29 Jun 2016

Solve The Supplement Game

Solve The Supplement Game, on vickiarcher.com

Let’s Solve the supplement game.

My question to Lily this week was about the use of supplements in our diet. . I wanted to know the top three and the brands she recommended. I find it a complicated question.

She has broken it down for us and this is what she suggests,

With the vast array of supplements available, choosing the correct one can be a minefield.


Whilst our health should start with good nutrition, it’s not always easy to follow a healthy diet. Over farming can also hinder the nutrition content of food, which is why we can all benefit from a little nutrient boost.


Here are the 3 best supplements, which are truly worth investing in for optimal health.

Solve The Supplement Game

Vitamin C 500 by BioCare


Vitamin C is the no.1 supplement needed by all. It’s essential for forming the structural components of skin, bones and blood vessels. It also protects us from cancer causing agents such pollutants and cigarette smoke.


About the product


Vitamin C is water-soluble therefore is best taken in small doses throughout the day, making BioCare a perfect choice. This vitamin C is in a highly bioavailable form, meaning that the absorption and utilisation rate high, giving good value for money.

Probiotic Food Supplement by VSL#3


Probiotics are good gut bacteria, which can be taken in supplement form. Having optimal amounts of good bacteria is vital for immunity, mood, weight management and digestion. Unfortunately many of use have depleted gut bacteria due to antibiotic use, stress, alcohol and sugar consumption.



About the product


VSL#3 are the best probiotics on the market, being recommended by many gastroenterologists. The vast array of bacteria is acid and heat resistant so you can be sure the bacteria will reach your gut safe and sound.

Omega 3 Fish Oils by Eskimo-3

Omega 3 fats are essential for skin health, hormonal health, heart health and brain health – the brain is 60% fat after all. You can do without this supplement if you eat wild oily fish 4 times a week.


About the product


Eskimo fish oils go through a special purification process, which removes any toxins, leaving the oil clean and pure. It’s also free from any odour or aftertaste making it a most palatable choice.


solve the supplement game by lily soutter

Lily Soutter is a Nutritionist & Nutritional Therapist

Learn more about Lily @lilysoutternutrition.com

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Anita Rivera

My first word out of my mouth upon seeing the photo was YUM. Not only do I love sweet, juicy oranges, but THOSE JEWELS….Vicki, I admit it, I’m a magpie. GIVE ME ALL THOSE JEWELS! If nothing else, if my fashion diet only consists of black, white and gray, then I’ll wear my colors in emeralds, rubies, sapphires, diamonds….

Good nutrition. It is a conundrum. While we know that the colorful gems of fruits and vegetables are a must to consume, our food supplies have been tampered with, so those natural vitamins found in food may not be getting to us as intended by Mother Nature! I only take vitamin D due to living in a place where exposure to sun is limited, perhaps these recommendations are a must to investigate.

Enjoy great health and love today dearest Vicki! Anita


I agree, Anita, those jewels stopped me in my tracks! All those colours at once stirred something up in me – made me giddy, but in a Fabulous way! As for supplements, I agree, Vitamin D3 is so important for those of us living in colder/darker climates. I also could not be without my Wild Yam tincture.

Taste of France

I sometimes take a multivitamin in winter, but I eat so much better in summer, so much more varied, that I don’t worry about it then.
And I agree that photo is arresting!


Vit C is very important but some including me get a reaction. And you CAN get vit c readily oranges,lemons,berries, so many sources easy…???????????? . But deep cleansing high in protein GREENS are a specific, spirulina, barley grass,chlorella,wheat grass. Easy one spoon a day. Has high potency energy. ???????OMEGAS very important what else has omegas? ▶️ linseed(flaxseed) Acai berries,chia seed.
Pro Biotics essential !

Esther George

Hi Vicki, what beautiful sparkling colours I love Emeralds and Rubies and Orange of course. My problem is with Vitamin D my blood test showed it at 14? my Specialist tells me it’s suppose to be 100! I was diagnosed with MS five years ago, you would think that you could never have this problem with our sun, but what do I know. So I’ve been ordered to take vitamin D3000 each day. So I learned never take Vitamin D, or anything else fore granted. Thank you for sharing beauty. Till next time regards Esther from Sydney…it’s voting this weekend , I took the easy way this time via postal vote.


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