4 Feb 2016

Style Tip: Go Monochrome

monochrome harlequin image by irving penn taken in 1950, style tip go monochrome, vickiarcher.com


Black and white always looks modern, whatever that word means.


karl lagerfeld


When in fashion doubt, go monochrome.

A style tip, one of the best and easiest is to wear one colour or varying shades of one colour from top to toe.

Monochrome is always a strong fall back position.

The reason I wear monochrome most of the time is not only is it an easy solution but also it is figure flattering as it lengthens and trims the body.

You know me well by now. Black is my default; grey and winter white a close call for second. Then there is navy, which I am becoming more and more fond of.

When I wear monochrome I usually switch it up with a different style of jacket or if I’m wearing exclusively one colour I will introduce a contrast with accessories. Yesterday, for a trip to Brussels I wore all black and added a cape. It was a subtle difference but it did add interest and a texture change.

I have a huge cape crush this year and even if I wear all, all black, a cape adds that extra flair.

I know I am enthusiastic with the neutrals if you can call black, cream, grey and navy neutrals but for a monochrome looks they have never let me down. Monochrome dressing saves time when indecision rears its naughty little head.

I suspect monochrome is the one style rule many people follow. It is a dependable way to look polished and well groomed. xv

monochrome. the white noise, when in doubt go monochrome, vickiarcher.com

White Eyes

images irving penn ‘monochrome harlequin’ and ew agency

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Heather in Arles

I would wear that Max Mara cape for the rest of my life! Can’t you see me in it? It is perfection. One can dream… ;)
And I have been more and more interested in navy as well. Not that flat, blackish navy, you know what I mean. I wrote here a while ago that I am fearing that head to toe black is aging. I am not sure and I still wear it but navy and black is so gorgeous together.
Oh, and add camel to the list, otherwise we share the same color palette. Neutrals only for me!


It’s all about how you wear it… all black still looks fab if done right… Accessories make the world of difference… and besides with your hair, Heather… black is brilliant on you.. :)


I’ve never worn white frames before. I’ll have to try some on . . .

The Max Mara cape is amazing!!


I have seen quite a few wearing white frames and they look great… quite “lightening” to the face…
Well I did admit to having a cape crush, Missi.. ;)


You nailed it, Vicki, tres chic magnifique! I, too, dress in the same manner. Eight years ago, I bought a cashmere camel cape and it is still in vogue. My go to accessories have to be scarves – just love those colorful , silk scarves that just pop against black, navy, white, beige – you name it. Also, I do adore pairing my neutrals with my natural, colorful semi precious stone necklaces. Depending on the outfit, I’ll put a chunky stone necklace on or a very petite, delicate one . Also, I do remember 30 years ago pairing navy with black and a few colleagues at work remarked how one should never put those two colors together. I disagreed then and still do. I think it looks really good.

Jane Mogensen

I love the cape but I always think people in white frames look like a blow fly, excuse the expression. Not an easy look to pull off!

Candice @ NotesFromABroad

I wear all black most days .. or black with blue jeans. Today I went hog wild and wore a black sweater with grey corduroys. People probably just see me as The Widow but even before I was widowed, I wore black most of the time :) Maybe this summer I will wear only blue and white :)

Taste of France

I have a black cape from the ’90s that never goes out of style. It’s like wearing a blanket. I lent it to my mother when she was having trouble getting her arms in and out of coats, but I took it back when she died, so now I can think of her when I wear it.
It’s much easier to match blacks than to match other neutrals like navy or brown.

Anita Rivera

Good morning Vicki! Yesterday, I wore a black skirt and tights, black turtleneck with a long, gray cardigan. It was awesome. I topped it off with some gold Audrey Hepburn style loop earrings and I felt so elegant, and it was so simple. Yes, monochrome is the way to go during winter, fall or any time you are not sure what to wear!


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