12 Jul 2016

Leonor Greyl: In Her Routine

In Her Routine, Leonor Greyl on vickiarcher.com

Hair care is very much in her routine.

Mine at least.

Since changing my hair colour and letting nature take it’s course (I never thought I would be that girl) I am far more aware of how it looks. I tortured my hair forever, have tried most shades and loved a visit to the hairdresser more than anything; a colour and cut was a favourite pastime. With the amount of stress I have given my hair it’s surprising I have any left.

Now my focus is on the shade of grey and the condition.

Years ago when travelling in France I was introduced to the Leonor Greyl products. Back then it was not possible to buy them outside of France so they weren’t a part of my everyday routine; they were a one holiday wonder.

Now they are available worldwide I can use them more often and have grown to like their natural approach, beautiful fragrances and outstanding results. They have a shampoo, treatment and conditioner for every type of hair.

I use the volume shampoo with honey whenever I wash my hair. It is soft and gentle, not overwhelming with perfume and gives my hair the thickness I like. I don’t use very much, a dollop is enough and nor do I use conditioner. Without colour, my hair doesn’t need conditioning every day and I prefer to use a mask once a week or once every two weeks depending on lifestyle.

Leonor Greyl have now created luxury travel kits which is clever as decanting shampoo and hair care products is not much fun. I am going to try the volume kit, which includes the algae shampoo, and see how it compares with the ‘shampooing au miel’.

50 shades of grey have made life a lot simpler. Some days I am not so sure if I like all that nature is offering; “natural” requires extra confidence, a sense of ownership and at times some inner reflection. One thing I will concede, it is easy. xv

In Her Routine

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Taste of France

Natural usually looks best with our skin and eye coloring. Nothing beats shiny, healthy hair.
I absolutely do a mask at least once a week. Sometimes more–though there’s less blowdrying in summer, my hair gets washed more often because of pool time.


Same with me… less blow drying and masks are essential… although I never feel entirely well put together without the hairdryer!

Mimi Gregor

I think you hit the nail on the head when you said that grey requires extra confidence. That may explain why I just cannot do it. Even with the hair color, makeup, and presentable clothes, I still feel like the gawky, nerdy adolescent that was made fun of throughout my school years. I confess that when I’m given a compliment, my first thought is “Are they being ironic? Or do they really mean it?” Then, when I figure out that they actually mean it, I am still a little baffled by it. Oh, I go through the proper motions of saying “Thank you” in a gracious manner. And I have them fooled; most people think that because of how I dress that I am confident. Ah, if only it were that easy.


It’s a lifetime quest to find our confidence… every year with age and wisdom I feel confidence becomes easier to master.
The hair has it’s challenges… but having done it I don’t think I will go back now… I have to keep up the confidence and work on that :)

Anita Rivera

Good morning Vicki!

I am just having to adjust to the texture and thickness of my hair changing! With that challenge, I’ve had to cut my hair short into what a few friends say is my “Audrey” haircut. Well then, I’ll keep that style if that’s who comes to mind when seeing my short “do!” The gray is coming but is less visible now with my short hair style, so it will be a while until I see the full effect of gray. I do hope it turns SILVER as it did for all the women in my family! But as it stands, I have my paternal grandfather’s look and who knows what that holds for me!


Now I have committed… I want mine to turn all grey.. but I still have some darker shades in there… Who knows what we will look like ;) There is the fun! All change is exciting… :)

Anita Rivera

YES, change is FUN! And I think you look stunning with your hair long. I can’t think of the name of that gorgeous “mature” model with the long gray hair whose photo with the gray mare is so popular, but yesterday on Instagram, her photo came up several times. I looked at her fabulous photos a while back thinking, “I can do that!” But it just didn’t work for me. However, to play with the different shades of gray with a short cut will be not only fun but manageable! I love the all “WHITE” look but I suppose that one-time redheads or blonds are the only ones that can achieve that snowy white look. We’ll see. But enjoy your journey of silver beauty dearest Vicki and thank you as well for coming to my blog! I am having a great time seeing through the lens.

Helen Dehner

Thank you for the intro to these products! I have just ordered the volumizing shampoo ~ I stopped coloring my blonde hair when I reached 70. As I approach 75, it is white, in good condition, below my shoulders. I wear it in a variety of styles ~ up, back, braided, pony tail, twisted. Have a lovely week.


Vicki, you mention hair “greying” – I do not know why mine is bypassing grey and is coming in white! Is that normal?? Maybe your health guru can solve this. I love the look of “grey,” but I am having an especially hard time accepting my whites.


Mine is white, Fran.. it’s just how it mixes in with the other colours… :)
Some believe diet can delay “greying”.. I will ask Lily…


Love the Magnolia Oil – for after sun, removing make-up, and post-shaving! Versatility plus – and no animal testing! Xox

Jennifer German

I am continuing to color my hair an apricot blonde with pale highlights which match the white that has come in at my temples. My hairdresser is intentionally leaving the white alone (at my request); it blends in so prettily with the rest of my hair and acknowledges, to me, that I accept my aging and feel that I can still be beautiful with it. Love Leonor Greyl products for extra conditioning :)


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