21 Sep 2016

Q & A: The 3 Top Serums?

Q & A The 3 Top Serums on vickiarcher.com

If you ask, I will answer.

Today in a new series of Q&A, serums are the talk.

I have been asked recently which serums I prefer and why.

Serum is one of the key ingredients in my very simple beauty routine. Serum is the one product I regularly use and never leave home without. For whatever reason it works for me.

As I age my skin is feeling like it needs not only a rich moisturising but also a product to retain the moisture within; serum does this for me. Since I started using serum in my morning and evening skincare routine I have noticed a great deal of difference.

Serum doesn’t banish the wrinkles and it’s probably too late for that but it does make the skin feel soft to the touch and probably help in making them any worse. I hate the feeling of tight skin and wearing an extra layer eliminates this problem.

There are three serums I gravitate between.

I like to mix my skincare products up and not stay with the same product for too long. The skin can become accustomed to the same product over and over. Like us, skin can become bored without a change in routine.

I apply serum after my cleansing and toning routine and before my moisturising cream both morning and night. If a long flight is involved, I pump it on as much as I can and cover with a rich night cream. This does make all the difference to how I feel when I arrive at my destination.

My first love was the Clarins Double Serum and I still use this serum on a regular basis. My most extravagant affair was with Valmont DNA and my ongoing friendship has been with Filorga Meso+Absolute.

I like the three for different reasons.

Obviously the first is price point and while the Valmont is sensational, the other two are also extremely good. Now I am favouring the Filorga interspersed with the Valmont. Towards the end of the year I will switch back to the Clarins. The Valmont DNA is always in my bathroom cupboard alongside one of the other two.

For me, most important is to use it and make sure to apply the serum on a regular basis. It is so easy to shorten routines with excuses of “tiredness” or “tomorrow is soon enough”. There is no time like the present and looking after us should be a priority.

At least that’s my mantra for today.

If you have a question, don’t hesitate to ask. xv

The 3 Top Serums

valmont dna  repair serum  //  filorga meso+ absolute serum  //  clarins double serum concentrate

image diane lane


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Dear Vicky,
You might want to try “Vintner’s Daughter” …which has been touted “the serum to end all serums.”, by beauty editors and make-up professionals. It is wonderful.

david terry

Ummmmm…Nordstroms sells a beauty-product (“Valmont”) for women that’s named after a man who famously destroyed dozens of women’s’ lives and reputations before he himself was finally killed?

That’s more than a bit like Chevrolet’s introduction of their most popular car to the Mexican market. No one in Detroit could figure out why the launch was so disastrous, but then no one in Detroit had thought to consult someone who actually spoke Spanish (and would, therefore, have been able to tell them that “Nova”, as pronounced in Mexico, means “It doesn’t go” to the average, Mexican consumer).


David Terry


Only you would figure that out, David
Despite his vicious shenanigans… this particular, “Valmont” is quite the ladies friend ;) ;)


Oh, vicki….you would have been either delighted or bored-to-death a couple of weekends ago, when I made friends watch both movie productions (they came out within months of each other in the late 90’s, as I recall)of “Liasons Dangereuses” on DVD, here at the House.

That said?….”Valmont” is a smart/catchy name for such a product, and I doubt that the folks at Nordstrom’s wasted a lot of time worrying over whether most American women would recognize allusions to a novel by one-hit-wonder, presumably celibate, 18th century French clergyman…..

—-david terry

Carol Ann Peeler

I would like to know if you have ever tried Nerium, and if so, what is your opinion? I have not but I am thinking about trying it as it seems to be very popular.


I use mine reasonably close to the eyes, Mary Beth. My eyes are very sensitive and I don’t have any problems with them.


When I want to spoil my skin I use Sisleya serum otherwise I always fall back
on Clarins Double serum. B.t.w. This one is not as good as their serum before.
Recently I started with Raaw-in-a-jar-Rosehip-Facial-Oil which feels very
comfortable on my skin but can’t tell about any successful result yet.


I swear by a mix of Glycolic Acid and Hyaluronic Acid followed by Vitamin C serum. I use it daily. On another note, while that is a glorious photo of Diane Lane, a Google image search will show much more realistic images of what she really looks like today. I’d rather see these more candid, unretouched photos. She is still just as lovely and inspiring. The same thing applies to the recent photos of Monica Bellucci. Do we really want to be inspired by heavily photoshopped images?

Karen in VA

…. Vicki … I like the touched up photo … We all buy the dream, well most of us anyway. Thanks so much for always giving us the goods. I have fallen off all my blog reading lately, but out of serum and I knew just where to go. I started with the Clarins a few years ago when you recommended it and tried the Filorga … So at this point of reading, I’m going to Valmont now. Cheers

david terry

P.S. If you want to see what Diane Lane looks like today?……..google the poster for the upcoming NYC production of “The Cherry Orchard” (yes….she is, all done and said, beautiful AND a serious actress).

She looks stunning on the production poster. Some things never change……

—David Terry


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