) It’s saved me from having to buy maternity jeans, that’s for sure!!

Clare x


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