13 Aug 2014

Capturing The Visual Beauty Of Provence

Diary from Provence, Vicki archer, French Essence

Capturing the visual beauty of Provence is a challenge I never grow tired of.

It can be so fleeting; it can be too overwhelming.

I want to guard and protect her loveliness in my thoughts.

I want to be able to draw upon a stock of memories from Provence when the the urban life becomes all too routine

Soon the morning mist, the filtered light, the warmth and the blazing sunsets of Provence will be nothing more than a delicious reminder.

London and all that runs with it will beckon.

Provence can turn on a show at any time of the day.

The sun is relentless, the storms are dramatic.

There is nothing bland about life in Provence.

Life might beat to a slower tune, but visually Provence works on overdrive.

Capturing The Beauty

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Anita Rivera

And it is still my favorite part of France. Yes, I love Le Perigord Noir, with its magnificent hills and strawberries and peaches in the summer, but give me Provence any season. Where else does rock and brush and antiquity exist so eloquently?

Suzanne Towles

I visited Provence for the first time this past May and I will tell you that I cannot get it out of my mind. So very beautiful and I cannot wait to return.

Nancy from Naples, FL

Your poetic description and breathtaking photographs of Provence have me hoping that the next nine weeks pass very quickly because then we will spend a lovely fall week in St. Remy and Le Petit Bijou. Thank you so much for sharing your world with all of us..


Gorgeous! A reminder to savor those Provençal moments in person whenever we have the chance. What a captivating region of the world.

Jeanne @ Collage of Life

So beautiful Vicki…I know the feeling well, fleeting, yet always with you. The photos make all the difference..until the next time. Saying that..London in Autumn and the buzz that comes with it….would love to be there as well. I was hoping to come to Europe in September but will need to put my plans on hold whilst Tahilla Farm is under construction. I will be back in the USA in Jan/Feb to check on the progress..maybe by way of London or Paris? I loved Paris when I visited in January…felt like I had it all to myself. Will keep you posted.. xxx


Provence is so lovely. It must be hard to tear yourselves away. Can understand the call of a big city – but Provence is a place of the heart. Best wishes, Pamela


I do follow you on Instagram. A Francophile and I follow many french themed posts. Need my fix, tea, ceramics, architecture, Decore – other great loves so many clever, artistic people. Much inspiration to draw on…..


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