19 Jan 2016

Avoid The January Gloom: Wear Winter White

Kristen Mcmenamy photographed by Arthur Elgort for Vogue in 1995, Winter White, vickiarcher.com

Winter white, what do you think about wearing it?

January can often feel gloomy if you live in the northern hemisphere.

I don’t mind because I like the cold and all the getting dressed up that goes along.

I’m crushing on winter white right now; maybe it’s the snowy scenery and maybe it is simply that it looks wonderful.

Winter white mixed with black, with khaki or with denim. Either way I’m thinking the change from black is needed to shake up January and chase away any doom and gloom.

Winter white, what’s not to love?


Kristen Mcmenamy photographed by Arthur Elgort for Vogue in 1995, Winter White, vickiarcher.comKristen Mcmenamy photographed by Arthur Elgort for Vogue in 1995, Winter White, vickiarcher.com


I’m particularly partial to winter white sweaters; the thick chunky ones and the finer cashmeres. I love an all creamy poncho worn over a cream turtleneck with black or khaki pants.

Is there anything more gorgeous than a winter white coat over an LBD? This neutral coat looks fabulous over almost anything at all and if the coat is right then it lifts everything underneath to a whole new level.

My suitcase this trip is a monochrome mix; a mix of winter white and black with a little khaki thrown in. I didn’t pack many pieces because it’s a ski trip for the most part and there goes the baggage allowance so what I have has to work together and be on repeat.

It is working so far and especially the big cable knit sweater with the forever comfortable Pixies and winter white jacket.

The white jeans have even made a comeback.


Kristen Mcmenamy photographed by Arthur Elgort for Vogue in 1995, Winter White, vickiarcher.com


Wearing Winter White


vince + garance doré cable knit  //  eileen fisher cable knit poncho  //  vince soft cotton turtleneck  //  equipment v neck

over the top

j w anderson collar coat //  eileen fisher wool and alpaca coat  //  harris wharf london coat  //  masscobb wool coat

donna karan new york cashmere

images of kristen mcmenamy taken by arthur elgort for vogue, november1995

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Love Winter White, but totally hate how it gets soiled so quickly every time I wear any kind of winter whites. Maybe I am just sloppy, but it never fails – I always seem to dirty it with food, drink or step into a slushy puddle….I have several lovely pieces and find that the older I get, I tend to reserve them for special occasions only nw (and then I am so worried about getting it dirty – have no idea where I got this “Winter White Worry” from). Totally LOVE the huskys and husky pups on your page – one of my favorite breeds. They look absolutely stunning in Winter – real head turners for me.

Heather in Arles

I have always been a fan of winter white – even while living in NYC where wearing it can be a challenge. My favourite is a vintage coat from the late 50s/early 60s that is off-white wool with single rhinestones studded all over it!! Can you imagine? It is one of those pieces that I can never bear to part with even if I don’t wear it…I know, I know, I should!
PS. I love these photos…such a great model, always.


Soooo envious of the winter photos and the winter white. Swealtering away here in 40 Celcius is a hot and humid Perth. Just a beautiful post, a feast for the eyes.
enjoy your snow bunny holiday.


Hi Vicki
Happy new year! I love winter white but that pure white fitted, thick jumper hitting at the hip bone remains the elusive find for me. The one that will look perfectly tailored with a skirt. The search continues.

Anita Rivera

I love it. I wish I had more of it and I’ve been meaning to find a white turtleneck to offset my black skirts and jumpers! Now you have me thinking, as you usually do! GO FOR IT, VICKI!

Mimi Gregor

Much too impractical for my tastes. winter or summer, if I wear something white, dirt will magically be attracted to it. I prefer to get a few wearings out of my clothes before I have to clean them. The alternative is to possess the item but never wear it, and what’s the point of that?

Candice @ NotesFromABroad

LOL, Such silly photos of a model with bare legs in snow. Being in Upstate NY with snow on the ground, I know what I am saying when I tell you that eskimos and polar bears would hate it here it is so cold :)

Dreaming of a warm place, C


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