6 Feb 2016

“Rouge”: When It’s All You Need

Charlotte Rampling, When Rouge is all you need, vickiarcher.com

Sometimes a little rouge is all you need.

This week I have been a little behind the pace.

A combination of jet lag and getting organised after what seems like years away. Somehow I feel we have only just finished our holiday cheer and yet here we are in the first week of February. If this is the beginning, 2016 is going to be a quick paced year.

Ready, steady and let’s go.

In the sluggish mode, I find my enthusiasm for creative dressing somewhat lacking.

As we have discussed before, my go-to solution is a red lipstick. Whether bright or dark, depending on the season and mood, a good red saves the day. A dash of colour brightens even the most tired eyes and makes me feel well dressed even if I am staring at the same combination of clothes day after day.

And the red lip is the “no-brainer” way to jazz up the all black.

I often think you are a red lip person or you aren’t. I am not sure we can convert those who aren’t convinced, but I wish I could. I believe a red lipstick is the best pick me up there is and I suggest if you doubt the power of the “red”, take small steps. Start with a darker gloss than normal and work towards the matte shades.

I have been practicing over the years and am surprised how brave I have become when it comes to shades of red.

I recently found a new “red” to love. Yes, another one. Can lipstick love be considered an addiction? If it is, then I have it.

It is called Desirous and I think it is a fabulous shade. The texture and application are superb; matte but not too matte and easy to apply with no slipping or bleeding edges. Something to watch at this stage and age.

Is there such a thing as too many reds?

If you have a peek in my cabinet, you would have to say, no. :) xv 


Rouge Is All You Need

pure color envy matte in desirous  //  pure color envy lip potion in fragile ego  for beginners

image charlotte rampling

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Mimi Gregor

I agree. There is nothing that can perk up one’s outfit — or one’s mood — like red lips. Some days, when I put on my all black, I feel more “Greek Widow” than chic. The red immediately dispels that notion. The lipstick adds just that hit of color that the outfit needs.


Vicki, I love your style. Do you wear the Desirous shade in Summer, too? I think one has to have a sense of self-confidence to wear red. A true Power color – I do love seeing women wear it . Maybe I shall try it soon. Thanks, Vicki. Have a Dynamite, Fun Weekend!


I haven’t had it long enough Fran! It looks great at this time of year and I will probably swap it out for a brighter red once the weather turns.. although one of my great friends wears this colour all year long.. and she looks beautiful with it… :)


Thank you Vicki. Totally agree…. lipstick is one of the very best ways to brighten your day! Madame Rampling is forever beautiful. Can’t wait to see her in her new movie, 45 Years.


I have watched 45 years… her performance is a very powerful … I hope she wins the Oscar…

La Contessa

I have an ESTEE RED from last year that I ADORE.This is the ONLY BRAND I have found that does not BLEED into the wrinkles!I am ALWAYS searching for a BLUE RED……..not easy to find!
I do like DIVA from MAC and use a brown pencil to fill in the lips first and then it becomes a darker shade for me.I will check out your recommendation!


I really like red lipstick but don’t wear it too often. But when I do, I always feel more stylish.
Do you wear a liner with it? I usually don’t wear lip liners but am thinking I might start.

I’ll have to check the movie out.
Happy weekend!

Mimi Gregor

Missy, if I may address the matter of lipliners: I don’t like them. I am reminded too much of the 80s and the obvious lipliners. As long as there isn’t a problem with bleeding, you might want to try it on its own. I generally apply the lipstick right onto my lips, not taking it to the edge. Then I use my finger to bring it to the edge. Then I blot any excess with a tissue, and I’m done.


Dark red lipsticks can sometimes look dreadful on certain skin colors .. I have a lot of yellow in my skin , blue eyes/ blonde .. so red with more of an orange tint to it looks better on me.
Dark red makes me look like I need a transfusion lol
Another good thing about red lipstick, it makes your teeth look whiter :)


Yes Jane… it’s all in the application…
Perhaps have an in store make up consultant demonstrate for you and then you will know if you like the look or not.. :)
Maybe try the stains first, as suggested and you can get a subtle taste of wearing the reds.. :)

Anita Rivera

Good morning Vicki! I am late….you have jet lag, I have SCHOOL LAG!

BUT, red lipstick to the rescue. Due to my fast-paced mornings at work, I have not been able to make up my eyes as I usually did, but I NEVER forget to use my red lipstick. It brings my face to life and literally gets me ready for my role as French teacher. There is magic in that tube of red. I must check out this new shade! Get your rest! Anita


I love reds and find them easier than so many choices of pinks and corals – bright, drab , too blue. However I am 58 and read constantly that I must now soften my look. As I grow in my platinum shoulder length hair , Self doubt rears its head. Sounds like you think reds work for all ages.


Thanks for your quick response. Lipstick is my main makeup and the pink advice for a “woman my age” was really disconcerting. You are so classy and chic. Your opinion means a lot as I venture into gray hair.


Love red lipstick. When I want to tone it down a little, I put it on over Burt’s Bees lip balm, which really softens the intensity of the color.

What is Charlotte Rampling wearing, do you know?


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