26 Sep 2014

Walking In Winter White Feet

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What do you think of winter white feet?

I admit I kind of like them.

Everywhere I look, along with the winter white sweatersI am seeing white sneakers.

I could almost imagine the Parisian damsel above with a pair of white sneakers popping out from the folds of her gown.

How liberating it is to spend the day in trainers?

And not go to the gym… for these shoes are all gain and no pain. 

I’m wearing the winter white sneakers with my suits and my new leather Pixies.

I like this formal and informal blend of clothing and footwear.

Of course winter white looks best a litttle roughed up… worn in and loved.

Anyway… white trainers are seriously the go… Labour day rules and all.

Forget blue suede shoes… right now it’s all about the winter white.

Winter White Feet

the ‘stan smith’ from adidas… the favourite of those in the know

and then there are these fab versions from the designers

isabel marant  //  karl lagerfeld  //  saint laurent

i’m sticking with those from adidas… what do you think?

or the classic superga… nearly forgot about those

Will we walk in white this winter? xv

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Sandra Bloomer

I am not too sure that I care for the sneaker look all year long. In America we wear too many styles of sneakers and I rather enjoyed my trip to Paris when I could identify all American Tourists by their canvas shoes and the French were alway so stylish by not wearing sneakers. Just a thought…

Nancie Nelson Bartley

The only image these sneaks conjure up is my Mother in Law. She always wears WHITE sneakers. She must wash them every day.
And old preppy white men.
Not a trend I will be able to embrace.
(Although my MiL also says “Never say never”.)


Right with you Nancy! No comment on your MiL who I don’t iknow, but what I see are heavy-set old ladies with elastic waist double-knit pants paired with a sweatshirt embellished with Grandma logos or kittens in Adidas sneakers. I promised myself never. I’d rather wear orthopedic shoes!
But then…isn’t the embellished sweatshirt popular now? Sigh….
Lm in N.B., Canada


I agree with L.M. I live in western Canada. White sneakers in the winter look plain crazy and besides too many frumpy women wear them


Oh I so agree with your comment and in fact I associate the sneaker look with women who insist on wearing gym gear when they’re not going to the gym! Lazy dressing at its worst. Whilst ‘trackie’ gear might be acceptable at home behind closed doors for some, I think it is a little sad and a sign we’re showing our age when we start dressing for comfort only. Just my opinion.

Miss Diane

Merci Vicki, votre article m’est très utile présentement. Je quitte ce dimanche pour l’Italie et je vais donc mettre mes GEOX en cuir blanc dans mes bagages. Au plaisir!


Love Geox sneakers too. Have white leather with silver trim to wear with white pants and black leather with black pants. They are a wonder when travelling and walking the boulevards in Paris all day and the cobblestones in villages.
In Paris this summer most of the women in black I saw were Americans – French women mostly were in all white or colour.
Adored old Karl’s white sneakers. If it’s good enough for him, white sneakers are good enough for me (sadly I can’t afford the Chanel ones though).
Have seen some fabulous leather sneakers here in Canberra recently in our spring – with a touch of colour (mostly the laces) and flowers, very chic ones, not granny style. It’s the quality of the sneaker (doesn’t have to be Converse) and how you wear them and with what that distinguishes chic from granny style. Best wishes, Pamela

Heather in Arles

It is interesting with the Stan Smith’s. My Honey has loved them for as long as we have been together but slowly bemoaned the quality as it got worse and worse…that is until this year. As the fashion pack adopted them as the “baskets must” for a time, they brought back the “real” ones at the orginal quality and not even a higher price. Ah, the influence of the Street Stylees…


Completely on the fence with this trend. The styling of the ones showed were not the old tired white sneakers and had a fresh look. I like the look, but not sure if it is for me.

Leslie Sinclair

I’m not sure the trend has caught on yet stateside but I appreciate your ‘throw shoe caution to the wind’ attitude which is what allows you to pull off white trainers and a suit.
xo. Leslie
Segreto Finishes


When my podiatrist said the best thing to wear is sneakers ALL the time, all I could conjure up in my mind’s eye was being part of that older generation that wears white sneakers. Absolutely not! When I got brown sneakers and wore them my 16 y.o. daughter freaked, and said no, Mom, no, lol. So those only saw the light of day once. She was more accepting of the black sneakers, which were only worn in Paris this past Spring. For me, white sneakers are only worn at the gym. I don’t even use them for taking a walk, for that I have low profile Vasque hiking shoes. If I was going to wear white sneakers fashionably, the Karl Lagerfeld’s are pretty snazzy and I like the Adidas “Adria Lo” retro sneaker shown on the Nordstrom page. Those bring to mind the red suede Adidas I wore in the 1970s which I absolutely adored!


Vicki — This is the first time I disagree with you. I find nothing becoming about white “trainers,” as you call them. They. are. not. feminine. in. the. least!


Was in Paris last week and wore my colored canvas. I don’t like the boring, old white sneakers. Just too ’80’s for me. I saw lots of people wearing Nike and other colored trainers while there. I couldn’t imagine walking that huge city in anything less comfortable. Don’t want to end up with bunions.


Ok So I love love my white adidas Stan smiths and my white Golden Goose sneakers. They are hip, they can be worn with a dark suit and it can still look chic . I am all for comfort and not the gym style !
So once again I am going to say: yes Vicki I am going to be walking in winter white feet!

Kim. ⛵️

Vicki. – I wear my Converse style runners a lot because I do a lot of running around with errands,shopping etc. then there’s my bling runners -Grey/ silver glitter,

Leslie in Oregon

I like to be able to move (run, jump, skip, climb), and I want to be able to use my feet for that purpose for a very long time, so I will happily wear winter white (and any color of sneakers) for all occasions!

Anita Rivera

OH! I missed this post this morning!

Anything white these days will do, Vicki! I love your style!

Karen in VA

Well … I don’t wear white feet … Ever … I do see it occasionally on a few perfectly styled women, but it’s very rare.

I’m not sure … They just look like nurses feet, no matter how stylish. I do wear your New Balance shoes in black and I love them.

I’m so thankful and happy that you posted that topic with those shoes … I have three pairs in case they stop making them. Nuts, I know.

Karen in VA

Esther George

Hi Vicki well I really love Karl Lagerfeld and Adidas the look so comfortable and elegant (not bulky) like some. I hate that high bit that sits behind your ankle, I always think it’s going to cause discomfort. Thank you for sharing. Have a wonderful weekend. Regards Esther from Sydney.


I love wearing Winter White but not shoes. I am one of those people who has a hard time keeping White looking White and the shoes would just end up looking dirty white…especially in winter.
But I do have a pair of pale cream colored ballet flats that do fine in place of white.


Love those Karl Lagerfeld white sneakers, but, unfortunately, way out of my price range. I just ordered the white low top Ben Sherman’s and a winter white cable stitch pullover from Neiman Marcus Last Call. Thanks, Vicky, you have inspired me!!

Jeanne, Vancouver

Non, non, quel horreur! Won’t ever be seen on my size 10 feet! Karl’s could look ok with white jeans. I was so happy when sports shoes came out in black & colours – would never go back to those frumpy white ones.


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