18 May 2015

The Best Kept Beauty Secrets #12

one of the best kept beauty secrets in me time, photograph vicki archer

One of the best kept beauty secrets is, me time.

What is, me time?

It’s that time that we never take. It is that time that we promise ourselves on a regular basis, time to spend doing whatever it is that gives us pleasure, helps us relax and allows us to re-charge the batteries.

Me time enables us to be the best version of ourselves.

I don’t see it as selfish time, I see me time as mandatory. Please correct me if I am wrong but I believe it is the one beauty essential that we women often neglect.

This past weekend I was fortunate to have plenty of me time.

In the perfect Provencal setting I enjoyed the company of a group of like-minded and interesting women. Some were friends already, the rest have become new friends. The weekend was the rejuvenation I didn’t know I needed. Their company was energising, it was inspiring and it was so much fun.The laughter made me remember why we women are such good company together.

Time spent not thinking about what I should be doing but spent on myself was as good as any therapy session. Much better.

Sometimes I fear we women neglect ourselves when it comes to me time.

We focus on making sure our beauty treatments are regular, we schedule our haircut and colour without thinking and we update our wardrobes on a seasonal basis.  Then we are frenetic making sure everyone and everything fits into our busy agendas. The children come first, we listen to our partners and offer the guidance they need and we are first to jump in and support our friends.

This is what we should and what we want to do but this does not exclude taking a little time for ourselves. If we stop, relax and breathe from time to time, prioritise ourselves, then I believe we will naturally be better mothers, partners, friends and professionals.

Finding the, me time is so, so much harder than it sounds.

Truthfully, I never do and I always seem to find the perfect excuses of why I shouldn’t. Who am I kidding? Me time is like exercise; if you want to you can find the time.

Are you managing the, me time? xv

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So true, Vicki, as I was reading your post I thought your points could apply to exercise, and then behold the last sentence… ;)


I need time alone every day to rejuvenate. It’s just my personality. I love to read and that is my escape, my down time. I am actually reading a French author right now named Fed Vargas. Have you read her mysteries? I’m enjoying her first book in the series.

I am so glad that you had some down time yourself this weekend with friends!

Anita Rivera

Good morning dear Vicki! I came here yesterday attempting to comment during work in my office, but my dear colleague kept talking and I couldn’t concentrate! TALK ABOUT ME TIME being necessary! Hahahahahahha

You again have nailed down a very important topic. I believe that this time is not selfish at all but so very necessary to allow our thinking processes to recover from the chaotic mess of the work place or other issues that call us in all directions. After time with ourselves, we are ready to tackle anything. During my spring break, I had the pleasure of “meeting” myself again, and it was fabulous. I wrote more in depth during that period of time and I hope that our up and coming vacation to the sea in Northern California will do just this: give us our time alone and together to think, create and breathe again!

Enjoy your day! Anita

Debbie wise

Dear Vicki, I’ve been a fan of your blog for some time now. I’m a working (part-time) mum of two beautiful children under 4 based in Sydney and your material resonates with me so much. This post has really reinforced the need for me time and to forget about feeling guilty about it, which I always do. Thank you for your wise words. :)


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