25 Feb 2016

The Flats: What She Wants

aquazzura flats, feature what she wants, vickiarcher.com

slouchy top with skinny jeans (to rip or not to rip?)


add the cross-over bag and the cute lace up flats


my kind of outfit…



jeans ||  cross-body bag  ||  flats

These Flats she has wanted for a very long time.

Flat, comfortable and with an edge; the fine laces and the pointed toes provide an elegant line and a point of difference.

Flat shoes, whether it be sneakers, ballet style or loafers are still the shoe of choice right now.

The lace-up versions were made popular by designer brands last year and are still as current this year.

The only difference is many more shoe brands have taken the style and run with it.

Great news for us; more to choose from at comfortable price points.

Yes please; I’ll take these. xv

What She Wants: The Flats

**ivanka trump // jeffrey campbell  //  halogen  // aquazzura



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Taste of France

Cannot do pointed toes. I had one bunion removed and I don’t want to get it back nor to aggravate the other.
I like the Clark’s lace-ups, the lacy Derek Lam’s, leopard smoking slippers and last fall’s low-heeled spectators from Chanel.


I have the Ivanka Trump ones and can attest to their comfort on my narrowish foot. Great price point for a trend shoes. The only issue I have is one of the laces doesn’t seem to want to stayed tied so I just double tie.


While living in Buenos Aires, I started buying more and more (lol) shoes. Flat ballet style. They were the best for city walking, sidewalks that were not always in good shape and walking for miles each day.
These are very nice , I might have to add another pair to my collection lol

Anita Rivera

I will take that outfit any day. And the flats? YES! Anything that looks like a ballet shoe is on my list!

Linda B

I have had my eye on this style for the past year too! And several times, come within a hair’s breadth of ordering some. Now they are really available locally, as I saw as I cruised through the shops yesterday, and I am more tempted than ever. So hard to justify another pair of shoes though. What’s a girl to do–I am chuckling to myself.


Oh Yeah , I need them all, too!! Love flats – all styles. Depending on how casual or elegant they are you can wear them with anything. I usually sport mine with a slim pant, capri or cargo pants, maxi dress. Also great with palazzo pants – like I did to a wedding two years ago ( I think I was the only one uber comfortable that day wearing my elegant ballet flats. ).


Thanks for the choices! I had seen the $600+ originals and my heart sagged, so glad you provided better priced options. “Good things come to those who wait” so i will have a shoe-off between the Trump and the Halogen. The blush Halogens would look great in spring with white jeans, too!


I remember buying some shoes similar to these in St Remy years ago Vicki! They were not flats but had a small kitten heel but had the laces. I also tied them in just a neat bow around my ankle as a change from upwards from ankle. I adored them and kept wearing the tiny kitten heel down that I feel I had almost bought them over again the time had them reheeled! I’ve just ordered some new ones, not designer though, but look just as lovely from Boden in the UK. I’ve haven’t received them yet so can’t comment.


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