4 Aug 2015

In The Mood For Saint Tropez

Saint Tropez summer 2015, Vicki Archer

Moody and misty was the feel in Saint Tropez on Saturday morning.

Saint Tropez has a quieter feel this year, more relaxed and with a less frenetic pace.

More like the old days.

Saint Tropez summer 2015, Vicki Archer

In Saint Tropez I cannot help but re-visit my favourites.

Breakfast at Senequier and the usual people watch. The Patisserie out the back has the best nougat of all; this year I managed to resist. What a disappointment.

The market, held on Tuesday and Saturday mornings, is best conquered early.

By 10 or 11 it is impossible to wade through the crowd of visitors and see anything.  I have been buying from this market for 20 years and I always find something fabulous. Every year there is one idea that takes Saint Tropez by storm and often in the form of a basket. One year it was sequins, another year beads; this year some of the baskets were embroidered with cute expressions, others were spray painted. Some were spray-painted in a single pastel colour. They looked particularly wonderful all over white and would be much easier to reproduce than the stripes and monograms that we took on for Emily’s summer party.

If you would like to customise your French basket there are a couple of tips I learned along the way. Use spray graffiti paint to create your stripes or all over colour and enamel paint with a medium/ thin brush for the initials.

Saint Tropez summer 2015, Vicki Archer

Kaftans were the other find in the Saint Tropez market.

There are a couple of stands that are truly worth a visit selling inexpensive silks and cottons that are pretty and versatile for the summer.

How to find them?

It is difficult to explain. Stand outside the Céline shop on Traverse des Lices, opposite Places des Lices where the market is held, and look across the road. In the left hand corner there is a stand that sells embroidered kaftans. I have been buying here for 20 years. The owner once sold antique linens and now specialises in silk and cotton dresses from India. They are lovely and last beautifully.

The second stand specialises in cotton only (pictured below) and this “boutique” is right in the middle of the market. Don’t miss this one.

Saint Tropez summer 2015, Vicki Archer

As for the boutiques,

Saint Tropez is a shopper’s paradise whether you want designer dresses or casual kaftans.

Forget Dior, BlaBla in Traverse de la Garonne, is the best boutique of all if you are searching for resort-wear. An Aladdin’s cave of treasure that will not only tempt you but also take up plenty of time. Don’t miss this one if you are in Saint Tropez. I came away with the prettiest white dress and longer style “shirt” to wear with capri pants.

What I love most of all about Saint Tropez? It doesn’t really ever change that much. xv

All White Like In Saint Tropez

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theory jemion white dress // kay unger short sleeve lace detail  // felicity and coco lace shift to wear over capri or linen pants


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Anita Rivera

Oh Vicki, while I was in France, this was one place I never got to. What an elegant place for relaxation and shopping fun! I hope you had some relief from the heat of the interior. I hear the canicule out there is really harsh this year.

Have a cool and relaxing day, Anita


It has been so, so hot… but better this week…
Saint Tropez is always a fun visit… and eventhough it’s not far away it does feel like a little mini holiday…
We felt a bit like the country mice going to visit the city mice.. ;)


Oh, how I love St. Tropez. We’ve been there twice over the years. The last time we were there the weather was overcast, very much as pictured in your photo. I cannot wait to return.

On both trips I made a beeline early to the marche to load up on the big, brightly colored straw market totes. There was a great selection of espadrilles, too.

I’ve had the best pizza of my life there, and I have eaten pizza all over Europe.


Hi Vicki,
we are doing a day trip to St. Tropez from Cannes by boat early October………
I will be looking out for those lovely caftans you have shown us…..plus plenty of white, even in October.
cheers from Aus.



Have been following your tips for years so after my little ST sortie, I hope that I can pass some onto you! Thankyou…

Anita Rivera

Bonjour dear and lovely Vicki!

Do you know how much I appreciated reading your comment just now on my post? To have a published author, a wordsmith such as yourself comment, I am smiling. Thank you for coming over to visit. We are the garment of an abstract concept that needs a face on it. My face, yours, anyone with a heartbeat.

OK, refresh in that HOT HEAT out there! XOXOXOX Anita


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