19 Oct 2015

La Sultana, Marrakech: Behind Closed Doors

La Sultana Hotel in Marrakech, vickiarcher.com

In Marrakech much of what is truly fabulous is behind closed doors.

Like La Sultana, a hotel in the heart of the golden triangle and only minutes away from one of the world’s most famous souks.

La Sultana in Marrakech, invited me to stay for a few nights and with an address that includes rue de la Kasbah, I could not help but be curious.

I had no expectations.

Marrakech is a popular tourist destination, especially with the French. The comfort of their language and the proximity, makes Marrakech one of their favourite cities. After my few days, count me in.

I think I fell in love.

I fell in love with the colour, with the sounds and the scents; the vibrancy of Marrakech took my breath away. Every moment was a visual extravaganza, a feast of colour and an adventure into the unknown.

La Sultana Hotel in Marrakech, vickiarcher.com

La Sultana, is hidden away.

It is a treasure that unfolds as time passes. There is so much to discover in one visit and the hotel is a labyrinth of spectacular architecture and interior design. From the minute the massive wooden entry doors are opened there is something wonderful to behold. Yes, the hotel is superbly comfortable and well located with all the amenities that travellers require. We were looked after beautifully and the food was delicious but that is not what I am thinking about when I reflect on our stay.

La Sultana Hotel in Marrakech, vickiarcher.com

La Sultana is old school; it is traditional and original. There is nothing overdone and nor is there anything minimalist about it either. The cool marble and mosaics are a respite from the business of Marrakech and the sheer volumes of the internal courtyards never cease to surprise. Light bounces into hidden corners at different hours of the day showcasing the varied textures.

Everywhere, there were roses.

In water features, in bunches, floating in fountains or standing tall in stem vases. Each space had a colour theme; golden, peach, vermilion or pink. There wasn’t a surface without thought. Did I mention the hotel was perfumed with fleur d’oranger?

Fleur d’Oranger; you know by now I adore this fragrance.

I’m leaving the best until last, the Spa at La Sultana.

I had a massage with Fleur d’ Oranger body oil, which managed to send me soaring into the never-never for a full sixty minutes.

If Marrakech is on your travel list La Sultana is waiting for you; I stayed longer than I meant and cannot wait to get back there.

Can you tell I am enamoured? xv

La Sultana

Rue de La Kasbah,
Marrakesh 40000, Morocco
+212 5243-88008


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Hello Vicki,
I loved reading your blog this morning. Years ago, I met an older couple who had travelled the world and when I asked them their favorite place, they said “Morrocco.” It made an impression and one that has lasted. Your pictures are lovely and whet my appetite once again to visit there. Thank you so much for sharing. Xo


Lovely post Vicki and very timely as I have a trip planned to Marrakesh in early December with my husband and three grown up children to celebrate my 50th birthday! It will be a first visit for me, and I can not wait. I am so pleased you had such a wonderful few days…..



What a treat and hopefully I shall visit Marrakesh sometime soon as it has been on my travel list for some time. I can almost smell the fleur de l’oranger from there to here in Paris.


Hi Vicki, Adore this hotel, just visited their web site and it is now on my list of places to stay next time we are over in Europe. I love the courtyards and mosaics, I am always surprised that there isn’t similar architecture here in Australia as it would suit the climate.


Just even the name Marrakech sounds so pretty and exotic. I always think of soft flowers petals, sweet sounds of tinkling metal bells and wonderful fragrances of spice. So much history and life to tempt your senses.
How exciting and lucky for you to explore there. I’m off to live vicariously via your link to La Sultana.


How lovely La Sultana is. It certainly beats the Marrakech campsite where we stayed as students many years ago. Even back then we loved this city – so exciting as we were there during the National Folk Festival with music and dance performances in the old Casbah; fabulous craft things brought into the souks from all over the country from the Sahara to the Atlas; and, the horsemen with the long rifles who would ride straight at you with rifles aimed as we stood with our backs to the walls. Then at the last minute they would whirl their horses away and shoot high in the air. A bit exciting! Best wishes, Pamela

Anita Rivera

Oh Vicki, this is paradise! The photos are lush and exude an exotic fragrance of culture, history, style and desire. LOVELY!

Terrel Drendel

Thank you so much for sharing your wonderful experience with all of us. Now I know where we will be going in 2016. Has been on our list, but as of today it has moved to the top! We leave for Cuba on Friday, with a Cultural People to People tour from the US and I don’t think I will be seeing any spas with lovely rose petals. Thank you.


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