17 Sep 2016

Current Mood:”Garconne”

'Garconne' by Chanel on vickiarcher.com

This week’s mood has been in tune with, Garconne.

I have mentioned before my daughter Venetia has started a beauty bookings app in London, a concierge service for beauty at home and in salons. Ruuby makes it so easy and as the mother I am very lucky to test-drive many new and wonderful treatments.

Yesterday Ruuby had a pop up store in the gorgeous new beauty area of Harvey Nichols. As I type I am admiring my nail art, a Garconne grey nail with a white strip a little below the tip. Apparently, it is the new version of the French manicure. All I know is, I love it.

'Garconne' by Chanel on vickiarcher.com'Garconne' by Chanel on vickiarcher.com

Garconne and I met earlier this month.

Again, thank you to Ruuby, I had a delicious nail and foot treatment at home. When I came to choose the colour I was asked if I had tried the new longwearing Chanel colours. Chanel has always created beautiful nail colours but their wearing days are shorter than some other brands. I was reluctant at first but when I saw the colour and was ensured of the staying power, I was all in.

Garconne is a fabulous, fabulous steely grey but with enough life not to look drab. It is gorgeous on my toes and fabulous on the fingers. It’s lighter than a deep red of darkest winter and yet it feels perfectly right for now.

I will wear this shade for months to come.


The even better news, it is seriously lasting well; sneakers and trainers not withstanding. This new longer lasting formula from Chanel means it’s less downtime and sitting still if I have to apply less frequently. I used the new Le Gel topcoat too; seems to add to the longevity and so far not a chip or smudge in sight. The other noticeable feature, my nails are as shiny now as they were when the colour was applied.

That is winning to my mind.

The grey accents look perfect with the feminine/masculine vibe I see hitting the headlines this season and of course anything that compliments the going grey locks is right by me. The only bad news is with the weather in London, the sun has disappeared and the rain set in and I won’t be able to parade the pretty toes out and about.

Garconne, might be “boyish” but the charm is working on me.

Current Mood: “Garconne”

chanel le vernis longwear   //  chanel le gel longwear top coat

images of saskia de brauw for vogue paris by alisdair mclellan

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What a brilliant idea your daughter launched! { no surprise there} I am applauding the longer wearing Chanel nail polish, I am pretty much an all out Chanel cosmetics fan, and wear their make up exclusively, but the nail color wasn’t as long lasting as I wanted. Now there is no reason not to indulge. Hoping to choose a few colors this weekend at my Nordstrom’s. Merci, mon amie !


I can’t believe how the shine has stayed… seems pretty good to me.. and there are many gorgeous colours.. I just have a crush on “garconne”.. :)


I’m excited to be leaving for Paris in two weeks so the polish is a perfect recommendation! Are the days cool enough for sweaters/jackets?

Our French Oasis

Great idea and lucky you being the Mother! I adore the colour Garconne, I shall be doing a little nail varnish shopping in La Rochelle tomorrow! The sun is forecast to shine all weekend, so hopefully here I will be able to show off the new colour, merci mille fois! But oh I am jealous, I am a Harvey Nics fan, I worked for seven years just down the road in Knightsbridge, my best friend worked in the fashion department of H Nics, we would spend our lunch hours there, fashion and home. More recently with husband it has to be the fifth floor, where else is there to go! Have a great weekend

Anita Rivera

Good evening, Vicki!

OK, I think this is a style that I could easily get into; I do love feminine styles but this look merges feminine with male in a way that I could live with. And how wonderful that your daughter has been so successful! Both of you are such inspirations and give us more ideas on how we can feel pretty, look our best and change our styles out. I think I will give this look a try! Enjoy your weekend!


My Chanel color is just fabulous in my opinion :)
In the bottle it looks like clear with a rose tint polish. When you put the first coat on, it is clear looking. As you add coats of polish, the color grows more intense. I usually wear only 2 coats, so my nails are super shiny with a tiny pink tint but it is clear so not polished looking. I love this stuff, even if it is $25.00 usd

Anita Rivera

Vicki, I attempted to leave a quick message off my phone but my spelling was ruined by my phone calibrations! I am not getting your current posts as swiftly as I used to…I will be back to see Serena’s HER POINT OF VIEW after I go for our morning walk! She looks interesting! Anita


Ruuby is such a clever idea – well done Venetia Love the look of Garconne It will be next toes I have Mariniere from the same range on my toes at present which I like but now the weather is warming up its time for something lighter – before something brighter when it’s beach time Thank you Vicki – always my go to for great style advice!


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