26 Feb 2016

Diamond White Like It’s The Oscars

diamond white like it's the oscars, irving penn photograph, vickiarcher.com


Diamond White, you might ask?

There is a story to this tale,

Last week a wonderful friend invited me to a girl’s morning in her home; a “master class” it was called. I don’t do many of these kinds of mornings so I was excited to attend and see what we would be learning. I didn’t really mind what it entailed; a morning out with  a group of fabulous women would be enough, despite what she had planned for us.

The master class was skincare.

The round table was set with individual basins, magnified hand mirrors, towelling headbands, hand towels and a set of soft sponges. We knew immediately we would be revealing all. A group of beauty experts floated behind us and explained the steps we would be taking for our new rejuvenated skins. Natura Bissé generously arranged the class for my girlfriend and we were spoilt with their undivided attention. We did giggle over the headbands, not the most glamorous of accessories, as we wrapped ourselves up and began to remove our carefully applied make-up.

The lesson went on through all the steps to healthy, glowing skin and while I hope I retained some of what the therapists said about the importance of skincare, there was one small piece of information I did enjoy.

Diamond White is a face mask and is apparently one of the biggest “red carpet” wonders. Come Oscar night and the celebrities don’t leave their hotels before a good session with this fine, rubber like mask.

So we tried it.

You know I am devoted to Filorga at the moment and that has not changed. The products are very, very good and the price point excellent. I have noticed a great difference in my skin, it is more hydrated and feels smoother but it does not mean I am blind to the benefits of other products.

The Diamond White glowing mask is truly amazing.

We only had time to apply it around our eyes and foreheads as it takes time to dry and set; it peels off like a rubber casing. The difference was very noticeable and as my eyes are prone to puffiness I found the mask fabulous.

Of course the celebrities are making sure to “diamond white” before their red carpet appearance.

As it’s Oscar weekend I am treating myself to some Diamond White. I might not be walking the red carpet or accepting any golden statuettes but I hope to be glowing as if I were. xv


Diamond White Like It’s The Oscars

natura bissé diamond white mask at net a porter  //  natura bissé diamond white mask at neiman marcus


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Ooooooo Vicki, this sounds really good!! I need me some this weekend as I am hosting my annual Oscar party. Would be divine to be serving food and look so refreshed and glowing!! Enjoy your weekend and the Oscars!!

Wendy Shippee

I wonder what my husband will say as I sit watching the red carpet with a white diamond rubber mask on!! Thanks for the tip!

Anita Rivera

Good evening, Vicki!

I have not even heard of this! I must investigate. Our skin should shine!

Kristin Hughes

I will definitely have to give this a go. It sounds delightful. I am always searching for any skin care that will make my skin feel and look wonderful. Thank you for this little nugget.


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