12 Mar 2016

Frame It Up: With A Signature Frame


Do you have a signature frame?

I like a retro, slightly bigger frame to makes a statement, kind of frame.

Glasses have become one of the most important accessories in my life; can’t live without them and yet I do find them annoying.

Recently I have had a trying time with my glasses.

It’s not really their fault they disappear, never to be found, or they drop on hard surfaces and get scratched and become un-wearable. They seem to want to stay behind in taxis and fall out of handbags in airports.

For someone who looks after most things very diligently, the frame and I don’t seem to understand each other.

It goes without saying that I lose the reading glasses with the super-duper-more-expensive lens than the cheap and cheerful back up pair. Always.

I am always on the lookout for a fabulous frame.

A good pair of glasses can take years off the face (especially in photographs) a bad frame can do the opposite.

We all have days where a safety pin comes to the rescue, holds the glasses together and lets us see a lopsided world or we find an “old” pair because the “latest” are lost; in general it’s not our best look.

French and Italian women are masters of fabulous glasses. They may wear classic wardrobe pieces but European women know the “boost” value of a fashionable frame.

My current frame crush is tortoiseshell with grey hair; I love the combination of the darker frame with the light hair. Not to mention a solid red frame; a true statement.

I need a new pair; I think I might mean pairs, xv.


A Signature Frame

kimball whiskey tortoise  //  percey crystal  //  winston black  //  duckworth oak barrel

tom ford large havana  //  ciccio super red  //  kate spade cat-eye


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Our French Oasis

For years and years I wanted glasses, I thought they would look so cool, I thought they would make me look sophisticated and the ultimate business lady. My children have, bizarrely, inherited the same desire for glasses, alas they all have perfect eye sight! I used to go to the optician and every time he would say, perfect vision, then one day he said, “I think some gentle reading glasses would be a good idea” – imagine my delight I was going to get glasses! But now I have them, I hate wearing them, but all is not lost, the children love to try them on and pretend!!!


They are a nuisance I agree(especially because I keep losing them) and now I am dependent on them, even more so… I do like a good frame though.. :)

Mimi Gregor

I wear contacts, but I do wear glasses in the evening, after the lenses come out. I really need to get a new pair, as these are no longer even my current prescription, and the frames suited my previous long, dyed-black hair, but not my current bobbed brown hair. Some day soon, I just have to go from optician to optician, shopping for the perfect frame.

As for reading glasses, now I am of an age when I require them even with my contacts in. Multi-focal contacts can only do so much without distorting your long-range vision. I have pairs all over the house: hanging with the utensils in the kitchen to read recipes… by the table where I eat breakfast and read the morning paper… in the bookcase in the livingroom… in my purse. Having multiples of cheap glasses means I never have to run around searching for where I left them. There’s always a pair handy.


I did that too, Mimi… and still managed to lose them! Of course my best pairs… always the way.. :)


YOU SOUND LIKE ME……….although I have NEVER lost a pair!MY glasses are prescription SO I couldn’t drive or see.I am EXTREMELY CAREFUL and know exactly where I put them.I never toss the old ones either so they are placed around the house in beautiful VESSELS!
I ADORE TORTOISE and I have NEVER found a RED frame that is GOOD on me……….I will continue the search!

lori powell


My mother, whom I lost to alzheimers in 2011, always wore the latest Christian Dior when it came to her prescription glasses. Regular or sun. I have now, the most amazing collection of frames and I’m converting some of them into sunglasses for my use. She always selected big frames as she was a tall woman who wore them well. She was a special education teacher and in each school year picture it shows her in a different pair. I treasure these glasses.


I have been wearing glasses since the age of 12 – pretty much a blind bat now, but can you believe I still have not found THE perfect pair yet?! It’s insane as one would think that after all this time…..anyway, with this last pair, I allowed my optometrist to pick them out for me – he chose a Gucci tortoise shell frame, one of the brands he carries – and when I got them and started wearing them EVERYONE LAUGHED! Said they make me look really old like an old grandma – YIKES- They are comfortable, though.


Totally agree with you on love of tortoiseshell – my frame of choice too. They are softer on a (brunette) ageing face than black or brights but make a stronger statement than a wire rim. I have an Oliver Peoples pair that I love. I find too that my eyes water more in strong sunlight these days so the light sensitive lenses also help preserve my make-up, which is never a bad thing…..great post.

Donna A.

I’m getting a Zeiss Officelens prescription soon. First pair – I hope they work out! After visiting the optician this morning, I narrowed the frame maker to Barton Perreira in a style named Cassady. In either Heroine Chic or Matte Black Amber Tortoise color. I’m also considering Sunglasses from one of two companies, WOOW or Face a Face (Paris). Fun & Funky!

Taste of France

I am hopelessly near-sighted, and now also need bifocals. My galsses are always on. My current frames are Anne et Valentin, tortoise shell on purple metal. They provide the comfort of metal frames (the nose adjustment) with the coolitude of tortoise shell retro. They are handmade in Toulouse.

Anita Rivera

I need more stylish frames. I chose the rimless kind to make the glasses less visual, but as I see these frames, they appeal more to my taste. I SO LOVE the models you chose here, especially la dame in the far right upper corner. She rocks it at what, 60+? LOVE HER!


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