1 Mar 2016

What To Wear: From The “Office” To The “Date”

what to wear from the office to the date, featuring marlene dietrich, vickiarcher.com

What to wear?

question we ask ourselves so frequently.

I intended to write about “who wore what” to the Academy Awards last night but on first glance I was none too inspired and decided I would rather talk about more practical fashion dilemmas this morning.

What were your thoughts on the red carpet gowns?

what to wear from the office to the date, featuring marlene dietrich, vickiarcher.com


So often, I don’t have the time to change between my day in the “office” and going out in the evening. It is probably half to do with time and the rest about a lack of energy to dig that deep and come up with a new outfit idea at the end of the day.

I am a great one for “swapping out” and “adding in”.

What I mean is I change the tee or the sweater for a silk blouse, I add a pair of heels or fancy flats and I search for more creative jewellery. I rarely wear much jewellery during the day, especially bracelets and rings as I would be crashing and jingling away on the computer and driving everyone crazy. Symphonic, I would not sound.

The difference a silk or a lace blouse can make to an everyday outfit is major; I have even walked my way into black tie events with nothing more than a change of blouse and a pair of heels. A tailored suit as one of the wardrobe essentials makes that very possible. If I am feeling extra imaginative I will swap the classic pants for a dressy skirt; usually lace or tulle. I tend to buy versions of the same pieces each season (or when required) as I know and love them well.

My sneakers, for I seem to be very partial to those these days with everything, get swapped for my favourite heels, shoe booties or the lace up flats we talked about last week.





Then there is the jewellery.

A pair of bracelets or drop-earrings can make the world of difference to how dressed up we look. Necklaces too can change a look, although I seem to gravitate towards the ears, the fingers and the wrists. I admire necklaces on others but my days of a swan like nape have long vanished and I prefer to draw attention away from that part of the body.

A pair of bracelets and some delicious drops will provide all the drama I need.

How do you leave the day behind and transition through to the evening with the minimum of fuss?

Are there any tips and tricks we need to share? xv


what to wear from the office to the date, featuring marlene dietrich, vickiarcher.com

What To Wear: From The “Office” To The “Date”

the blouse

michael michael kors // lace panelled blouse // akris punto  // co ruffled blouse

what to wear from the office to the date, featuring marlene dietrich, vickiarcher.com

what to wear from the office to the date, featuring marlene dietrich, vickiarcher.com

the jewels

i have been wearing hoop style pearl earrings for the last few months and they are the closest thing to the new ultradior new double pearls. love the hoop, love the dangle and the pearls. guaranteed compliments when you wear these

majorica white pearl dangle earrings  //  delfina delettrez dual pearl

images marlene deitrich

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….Meh…. is how I felt about the gowns last night – although, I think Lady Gaga’s white ensemble was probably the only one that piqued my interest. You didn’t miss much, Vicki. As for transitioning from office to evening affair, I like your ideas very much. One cannot go wrong with a lovely well-fitting silk blouse. I usually will add my black cashmere cardigan right over my existing “day” outfit. The soft structured cardigan has just the right amount of petite sequins along the hemline or I will drape over a lovely silk scarf – if one moment I feel like I have a triple chin ( on a “fat” day ) scarves work. If one day I feel like my neck looks too crepey and dry like a turkey’s neck, scarves work – they really are my go-to thing.


i hear you about the neck Fran… I am havin an at home day doing boring administration… the scarf was my saviour when I went into the village!

Mimi Gregor

Instead of “swapping out”, I usually just slip on a dress. I find it easier, as I don’t have to concern with matching this top with this bottom, and it usually just requires a minimum of accessories to look chic. Most of the time, I just fall back on whatever accessories worked well with it before.

Liz Detrich

I too, was ‘meh’ about many of the gowns. I also love seeing what starletts do with their hair and jewels. A few years back, Angelina Jolie had the most beautiful pear-shaped diamond & emerald necklace and earrings I think I’ve ever seen. That’s what my vision of what a movie star is, glamorous gown, hair, jewelry and the like.


The Oscar gowns seemed tired to me. I cannot recall one look. My evening staple is a dress, heels and Nars Cruella lip pen! Sometimes I will add a belt or scarf but usually ‘the simpler, the better’ works for me.

Anita Rivera

Oh yes, that change of earrings from studs to dangles can change the mood, and I do that often as I get ready for work. Since I rarely if ever go out to big functions, I do all my fancy dressing for work, so I LOVE to change things up to help my mood! Lovely photos, Vicki!

Taste of France

Something structural yet soft seems to define the difference between “work dressy” and “social dressy.” I’m looking at the photo just to the right on the screen of the model with a black pencil skirt (very structured) and a pleated white cape (structure yet frilly and soft). The bare shoulders (soft) are inappropriate for work. Work dressy would be a very crisp white cotton shirt; social dressy would be a buttery soft silk blouse.


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