8 Jun 2016

The Must Have 6 Super Foods

The Must HAve 6 Super Foods by Lily Soutter on vickiarcher.com

Have you got these 6 superfood must haves in your cupboard?

I came in at 5; I’m out of peppermint.

The ginger and beetroot I am juicing as often as I can, with the addition of carrots. The turmeric I understand is a wondrous food; the colouring can cause havoc in the kitchen. I’m getting better at that.

Lily says they help fight disease, increase energy and even shed fat.

That’s the kind of shopping we can’t ignore. xv


The “Must Have” 6 Super Foods



Ginger can give you that healthy glow, radiant skin and glossy hair. This is because ginger stimulates circulation, allowing more vital nutrients to reach each organ. Ginger is also a great anti-nausea agent, a perfect tonic if you’re not feeing up to snuff.





Beetroot is the super food of energy and endurance. It’s the nitrates found in beetroot, which are responsible for increasing energy and endurance during exercise. Beetroot has the added benefit of lowering blood pressure.



Coconut oil


Coconut oil is made up of unique fats called medium chain triglycerides. These boost the metabolism. They are utilised by the body as an instant source of fuel in favour of being stored as fat. Two great reasons to eat more fat to lose fat. Coconut Oil can be used within cooking or even topically as an anti-bacterial, anti-viral and anti-fungal agent.





This bright yellow spice is best known for it’s potent anti-inflammatory benefits. It is the curcumin within turmeric, which has been used to treat inflammatory conditions like arthritis as well as playing a role within cancer prevention and protecting against heart disease.





Best known for helping relieve symptoms of Irritable Bowel Syndrome including indigestion, cramps and heartburn. The menthol contained in peppermint may be the key reason for its soothing effects on the stomach.





Flaxseeds are ranked as #1 source of lignans, a phytoestrogen with great hormone balancing effects. Flaxseeds are especially helpful if suffering from menopausal symptoms. Flaxseeds are also the best vegetarian source of healthy omega 3 fats, and are jammed packed full of fibre for healthy digestion.

The Must Have 6 Superfoods by Lily Soutter

Lily Soutter is a Nutritionist & Nutritional Therapist

Learn more about Lily @ lilysoutternutrition.com

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Taste of France

I love your suggestions. The New York Times recently had a piece on the healthiness of smoothies.
I’m just as happy to chew my veggies. Luckily my daughter’s favorite vegetables are red peppers and….beets!

Anita Rivera

I have tumeric in my pantry, but I must get some peppermint tea, ginger (in what form, I wonder?) and figure out how to use beetroot! I truly believe in beauty from the inside out, and speaking of menopause, I had read once that broccoli is wondrous to help lessen the effects of menopause. I believe that to be true for myself, for I eat loads of it daily and you’d never think I’ve been through menopause for the last 15 years! Whole, LIVE foods are the best to keep us at our best!


Ginger is best fresh I think… grated in tea or added to fresh carrot and turmeric juice..
And green…w e need more of green everything :)

Mimi Gregor

Anita, if I may answer your beetroot query, I find that it tastes best roasted. Just put the whole beet, washed, then rubbed with olive oil, into a shallow baking pan with a small amount of water. Cover tightly with aluminum foil and roast at 425 degrees for about 45 minutes to an hour, depending on size of beet. Test the beet for doneness by inserting a paring knife into it. When the knife slides in and out easily, the beets are done. Let cool, then peel them, cut them up into chunks, and refrigerate. They taste wonderful cold in salads.

Mimi Gregor

I also come in at five — no flaxseeds. I roast a bunch of beets from the farmer’s market each week, cut them up, and refrigerate them. I also roast a bunch of other vegetables while I am at it, as well as saute some greens, like kale and swiss chard. I keep them in the fridge, and have the basis for salads and side dishes all week. The beets are wonderful served over the greens, cold, sprinkled with chopped walnuts and goat cheese. I mix a little cider vinegar, olive oil , and mustard together for the dressing.


I need to do that Mimi.. have a cooking day and have salad ingredients prepared …
Planning makes all the difference! Good snacks too… not that we need them ;)


Vicki, first off I must tell you that I am in love with the purple print dress on the model!! As for the foods suggested, they are indeed Super foods for those who can take them, I am actually allergic to peppermint and honey and am very sensitive to carrots, beets, cabbage, spinach, so was told to avoid them by my allergist. No wonder I always felt lousy after drinking smoothies made with some of the Super Foods. Best to know what your body can and cannot tolerate before embarking on a Super Foods journey.


I started to grow my own ginger and it is much better than store bought ginger. I plant 5 stalks every spring and freeze the ginger in September to use throughout the winter. It has a wonderful flavor and since it is picked young there is no brown skin to peel. Chioggia beets are a new discovery for me. They are striped on the inside and sweet. Wonderful grated raw in salads and no red juice staining the countertops! Beware of tumeric if you take blood thinners…tumeric is a natural blood thinner. Wonderful list. I have all 6 on hand regularly.


I have started putting turmeric root into my high power blender(vita-mix) without peeling it first. No staining.


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