29 Mar 2016

Packing For Paris: The Essential Accessory

Packing for Paris, The Accessory, vickiarcher.com


There is one very essential accessory to include in the packing.

I have them with me on every trip and apart from a good red lipstick, these essentials are the one accessory that makes or breaks.

I am sure you know what I am hinting at.

The earrings.

Earrings make all the difference to how I feel; whether I feel dressed or not. Earrings can determine my mood, change my mood and improve my mood. Isn’t it silly how a small item can change so much?

For me, earrings are a feel good statement.

Packing for Paris, The Essential Accessory, vickiarcher.com


When did I fall in love with earrings ? When was it I first understood the impact a decorative jewel could have?

I have always enjoyed wearing earrings and they represent so much more than pretty baubles. I have pairs inherited from my mother, pairs given to me by friends and family and pairs that I have chosen for myself.

Earrings enliven the face.

When I am over-tired, lacking in enthusiasm and have lost my sense of humour a good pair of earrings can transform the face. The added colour or the sparkle brings the skin to life; diamonds are renowned for this.

And when diamonds aren’t a girl’s best friend, I wear these.

Recently I have been crushing on medium sized drops for the day and a longer style drop earring for the evening. Earrings are accessories that take next to no space in the bag and yet with a little imagination they can completely revolutionise an outfit. A pouch I travel with holds and protects my “essential accessories” and I never restrict myself with the number of pairs I pack.

I feel changing the earrings we wear is as good as a new outfit. Know what I mean? xv


Packing For Paris: The Essential Accessory

day time

aurelie bidermann  //  chloe darcey gold tone  //  bottega veneta oxidized silver

night time

shourouk souma  //  shourouk cara  //  shourouk totem



the art of the trench  ||  the crossbody bag  ||  the 3 shoe rule  ||  the one and only dress  ||  the two handbag rule


one of two jackets  ||  two of two jackets  ||  in the suitcase

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Anita Rivera

You know, when I was in Paris, this is EXACTLY what I wore in abundance. EARRINGS! With a sassy short cut and a trench or a good all-around skirt, all you need are earrings and of course, a smile that could light up Paris. GORGEOUS!

Mimi Gregor

When I had really short hair, earrings were an absolute must for me to feel dressed. Now that my hair covers more of me… not so much. I have a pair of silver Chanel hoops that I got at a consignment shop (silver Chanel??? I know! Finally!) but outside of them, I seem unable to find earrings that make me stand back and say “Whoa! I gotta have these!” I’d like to find a chic set of pearl earrings — real pearl, as I have found with my beloved pearl necklace, there is such a difference in how I feel when wearing real as opposed to fake.


Vicki, I agree and do not feel quite put together until I have a pair of earrings in place!

Featuring Artist Scott McBee

Our French Oasis

Vicki, I can so relate to this! Earrings can make us feel sophisticated and serious and they can make us feel flirty and frivolous, earrings are a girls best friend and indeed they do have the power to completely change our mood, change an outfit and just generally bring everything together. I too am in love with earrings!


you are so right….when I’m overtired….I wear my antique “Jugendstil” pearls
on 2 small diamonds and my face feels immediately youthful and beautiful.


You are right about earrings, Vicki. If I don’t don on a pair I feel naked! It really lifts the face. I, too, have so many pairs of earrings and when I travel I take quite an array thinking that I will wear them all – on different days, of course – but in the end I just wear the exact same pair – they are Italian gold (delicate drop style) soft pink coloured Venetian glass with cherubs etched into the glass. I just love those earrings and whenever I wear them I feel like my angels are close to me everyday on my journey.


I am in the market for little bar earrings. I always wear studs now that I can’t handle even slightly weighty earrings. I love the look of those Chloe earrings but those look a bit heavy too. Maybe a smaller version….Enjoy your trip!


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