15 Sep 2016

Monica Bellucci: Steal Her Style

Steal Her Style, Monica Bellucci on vickiarcher.com

Monica Bellucci must be one of the most beautiful women in the world.

It is not only her style I would like to steal.

Monica Bellucci at 50+ years looks incredible and is true to her style.

She manages to retain her signature look and at the same time age with little change. Her fashion in later years is more covered and less revealing but she still manages to look sexy; in many ways she is more beautiful now than ever.

She continues to wear her hair long and embellish her look with beautiful drop earrings; flattering the face and adding softness the jaw line appreciates. I am totally there with the long hair and the drops. Long hair does require constant styling but the rewards are there.

Steal Her Style, Monica Bellucci on vickiarcher.comSteal Her Style, Monica Bellucci on vickiarcher.com

































She wears black in a way I would like to master.

If anyone understands a good dress it must be Monica Bellucci. Being well dressed is never as easy as it looks and choosing what to wear is the hardest part. Mixing and matching pieces is a work of art and takes practice and experience, a skill I much admire, whereas the right dress can do all the hard work for you.

Bellucci knows the power of the LBD and in particular lace. A simple black lace dress and a beautiful heel are often her red carpet fall back; works every time. She wears tailored suits with man style blouses or tailored pants and turtlenecks. Her colour palette is classic with a focus on the monochrome.

“Beauty becomes alive and interesting when it is hidden under clothes.”

I can see Monica Bellucci knows what suits and she let’s the pieces do the work.

To “steal” Monica Bellucci’s style I am heading straight to Luisa Via Roma.

I have mentioned before it is a destination not to be missed in Florence; browse in house for their edit alone. I scroll and scroll online; their curating is so vibrant, energetic and extensive.

Steal Her Style, Monica Bellucci on vickiarcher.comSteal Her Style, Monica Bellucci on vickiarcher.com

































If I could suggest to Ms Bellucci where to shop I would go no further. Luisa Via Roma has her signature down pat.

Monica Bellucci is not only beautiful but also she has it worked out.

She wears what suits her but has adapted her style to suit her age.

Monica Bellucci, I am definitely stealing your style. xv

Monica Bellucci: Steal her Style

by day

stretch cotton man stye shirt  //  high waisted wool pants  //  tagliotore wool coat  //  katerina psoma pearl earrings

by night

silk crepe de chine shirt  //  lace pencil skirt  //  wool rib dress  //  lace pencil dress  //  wool crepe dress


mansur gavriel bag  //  borsalino felt hat  //  cashmere and lace sweater  //  cashmere cape

Thank you Luisa Via Roma for partnering with Steal Her Style

images, monica bellucci

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Taste of France

She looks so much younger than 50! Amazing. She does manage to exude sex appeal while wearing a turtleneck sweater. She wears makeup but doesn’t look made up. A simple hairstyle like hers never goes out of style.

Anita Rivera

Oh, she is so beautiful. People with naturally “chiseled” features look good ANY time of their lives, and with maturity are even more defined. Those lips….her skin! And black, oh do I ever love black. I have not even considered lace, however! I know I can always walk away from your posts and get new ideas of what to wear! Have a fabulous day, Vicki! Anita

Mimi Gregor

It seems that she not only wears monochrome (something that is flattering on everyone, as it makes one look taller and thinner), but wears a lot of decolletee — something that I’ve found is more flattering to me now that I am of a certain age than it was when I was younger. For one thing, my breasts got bigger with menopause (I had always been flat-chested) because I gained a bit of weight (I had always been very skinny). But also, a lower cut neckline distracts from the jawline and makes the neck look longer. I didn’t need that when I was young, but now… it definitely helps.


M.B. has what I would call sex appeal and she knows well when she is saying
“Beauty comes alive….hidden under clothes….and you are so right….”well
dressed is never as easy….and the hardest part is choosing what to wear” …I
think we women know it all standing in front of our wardrobe not knowing
what we should wear today….isn’t it because we have perhaps too many clothes?

Lisa DeNunzio

Bon jour Vicki. It is so comforting that you highlight beauty in the not so young. It can be disconcerting to look in the pages of Glamour or Vogue and see the 20 somethings advertising anti wrinkle cream. Not very realistic. Much more enjoyable to view a woman of a certain age with a classic style.

Mimi Gregor

Mumbai, you hit the nail on the head! Women DO stand in front of their closets angsting about “having nothing to wear” because they actually have too much. Since I have gone minimalist, I don’t even have to set my clothes out the night before (something I used to do). Everything goes with everything else, so I can just reach in for whatever I feel like wearing or whatever goes with the weather that day. It’s very liberating! Think about it: even when you have dozens of outfits to wear, you generally wear your favorites and the rest just take up room in your closet. Why not just get rid of the chaff and keep only the things you love?


Mimi , I totally agree. Find your style , buy good quality and just wear it as the
whim takes you


I love Monica Bellucci! Back when I was in high school, I found an article about her in Vogue (back then I only knew her as one of Dracula’s brides in Bram Stoker’s Dracula) on her which I cut out and saved. I’m 38 now, and she still looks gorgeous!


What an amazing selection from Luisa Via Roma! I love every single piece. Monica Bellucci looks as beautiful as ever. She is proof positive that can adapt our style as we get older and still look alluring.


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