22 Aug 2016

Raspberry: With A “P”

lena manakai-raspberry lip-02

Raspberry, with a “p”.
I have always found raspberry to be one of those very lovely words.

Albeit a word with a strange spelling.

What is the “p” all about? There is nothing “rasping” about raspberry. This is a word to denote everything luscious and delicious and a word to conjure up goodness and pleasure in every which way. Whether raspberry is a taste, a touch or a vision, all in all it is is one potent word.

Raspberry is my summer lip colour.

It is a notch down from the deep, plums and the blue reds of the cooler months. To me, raspberry spells summer in capital letters. It suggests happiness and holidays, family, friends and relaxed times.

Raspberry lips add the strength of colour we need with a hint of fun and frivolity.

I like mine to have a hint of blue, like my reds; no orange undertones. I like to think the shade is tinged with a touch of blueberry.

On holiday, when time is precious, a dash of raspberry over some tinted cc colour and a blend of Beach Stick is all I use. It’s enough and the luscious lip shade gives me the lift I need. It has the similar affect to a bright, bright orange only a tad softer.

There is something very pretty, very feminine about raspberry; even with a “p”. xv

The Best Of The Raspberry

kevin aucoin forever  //  mac impassioned  //  tom ford electric pink


images, nastya kusakina by lena manakai for elle kazakhstan december 2015

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Anita Rivera

Good morning Vicki!

Raspberries are one of my favorite fruits that I eat a lot of; not only is the flavor sensational, but those little pockets of juice, those little “rubies” of flavor are summer all packed into a fuzzy little gem. And as for lip color, CORRECT…that blue hue is what I prefer in my red lip color as opposed to the warmer “orange” that does not look good with my olive skin. I am a cool color person in my clothing and makeup. I used to use a “Raspberry Red” lipstick years ago, and well, they discontinued the color of course! I must look into your recommendation!

Off to school I go this morning. It was a fantastic summer, and thank you again for such a grand honor of being featured here! CHEERS!


Good luck with the new term, Anita. It was wonderful having your ‘Point Of View” :)


Good morning Vicki! The raspberries are in season here in California, there is nothing like their luscious, summer color and taste. I eat almost a whole box with my morning coffee and a small hand full of granola for a burst of flavor and energy. I hope you have a beautiful time on your vacation, filled with laughter, relaxation and lots of gorgeous days. I’m off to work, summer is waning here and in my business I’m deep into autumn already. Xoxo Lidy. Ps. Spent an hour in the garden yesterday savoring each page of your book again surrounded by our late summer roses.


Is there a way to look at your product recommendations without picking one and then having to start all over again with the initial email for any additional items? Thank you.


Jane, The only way I can work it is so you can open each link in a new page
I wish I had a way to do it differently but not possible yet xv


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