12 May 2016

What To Wear: The French Country Weekend






What to wear for the French country weekend hasn’t changed very much for me over the years.

Old favourites with some re-invention keep coming out of the closet.

The French countryside, especially in Provence, is very casual. Pants, tees, jackets and a short boot or sneaker will take you just about anywhere you want to go. The dress is easy and the beauty of a French country weekend is it’s relaxed.

A mix and match style makes the planning and packing so much easier.


What To Wear, The French Country Weekend, vickiarcher.com

What To Wear, The French Country Weekend, vickiarcher.com


The Zepher boots walk with me everywhere and the khaki field jacket is never off my back, especially in unpredictable spring weather. It’s the perfect cover; not too heavy and not too light to be worn with most pieces, even dresses.


This off the shoulder blouse with jeans and boots is a new favourite because the length of sleeve contrasting with the neckline looks current but flattering. I am still spraying the molecule 01 fragrance with abandon; it’s a perfect combination of heady but fresh for this time of year.


What about this bag; cute and kind of quirky for the weekends? I find it great fun and a crossover style is my go-to when I don’t need a big tote.


Would you wear a beret? This one from Gucci is one to keep and looks great pulled down. I like it with the white pants and a new take on the chambray shirt. I wish I had this weekender from Gucci (so tempted). This bag might be Italian but I am sure “joy” would fit right on in and be happy in France.


And my latest find, the beach stick; gives the glow without the risk. Try the moon beach, it’s very pretty.

That’s what I am wearing for the French country weekend. xv

What To Wear: The French Country Weekend

    1. 1. zepher boot  //  2. khaki field jacket //  3. off the shoulder blouse  //  4. escentric molecules 01  //  5. marcie face


  1. 6. gucci beret  //  7. cotton chambray top   //  8. white pants  //  9. beach stick  //  10. gucci “joy”  //  11. illesteva sunglasses


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Taste of France

There’s casual and casual. Small-town France is dressy by some standards. Kind of like casual Fridays in the U.S. office. When I see someone in flipflops or baggy T-shirts, they turn out to be tourists. The French prefer comfortable but not sloppy.

Mimi Gregor

I love berets on others, but the style doesn’t become me. Same thing with “beanies”. I seem to need a hat with some height to the crown. I find cloches to be the most flattering with my facial features and hair style.


I think I’m the opposite… probably because I have a too round face! ;)


I really love the colours and traditional patterns of les Indiennes textiles, eg shirts and scarves from Souleiado or les Olivades. Husband too. Navy, reds, yellows, olives worn with jeans. Great fun – festive and they reflect some of the colour and culture of the region. He enjoys seeing pictures of Jean Reno in shirts he also wears. They embody the warmth and joy of a relaxed summer in Provence. Every time we’re there we stop off at the Souleiado shop in Tarascon and the Olivades factory outlet in the village of St Etienne nearby to refresh our collection. We love wearing them back home too as they’re so unique and not the sort of thing you see on every street corner. Best wishes, Pamela

Our French Oasis

Here in the Charente Maritime life is very casual as well. But it is always casual with a sense of chic, understated and simple yet with an air of sophistication. It’s being able to achieve this that is the key, in my opinion, to French country dressing.


What lovely, helpful ideas! The same applies to many areas of Southwest Florida. I’ve realized that I will need an entirely different sort of warm weather wardrobe for the time that we will now be spending down there. I have a number of pieces that I ‘ve never worn in the midwest summer. They will will work perfectly in Florida.


oh Vicky..I see you walking through the alleys in St.Remy with this baret on
your long hair and a bright red lipstick. How glamorous.


Thank you for the wonderful information, I love the outfits that you have put together, I will be going to Normandy, Brittany and Bordeaux this July/August, however do you have something that you would wear in the summer when it’s not as breezy and more sunny? Thank you.


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