3 Jun 2016

The Best Kept Beauty Secrets #15

The Best Kept Beauty Secrets on vickiarcher.com. Photography Tim Walker

The best-kept beauty secrets are often the obvious ones.

Love is a beauty secret; the best kind.

Being in love, showing and demonstrating love, fighting for love and thinking with love is what makes us beautiful both inside and out.

Love is so much more than a romantic notion; love is the emotion that makes us human, makes us humble and teaches us to be better versions of ourselves. If love doesn’t make us beautiful then I don’t know what does.

Is there anything lovelier than a woman in love? Is there anything more exhilarating than falling in love? I doubt it. Is there anything more painful than the falling out of love? Absolutely not. Yet we all experience these set backs and we sign up readily for more, time and again. That is the beauty of love; we have no finite quota.

Great beauty is never about appearance and personality alone. Great beauty comes from within and is only intensified with the capacity for love. The heart, the emotional centre, is the teacher and our guide. Our hearts steer us in all directions and without heart, without the ability to love, everything fades in beauty and ourselves included.

We learn about the beautiful by loving and we become beautiful by experiencing love.

All those clichés about “love” and there are many, are true; well maybe not all.

I never bought, “love means never having to say your sorry”. Love, means you absolutely must say sorry and more importantly know when to say it and to mean it. Love also means forgiveness should be a given but it doesn’t come without the apology.

For love to equate with beauty, to empower us with a sense of beauty, it must be genuine, considered and kind; tough love is different. It has its uses but not necessarily as a means to make us feel more beautiful in ourselves.

To give and receive love is a gift and I do believe love makes us not only feel beautiful but also look beautiful.

Love is a best kept beauty secret if ever there was one. xv


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Mimi Gregor

I agree, but with an addendum: Love is greater than just “romantic love”. Romantic love is basically lust with a mask on. There is also the love for one’s friends… family… pets… nature in general. Love for what one does, either for a “living” or as a “hobby”. (If they can both be the same, then SCORE!) And let us not forget love for oneself. I doubt that any of the other types of love could exist without this as a foundation.


I can pick out your sentimental mood today and the true and romantic words
touched my heart.

Taste of France

I agree with you and with Mimi. Love of oneself and one’s friends and family is as important, if not even more so, than romantic love.
I wish I could be there to smell the lilacs in that photo. It must be amazing.

Anita Rivera

Yes. I’ve always believed this, and the older I get and truthfully, the less outwardly beautiful I become, the notion or rather TRUTH that love is the ultimate becomes so, so true. The action of love shines much brighter than any youthful face and is more flexible to difficulties than any lithe body can contort into. Demonstrating love in the most difficult of situations radiates a beauty you can’t sell.


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