28 Aug 2015

Packing For Paris: One Of Two Jackets

gisele bundchen for chanel spring 2015, photographed in paris, vicki archer

Packing for Paris means one of two jackets.

Packing for most places means I include one or two jackets, always.

The button up blazer is a must-have-in-the-suitcase on any trip.

A simple blazer, like the one and only dress or the three pairs of shoes, is a non-negotiable for me. I wear blazers most days and when I travel it is no different. A well-cut blazer works in the same way as a uniform. Waking up and knowing what to put on is a huge bonus and time saver. I don’t want to procrastinate over “what to wear” when there is so much excitement waiting outside.

When travelling I prefer a classic jacket and as much as I adore the beautiful Chanel version worn by Gisele in the first image, it is not a shape that I favour when options are limited.  Cropped jackets, button or zipped up, are favourites in my wardrobe but they don’t travel with me. This style is an extra that requires more “effort” to create an outfit. As I am only packing two jackets, the cropped model has to stay home.

The beauty of the button up jacket is the versatile ways it can be worn.

What length and cut to wear?

I prefer a slightly shorter style with dresses and skirts. Shape determines the way a jacket falls best; the smallest nip in the waist can make a jacket worth its weight. The shorter length and the small indentation slims the waist and lengthens the legs. A longer line shirt or blouse worn underneath works beautifully with the shorter jacket, as does a tee with the jacket buttoned up. Worn with jeans or tailored pants, this style of jacket can move about comfortably in every occasion.

The longer style, not too much but just enough, is one I like to wear over slim legged pants and jeans. Flares may be in but I left those behind in my teens. A narrow pant or straight leg and a longer line jacket is a classic that has always been a success. This season I might add a stacked heel to pay tribute to the ’70’s but that’s probably the extent. Adding an inch or two to the length of the blazer can take multitudes from the middle and the slim pant elongates the legs.

Don’t believe what the fashionistas say, wide legged pants, are not our friend, unless you are lucky enough to be well and above goddess height.

How to wear the button up jacket?

During the daytime I usually opt for a tee shirt or button up white shirt worn underneath and in the evening I will change into a blouse with more detail. The shorter style jacket, the Anne Klein blazer, I will also wear buttoned up with a tee and A-line skirt.

The button up jacket is the first thing I pack, the first thing I hang up on arrival and the piece I wear most frequently.

The Button Up Jacket

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rag & bone crepe blazer   //   a.l.c velvet trim blazer   //   anne klein blazer


Tempted By Tweed

i always pack a plain jacket and more often than not it’s black. looking at this chanel image has me tempted to try tweed this winter; i am sure it could do all the same and more in the suitcase. the one from smythe has me thinking…

truth & pride tweed jacket   //   rebecca taylor tweed jacket

image, gisele for chanel 2015

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Mimi Gregor

“Don’t believe what the fashionistas say, wide legged pants, are not our friend…”

Hear, hear! As a slim, petite woman, Any trouser that isn’t straight and slim cut makes me look like I am playing dress-up with my mom’s clothing. And I have noticed culottes, of all things, making a comeback. This is like compounding a very bad mistake, as it is basically a fuller cut capri pant — a length that women should really think twice about wearing. If you are short, it cuts you in half.

Anita Rivera

And I wish I had that second jacket right now; I’m presenting at an Open House at school tonight and a good professional but classy jacket would do the trick! Lovely ideas always, dearest Vicki!


I have a nice selection of jackets from my working (outside the home that is)days and need to have a couple of my favorites tailored and freshened up. Classics forever!

The Arts by Karena


A well cut, classic jacket is worth it’s weight in gold, I agree Vicki. I always take at least one jacket, no matter where I’m going, unless it’s a tropical paradise. As for the bell bottoms, I too avoid them. A long slim line is what we want for pants legs, wider legs don’t really look good on anyone but extremely tall, slender models.


Love the Smythe jacket, Vicki. I agree on the pants issue; for those like me who are just 5 feet tall, these palazzo jeans would look like a circus tent. I’d love to wear the jackets, but I find them quite confining, as well as uncomfortable. Being short-waisted and full-busted has done nothing for my wardrobe, for jackets, blouses or anything that buttons up the front. Lovely to look at, though.

Cathy Wong

Denise….I really appreciate your comment….I have these same shape characteristics and find the same thing! But I seem to be unable to just give up….am always watching for the perfect white cotton blouse and blazer….wonder if I’ll ever find them :)
Thank You – now I know I’m not alone in this.

Donna clark

How apropos! I have just today been out looking blazers! It’s a little too warm here in SC but as I’m leaving for a trip to France in 2 weeks I’m on a mission!! It seems to be getting cooler there now.
Do you have a suggestion for a finger tip length blazer in Camel? I had one years ago and it was very slimming. Any ideas?


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