21 Feb 2016

Saint Laurent? Not Exactly

Saint Laurent campaign featuring Edie Campbell, vickiarcher.com





They aren’t




but I had to show you these…




The label Saint Laurent has been one of my top inspiration points the last few years. Designs, so classic to be ageless, but re-interpreted in a way to be current. I am sad to see Heidi Slimane leave but such is the way of fashion.

This season, Saint Laurent have been offering some of the best boots.

The Chelsea style, with small heel and slightly pointed toe, is just about perfect. The slimmer toe and the slight rise looks elegant for most occasions replacing the need for a higher more uncomfortable heel. They look pretty cute with skirts too.

They are beautiful, but they are expensive.

One of my go to brands when I want to get-the-look-for-less is Steve Madden. There are times in fashion when the real deal is all that counts and there are others where adapting is far more clever than the real deal.

This is one of those times.

These boots aren’t Saint Laurent but they are a fabulous find and close enough. Cuban style heel, Chelsea shape and slightly pointed toe.

I would even risk saying, these boots may be slightly better.

Thought you might like a peak, xv.

Saint Laurent? Not Exactly

steve madden marena bootie

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Anita Rivera

I’ll take those! Any ankle boot or any boot for that matter will suit me just fine. I even wear boots in the summer!

Click those heels, Vicki….let’s GO!

Heather in Arles

Those are fantastic. Yes, please and I agree that they are better than the SLs.
I am so behind. I had no idea that Hedi Slimane was leaving…hopefully to just finally start his own house?


So many recently. Also of course Raf Simon and have read Alber Ebaz has also gone. Maybe too many collections to produce for, too much stress and too much pressure and angst from the bosses of the major fashion conglomerates. Must be worrying for these houses with huge investments in China. Best wishes, Pamela


Love them! With the slightly pointy toe and slim profile, they would make any foot look dainty. I just can’t do that high a heel.


Vicki, you speaka my language – LOOOOVE THEM!! As for YSL – been a big fan for a long time – my goodness, 30 years ago, I wouldn’t leave the door without my final spritz of Rive Gauche – loved that scent when I was a young girl in the workforce. Too bad I didn’t have those kind of boots back then……..


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