26 Jan 2016

What To Wear: When In Doubt, How To Make The Right Choice

What To Wear When You Don't Know What To Wear, vickiarcher.com

what to wear when you don’t know what to wear…

When in doubt how do we make the right choice?

That nagging thought of what to wear when we have no idea what to wear. It’s hardly a pressing problem in the grand scheme of things but truthfully; I have wasted a great deal of time thinking about it.

What to wear? Will it be appropriate? Do I look okay? Didn’t I wear that yesterday?

All these niggle some questions that cross most women’s minds at some stage. This is a different feeling to when nothing in the wardrobe works, when we dislike everything and try on a zillion options only to end up with them strewn across the bed and all over the floor.

No, this “not knowing what to wear” is when our imaginations desert us and leave us stranded with no inspiration.

When in doubt, this is how I choose. xv

What To Wear When You Don't Know What To Wear, vickiarcher.com

What To Wear When  Know What To Wear

  • *Allow thinking time. I make all my outfit decisions in the shower or in the bath.

  • *Know your mood. Feeling less than chirpy means it is not the best idea to choose the sequin number. On top of the world? Go for it.

  • *The weather makes the decisions a whole lot easier. There is no point squeezing into a skimpy shirt and open toe shoes if it is freezing outside. Weather dependency means at least half of the closet is out of bounds.

  • *Browse the closet before pulling everything out on a whim of indecision.

  • * Select three outfits (two if you are really disciplined) you already know look good and have been worn before. Ignore the cries of boredom and the fear of being seen in the same outfit. It is better to look and feel fabulous in a tried and true winner. Try them and wear the one most appropriate for the occasion.

  • *Don’t over think. Time is ticking away.

  • *Notice any gaps in your wardrobe essentials. How annoying is it when the favourite tee shirt is in the laundry or the best boots are being heeled at the cobbler? Or the tights are too thick or not thick enough. Make a note of those items that need replacing or re-organising.

* Smile and add red lipstick. That makes everything look wonderful.

What To Wear When You Don't Know What To Wear, vickiarcher.com

What To Wear When I Don’t Know What To Wear?

My latest crush and go-to when I can’t work out what to wear is a Bella Freud sweater. They have the right amount of classic with a touch of design whimsy. Slim fitting and easy to wear alone, with a blazer or with a heavy jacket; this wool sweater has saved my day over and over. I’m normally not one for logos or patterns in this way but these sweaters are that little bit different to be really fabulous.

Last night I went with the sweater, black pants, sneakers and a black tailored jacket. Win/win.

bella freud 1970  //  bella freud dog  //  bella freud lion  //  bella freud 1970 pink  //  bella freud oh  //  bella freud night music

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Great tips and advice, Vicki. I hate those days when I feel out of sorts and really have no clue what to wear and on those type of days ANYTHING I put on /try on just looks horrible on me – too tight or too short or back fat is showing or tummy roles are poking through – augh! I usually feel fat on those days and then I beat myself up about having soooo many clothes that don’t fit properly and that don’t match well with anything. I hate those days.


We all have those days, Fran! More often than we like ;)
Those are the days we have to be kind to ourselves and wear the outfits we know work, flatter and boost our confidence.
It’s important to have those go-to pieces that pick you up and get us back on track.. :)

I recently sorted my closet, shopped it and ordered it… getting rid of those “nasty” items that have never worked whether I was having a “good” or a “bad” what-to-wear day… It was very therapeutic!

And now those tormenters of mine are on eBay and can make someone else happy.. :)


Yes, great tips Vicki! You have inspired me to do the same thing! Love the sweater!

The Arts by Karena
Dreams of Spring!


First I dress according to my mood and then the weather makes the decision. When I am completely insecure what to wear I snap a black trouser and a cashmere pullover for winter or a white with a TShirt in summer. But to make me feel good is always a good hair style and make up more than the dress itself.


Today I have a combination on that works for me. I’ll say to myself that I need to remember this outfit. But, often I forget. I want to start writing/taking a pic., of what I look/feel good in so on “those” days, I have a reference. I hate that feeling of not knowing what to wear. :)


Snap a polaroid… and keep it in the closet Missi… then you will always have a favourite to put on… :)

Mimi Gregor

I have several ensembles that never fail to make me feel great and garner compliments. Whenever I am having an indecisive sartorial moment, I just bring out one of these outfits and I can know that I look good, because I have before when I’ve worn them. I don’t worry about repeating a look. Most people don’t notice what you wear, only whether you look good or not. And, yes — red lipstick never fails to brighten up my face and my entire look.


I agree Mimi… when we work it out, make the most of it… Thank goodness for black pants and blazers… my standby items.. :)

lori powell

Well…since I retired 6 months as go, I am starting to look like the Barefoot Contessa!! Jeans and denim shirts have become my staple since I’m doing things around the house, painting, cleaning, gardening, that got away from me over the years. Plus…I’ve started a reno on a house my parents left to me. I not so jokingly told my husband I needed to step up my “work” wardrobe so I’m easier on the eye. After 35 years of high heels and higher hair….im trying to find middle ground.


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