22 Oct 2015

Turning The Masculine Feminine With Pinstripes

Saint laurent photographed for Harpers Bazaar in 1967, vickiarcher.com

I do like a masculine turned feminine style, in particular pinstripes.

It works with our classic approach to dressing and our focus on those essential pieces that turn and turn for us.

I found the best trousers recently.

I would not have imagined ever wearing them but once I tried them on, that was it.

So they are pinstripes, of course.

They are tailored on the one hand but they have a drawstring waist. Is that an oxymoron? A pair of pinstripe pants cut in a tailored manner from suiting fabric in a leisure style.

They really work though, not to mention the comfort.

Don’t worry; I promise I won’t show the waist finishing.  Never admit to wearing a drawstring except to the gym or to bed.


saint laurent and pinstripes, vickiarcher.comSaint laurent photographed for Harpers Bazaar in 1967, vickiarcher.com

How to wear them?
I like the pinstripes worn with a big sweater, either turtleneck or oversized pullover.
I went with a cream top but I also like pale grey, navy or uniform black. On the feet I have been wearing sneakers or loafers.
It is still “warm” enough to go without tights or socks so I am saving my boots until later.





I have already worn these pants so much I am off to find a grey flannel pair. What do you think?

Can you manage a drawstring, xv.

Pinstripes The Feminine Way

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the whole way

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images, saint laurent pinstripes for harpers bazaar 1967 celia hammond, john carter

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Mimi Gregor

Nup… no drawstrings, no side-zips, no low-rise… oh, there’s a whole list of “nos” when it comes to trousers with me. And an equally long list of “yeses”: true waist, front-zip, side pockets, slim cut, lightweight wool…. But what it boils down to is I like men’s-look trousers cut for a female body. And I found them purely by accident a couple years ago in the clearance racks at J. Crew. They actually fit me lengthwise as well as crosswise. (Not having to have trousers hemmed is unheard of for me!) And — for me — of course they are black! If I had been actually looking for them, I would have never found them — especially at the price I paid. The Universe was especially kind to me that day.


When I saw your topic of the day, I thought I’m not even going to read this as I HATE pinstripes. I especially dislike men in pinstripes, especially in a black suit!!! BUT, I just saw an ad for a tailored pin stripe pant, tailored fit, that had a very subtle stripe. Those were ok. I think subtlety is key for me.

Anita Rivera

You know, I have never worn pinstripes! NEVER! I think I avoided them due to my SHAPE. I think pinstripes look best on a tall, lean, angular physique, certainly not MINE! But they are lovely, and if you can pull them off, enjoy them. What an elegant and bold fashion!


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