22 Apr 2016

Stack Them Up: Ring-A-Ding-Ding


Less is more, or so I am told, but not in this case.

Aren’t these vintage images wonderful?


I hadn’t realised until I researched the feature image that it is Carmen Dell’ Orefice modelling a myriad of fabulous rings photographed back in the 50’s.

There is an increasing trend for rings and the more the merrier.

Not the heavy costume rings featured but fine bands, stackable rings where the limit is only the number you have or are comfortable wearing. Rings are fashionable on every finger and both above and below the knuckles.

I love the trend and like all fashion moments have been happily adapting them to suit myself.

I mix the silver with the gold and the yellow gold with the rose gold; the greater the range of textures and colour, the better the look.

The art is in wearing many together. The trick is in keeping them together.

Recently I had a stacking disaster; with my rings, that is.

Imagine pretty fingers adorned with a variety of fine rings, I think I was wearing 6 or 8 in total.

And yes, it is easily possible if 3 gossamer fine bands on the one hand counts as 3 and a crossover on the index finger makes 4.

My other hand had a couple on my middle finger and another on my ring finger.

The day was freezing, really freezing and gloves didn’t even stave of the chill. I forgot fingers shrink on cold, cold days and as I removed my glove to search for something in my handbag the rings went flying.

The beauty of fine rings is the delicate look; the downside is they are impossible to find when they are flung off into the distance unknowingly.

Of course the ones I lost were my best. Isn’t that always the way?

I am in the process of replacing the rings I lost and I am still kicking myself for the carelessness.

I found many to choose from and the rings work best with a mix of costume and a little of the real thrown in.

My perfect shopping list would include every stackable ring from 1 through 10.

I am starting slowly with 8 and 10 but have a serious crush on 4.

I think it is the whimsy talking again, xv.


  1. 1. crossover diamond  ||  2. aurora pavé  ||  3. circle of rings  || 4. black diamond and pearl  ||  5. baguette stacking

  2. 6. pave and stone stacking  ||  7. hammered gold  ||  8. rose gold crossover  ||  9. harlequin pave set  ||  10. stackable bezels

  3. image carmen del’orefice by erwin blumenfeld and vintage italian vogue 1950’s

  4. Thank you Nordstrom for sponsoring Stack Them Up: Ring-A-Ding-Ding

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Anita Rivera

Good morning Vicki!

I believe in simplicity HOWEVER….when it comes to jewels, that is where I change my mind. Rings, and diamonds (yes, I confess), are what I go for. Simple earrings, rarely a collier, but rings? ALWAYS!


I love all these fine bands stacked together, Anita…especially when I am travelling.. and equally I do also love a big statement with a cocktail style ring… :)

Mimi Gregor

Ah, once upon a time, I would have worn this look. Unfortunately, I have my mother’s hands. Not pretty at all. One wedding band, nude nail polish. Full stop. Instead, I draw attention to the many other more attractive features that I have instead of bemoaning the ones I don’t have.


Several years ago I had a bad habit of always sticking my car key into my back jeans pocket. The last time I did so, I broke the habit forever, because as I pulled out the key, I didn’t realise that my grandmother’s beautiful crossover diamond ring came off my finger at the same time and vanished forever. I still feel sick when I think about it, yes, it was valuable but whenever I wore it I remembered my uptight, haughty, hilarious granny wearing it, and the memory is priceless.


Ooooo I just LOVE rings, but the real deal kind. When I got my first pay check eons ago, I purchased my first 24k. gold ring – it was a rolo kind of ring which had 7 thin bands intertwined. I wore that ring daily, right up to when I got pregnant and then had to have them literally cut off by a jeweller because my hands swelled up so much and they were constricting. Soap and water or butter or Nothing could remove them. Its been two decades and I have yet to repair the broken bands! I still love that ring though. Anyway, these days, I truly wish I could afford a canary diamond!


Vicki, so sorry to hear you’ve lost rings you love. Can understand – some years ago I lost my engagement ring. Hope they were insured so you might at least be able to claim. But of course this never really makes up, particularly if they had special memories attached. Sadly my ring wasn’t even insured. Still young and silly at the time.
But have to say I love the big chunky rings pictured. All those who know me, know that picture of the hand is kind of me, though just a few more than mine. Particularly like Georg Jensen silver – rings (and big bangles) contrasting with others. As my hands are getting truly ugly with arthritic misshapen fingers and freckles – I find the big rings are a marvellous camouflage. People don’t notice the awful hands – they just admire the rings. On my wedding ring finger I do stack the thinner precious stone rings though, many of which were my mothers. She was a great ring stacker too! Best wishes, Pamela


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