30 Jan 2016

Valentine’s Day: Think About It The French Way

Elisabeth Hoff photograph, Valentines Day, vickiarcher.com

Do you celebrate Valentine’s Day?

We have always been a little ambivalent about the day, probably because when we met and started dating it was not the big celebration it is today. I have always believed romance can continue to spark spontaneously no matter how many years of familiarity. Naturally, keeping the romance alive takes effort and determination and if Valentines Day encourages that then I am all for the tradition.

Valentine’s Day is the celebration of love and my mind inevitably contemplates the French woman and her passion for lingerie. These years spent in France have not left me unaffected by the beautiful lingerie stores in every city, town and village. Talking to the women in these boutiques and department stores has fostered an enduring habit for the pretty and encouraged me to make sure I am looking my best both inside and out.

Beauty and style isn’t limited to the outside with French girls and what they wear underneath is as important as their fashion wardrobes. I imagine for the obvious reasons; not only looking fabulous for their partners but also for their own self-confidence.


Dressing in beautiful lingerie is one easy way we can treat ourselves. Feeling glamorous underneath and feeling attractive when we sleep is a sure way to raise the confidence. It doesn’t matter whether the pieces are on show or not; it is how we feel that counts.

A confident, self-assured woman is a happy one and happiness is super contagious when shared. Like smiling, happiness is something we all want to partake in.

This Valentine’s Day I am not waiting for mine to spoil me. I am going for a head start with some sleepwear and delicate lingerie. xv

Valentines Day image from Fif Chachnil, vickiarcher.com

Valentine’s Day, Think About It The French Way

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sleeping short

in bloom by jonquil chiffon and satin  //  ella moss lace trim camisole and sleep shorts  // flora nikrooz dahlia pyjamas  // hanky panky lace

sleeping long

ming embroidered  //  ‘ella’ stripe  //  piped sateen  //  leopard print cotton  //  bedhead classic

Nordstrom generously allowed me to select my favourite “Valentine’s” lingerie and sleepwear to show you. I’m in the mood to update my PJ wardrobe; there is nothing I love more than a menswear style pair of pyjamas or a cute short set

If my sleepwear feels right then sleep time is so much better.

images elisabeth hoff and fifi chachnil

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Mimi Gregor

I’m cynical about every holiday — in my opinion, they are all extravagant marketing ploys to brainwash people into buying things they don’t need. Sure, I like to have nice lingerie, but I don’t need Valentine’s Day to goad me into buying it. If I find some I like at a reasonable price any time of the year, I will buy it. I think that the ideals that holidays are purported to be about should be practiced every day, not just on this one “special” day. In other words, show your loved ones that you love them every day, and skip the overpriced bling that Madison Avenue would like you to buy.

Leslie in Oregon

What about some beautiful long nightgowns, definitely my sleepwear of choice?

Anita Rivera

Bonjour Vicki! Well first of all, this Valentine’s Day will mark 36 years since I met my husband. I cannot believe it; we met on Valentine’s day, asked me to marry him a month later, and the celebration continues. I LOVE to think in the French way for so many reasons! I wish you and all those whom you love an elegant, beautiful and perfect Valentine’s Day!


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