19 Mar 2016

How To Fill In Time At The Airport Terminal Without Even Trying


How do you spend your time in the airport terminal?
I think I have an addiction to make-up or at the very least, lipstick.

As soon as I am checked in and through security I can’t help myself and head towards the make-up counters at a rapid pace.

Last weekend I found two beauties from M.A.C.

(Probably the excitement about the destination helped. My daughter Emily and I went to Northern Sweden in Lapland chasing the Aurora Borealis. Yes, we were the luckiest of all as we watched the Northern Lights dance and play for over two hours. This night was one of “those`’ moments.)

Back to the lipstick find… not that we needed fabulous lips in -15 degree temperatures with full-face balaclavas.

Why would a practicality like that ever deter us?

Perhaps you have tried them? The Zac Posens and the Retro Matte Liquids.

The Zac Posen has the most fantastic finish, matte but not over dry matte and so easy to apply with a very firm edge. The colour I fell for is Dangerously Red, more pink than red and a great lift after the dark reds of winter. Emily went for the Darling Clementine, a delicious shade of deep orange.

Then we found the Retro Matte Liquid and tried that too.

I went pale; she went red.

These are gorgeous and have a matte almost “suede like” finish.

Definitely one or two for the handbag. xv

How To Fill In Time At The Airport Terminal

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dangerously red  //  darling clementine  //  lady be good  //  fashion legacy


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Anita Rivera

I have at least two lipsticks in my hand bag because LIPSTICK is the best pick-me-up makeup trick there is for me! Love this image, too….happy Friday Vicki!


Oh Vicki, I can relate….no matter WHERE I am, if I have a few minutes, I’ll head straight for a handy make-up counter (lipsticks especially count as souvenirs for me)……Glad to hear your thoughts about the Retro Matte Liquid. I’ve seen them online and would like to try one.
Cathy Wong


Vicki, lovely post – you Really do love your lipsticks!! The photo of the bee on the lips is a real knee-jerker for me: made me cringe and hair stand up – most likely because I am allergic to bees and honey. I applaud the model’s courage-BIG TIME!! I find it so hard to purchase lipsticks online as the colours are never quite the same when one applies them.on. I did that once and it was a waste of money – colours and texture were totally off. Best to try a myriad of them in person like you do, for sure. Enjoy your day!!

Donna De Luca

Thank you VA for yet another great suggestion….
Being the mother of sons, I always enjoy your “girlie tips” and have tried most of them and thus discovered shades and brands I may not have otherwise looked at! Fabulous, I love them!!!

Taste of France

It’s true that I tend to gravitate to a MAC store to buy lipstick any time I see one as there isn’t one in my small French city. They are somehow slicker, smoother than others. I once got fiercely scolded at airport security for having forgotten to place a lipstick in the plastic bag with my liquids. I didn’t understand, because lipstick didn’t seem to be liquid or even gel. But there’s no arguing fine points at security and maybe because I was compliant they didn’t confiscate it.
I tend to spend my airport time walking from one end to the other and avoiding sitting. Anytime I fly, it’s two or three flights, lasting 10 to 24 hours. I wear my bas de contention, but still I try to move when it’s possible.


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