15 Mar 2016

Levi’s 501: What Goes Around Comes Around

Jane Birkin photographed at home in Levis 501 jeans, what goes around comes around, vickiarcher.com

Levi’s 501 jeans are making a re-appearance; what goes around comes around.

I had a long-standing love affair with these jeans in the mid 1990’s; I don’t think there were many days I didn’t wear a pair of Levi’s.

I became partial to them in 1995 when I spent my first long period of time in Southern France. They were “the” jeans and I was in the mood to emulate everything I could about life in France, especially what French girls were wearing.

The 501’s were slightly cropped, just above or on the ankle, and I wore them with sweaters and lace up boots. The boots were thick soled but made of Prada style nylon and I thought they were the best things ever. Actually they were; I wish I had them now.

It was around the time Miuccia Prada was designing much in nylon; a wave of shoes, bags and jackets were the mode.

Back in those days, I was never one to miss a trend. The Levi’s went with everything and took me everywhere.

This season I am seeing Levi’s jeans, or similar styles with a higher waist and cropped leg, as the jean to wear.

As if we need any more jeans?

I can’t help it, I am very keen to start wearing this style again; blame it on my French nostalgia. It’s not too different to the boyfriends and girlfriends we talked about last year; a little higher in the waist and shorter in the leg.

This time around I am going to wear my Levi’s 501 style jeans with tees and jackets, flats and even a longer mid-length jacket.

The one regret, I wish I had kept my originals. xv


Levi’s 501: What Goes Around Comes Around

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Mimi Gregor

Back in the early 80s, I used to work at The Gap, and observed a lot of different butts in a lot of different jeans. I never found Levis to be the most attractive option for most people for one reason: the back pockets were large and placed low on the seat. It made everyone who wore them look like they had droopy butts. Not a very flattering look. They may have changed their styling by now, but remembering that has prejudiced me against them. Being a petite person, I usually have the best luck with the jeans they carry at Anthropologie. Pricey, yes, but they fit me like a dream.


That’s the thing about jeans.. each to his own… :)

If you think about it.. bodies are many shapes and sizes which is probably why there are so many different styles and brands on the market today..

Taste of France

I still have my now-vintage 501s….and they still fit!
French Elle does a feature where they take a classic item and show how it appeared in their pages through the years. You know you have a winner when something from the ’70s, ’80s and ’90s still looks current.

lisa thomson

My favorites. I used to buy from the men’s section and had a couple of pairs in the late 80’s. 501’s button fly. I wore them until they tore. I wouldn’t fit them today anyway as I was in my 20s then. Ha! I need a larger size now. :P I had no idea French women wore Levi’s. I thought that was an NA thing.

Anita Rivera

AH! Good to know they are coming back because these actually looked good on me! Although, I still love my boyfriends. :)

Sheila Irwin

I was also VERY into Levi’s 501s and wore nothing but in the mid-80s to early 90s! And I kept several pair for years and years, only to donate them maybe a year ago. But lest you worry about not keeping yours, I will tell you that I tried them on before sending them on their way and the waist was SO high! It was really funny. Much higher than the new versions. It seems when a trend “returns” they change it just enough that you need to buy the new version anyway!



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