16 Jan 2016

A New Year, A Fresh Start

Photographer Jean Paul Goude's shoot for French Elle 1996, fresh start vickiarcher.com

A new year and a fresh start.

That’s what we hope and wish for.

In keeping with the theme of moderation, balance and the day-by-day approach, I have made a fresh start at the gym. I am going, doing my best but not expecting a miracle. The main point is to go and to go regularly.

A new year means new exercise gear.

You know that completely female idea that if we wear the right clothing somehow our performance will be enhanced. This may well be nonsense but who am I to fight the logic. I am kitted out and happy to be facing the brights when I bend and lift.

I don’t know why it is ok to draw attention to the feet and not the body but I absolutely love the fashion for colourful trainers. I might be cloaked in grey and black lycra but my feet are dazzling in a rainbow of colours. If you had told me a few years ago I would crush on gym shoes and covet a multitude of hues, like I do a Manolo silk pump, I would have begged to disagree.

The good news, the Nikes are as colourful as a Manolo Hangisi but nowhere near as savage on the bank account.

A little more female justification going on here. xv

Fresh Start / Start Fresh

nike free cross compete training shoe  //  nike flyknit zoom  //  nike air zoom structure

legs up

**zella live-in leggings  //  nike legend drift tights  //  zella fusion capri  //  **alo high waist leggings

images, jean -paul goude, for french elle 1966

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Anita Rivera

What INSPIRING PHOTOS! Oh it makes me want to get into the gym right now! Busy school week, but hopefully tonight I can get some working out done. Love keeping the body as fit as can be! These costumes, these too make me want to go out and buy some of those thigh-high stockings!

Enjoy your day, Vicki!

Kris B

I have 2 pairs of the Alo high waist leggings they really hold you in and make me feel skinny.
Skip the gym and do bar method class it’s a major game changer for boomer women
I’ve been doing this as my main fitness fo 3 years (along with golf and walking)
I have a better figure at 59 than I ever did, and I’ve always been a size 4 or 6
Give it a try

Kris B

One more thing on bar method, the founder, Burr Leonard is 65 she took over the Lotte Berk franchise you can you tube Burr Leonard or check her on Pinterest, now SHE is my inspiration ????????

The Enchanted Home

Good for you Vicki….it has to start some where right? I too am starting (slowly) to get back to exercising…I miss the days when I didn’t have to and could eat whatever I wanted…youth really is wasted on the young lol. Keep up the good work!


I’m ready, the starting is my problem!
I must keep in mind the old proverb;”A job started is a job half finished”
Maybe buying the Nikes would be a push in the right direction.


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