1 Aug 2014

Kate Moss, St Tropez And That Instant Tan

St Tropez Self Tan, Kate Moss, French Essence, Vicki Archer

Do you self tan?

Like the individual lashes, I’m a little afraid of it.

Thoughts of streaky palms, stained pillowcases and bedsheets combined with that very peculiar smell.

Why am I even mentioning it?

Because I have just tried the instant glow, one night only, from St.Tropez.

Kate Moss raves about it. Sadly I don’t quite look like her, even with the glow, but it’s good.

I haven’t had time this summer to laze about and go golden brown naturally so an instant and short lived fix is perfect.

Self tanning is not my forte so I needed some advice from an expert. xv

Instant Glow

1. buff away dead skin using an exfoliator to allow for a smooth and streak free application

2. lightly moisturise the areas to be tanned, and allow to dry for a few minutes

3. apply the tan (about the size of a small coin for each area) to a self tanning mitt and begin on the lower body, working upwards

4. smooth the tan onto the legs using the mitt, if any areas need additional buffing, hands can be used as the tan will wash off with soap and water

apply to the legs before the feet. lightly brush over the top of the feet with the mitt, the less product on the mitt for the feet, the better

5. the underside of the arms will only need a light brush over with the mitt as they are naturally paler than the top side of the arms

6. don’t forget the upper back, and neck

*using the mitt over a long handled loofah will help to reach the difficult areas

7. Apply the tan before applying make-up, allowing the tan to dry for at least 5 minutes before beginning make-up application.

8. Once the tan has dried, a little illuminator can be applied to the collar bones, shoulders and shin bones to highlight and shimmer.

st.tropez instant glow one night only  //  st.tropez application mitt  //  aquasentials long handled loofah  //  nars illuminator

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Anita Rivera

Hmmmm……I’ve never even thought of this since I have olive skin that instantly tans (I am cautious however, to get too much sun on my face) but my legs get dark quickly! Oh Kate Moss, she just gets better and better as she “matures!”

Hata Trbonja

I slather my legs with Dove gradual tanners. They are so much safer to use and they can be used applied after a shower. I love this product.
As far as looking like Kate Moss, be glad you don’t. I feel like I am the only one who thinks she is way overrated.
Have a great weekend.


Reg. K.M….you are not the only one.
I agree what you say. I never
approved her glamorous or interesting.

Jen Pearce

I agree with you both – I have never understood the KM hype. But I do love the St Tropez product (mousse self-tanner) and gave used it for many years.


I am hoping to be more tanned quite soon Vicki, as I get a little closer to holiday time!
But in the meantime, a light St Tropez is great ( or the one I use is from salons is called Crazy Angel )
I think the tan is best if built up over a few days, I apply a little at a time ( eg legs one day, arms the next ) my only ‘ tip’ is to avoid elbows, knees and heels. It takes practice but has many advantages!


i do enjoy a fake bake since i strive to live an anticancer lifestyle now. my new fav for glow-some legs is votre vu’s silk stockings–healthy botanicals inside like chammomile, and my legs sparkle with a subtle golden whisper. votrevu.com/hellolovely

kate is a joy to behold, btw.



self tanning was once (and the last try forever) such an embarrassing outcome. I let do it from
a professional before I started my holiday and
you can already imagine what happened. On the
first day on the beach I looked like the Milka cow..
terrible piebaled. It doesn’t come off even I srubed like crazy for at least a couple of days.


I have a bit of color from doing water exercise this summer . The tanners I have tried …well lets just say I have not been pleased and even when they supposedly do not have a”That” scent, they do!

The Arts by Karena

The Enchanted Home

I only use one…Clarin’s and its amazing. There are reasons it wins awards years after year. It dries quickly, goes on smoothly and gives a really natural looking glow. No complaints and its the first product to keep me (safely) out of the sun! Nothing like having a little golden glow on the skin…gives me a pep in my step:)


With my lily-white skin I’ve always been too chicken to do the self-tanning thing, bad memories of all those orange bodies from the very early days of product development in the 70’s!

My lovely Beauty Therapist had a wedding party of a bride + 8 attendants in the salon recently. They wanted the deepest colour possible in the tanning booth. She tried to talk them out of it but they remained recalcitrant. She insisted they sign any indemnity as the wedding was the following week. The result was as expected & the poor Therapist is still on Stress Leave!
Millie xx


I live in FL and love self tanner. I have very pale skin, blue eyes…the sun is not my friend! I do wish they could do something about the smell. Ive become pretty good with the application, i just feel better with a little color.

Jess - alittlepartoftheworld

I love how I look and feel with a bit of colour but with two little ones it get little time to relax in the sun and applying fake fan is time consuming and requires maintenance. If I have a big function I get a spray tan which I’ve always had success with but I haven’t had one in close to 4 years. I used the St Tropez gradual tanner and quite liked that.
How did you go with the application of the tanner? Jx

Janet Van Nuys

I am new and so excited to learn about French fashion and beauty. Thank you for your blog and website! So glad to have found it and to read comments from others in the community.


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