2 Oct 2016

Eyes Wide Open: The Feline Flick

Eyes Wide Open: The Feline Flick on vickiarcher.com

The feline flick; I’m in.
Do you ever have those days (read months) where you and the art of make-up part ways?

Where the idea of taking the time to go the extra yards is all too hard? A slash of lips and a splash of fragrance is all the enthusiasm you can muster?

The thought of concentrating, looking in a magnifying mirror and artfully applying a fabulous product is just simply, too daunting?

Thoughts of, “what if it smudges”, “will it run” or “is this ridiculous” dominate and prevent experimentation and adventure?

Do you recognise my mood?

I have become a little lazy of late with eye make-up. I shouldn’t because a good pencil can change a multitude and make more than a small difference.

Ever since I learned the keep-the-eyes-open trick to applying eyeliner, everything changed. I was no longer scared to apply and wear eyeliner and I felt confident to add a little feline flick.

In the past I had always closed the eye to apply eyeliner, whether liquid or pencil. All wrong.

The latest catwalk make-up from fashion week has me re-enthused to and add a feline flick. No more lazy; I will be eyes wide open tonight. This rock n’ khol liquid eye pencil is the one. xv


How To Draw The Feline Flick

To start a pencil and never a liquid.

Apply the pencil with eyes wide open, looking straight ahead into the mirror.

The line is drawn as the eye is seen. Am I making sense?

Start from the centre and draw upwards as you reach the outer lid.

When you close your eyes, you will see that it is a different shading to the one that would be there if you lined your eyes closed.

Open. The eyes look wider and the eyeliner flies up at the edge rather than down.

All You Need For The Feline Flick

verushka mink  // legendary lashes


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Mimi Gregor

Somehow I just can’t seem to master the art of eyeliner pencils. I seem to have to press them down harder than is comfortable for me to do on my eye area — yes, even the soft ones. Whatever line I manage to draw quickly smudges a/o fades. I stick to Bobbi Brown’s gel eyeliner and a slant-tipped eyeliner brush from MAC (I find it easier to use than a conventional eyeliner brush.), then I go over it with powder eye shadow to match. It stays all day without smudging. Eyeliner is one of those things that I always wear when I’m leaving the house — it makes such a difference.


Have given up on eyeliner. With age my eyesight has deteriorated so that I desperately need to use my reading glasses. Have found it impossible to put on eyeliner without glasses – and impossible to get to the eyelids with them. Recently a wonderful Chanel consultant understood my plight and suggested I just smudge a particular coloured eye powder shadow on the lids at strategic places. She showed me where – locations that work for my baggy old eyes. It did make a real difference! So happy. Also she sold me a wonderful new Chanel lip product – instead of solid lipstick it’s liquid and so easy to apply. It works a bit like a lip stain and I adore the colour she chose for me. That and a spritz of No 5 or 18 is just great. Best wishes, Pamela


I need help and a lot of this, try and will have to try. Sometimes I am so busy I don,t even wear make-up , which, in the winter can be scary. I read all your suggesrions and appreciate. I also need more money.


The Chanel consultant who was so helpful advised that it was best to do top eyelid only – for women of a certain age. That’s me anyway. Best wishes, Pamela

Our French Oasis

By contrast I truly loathe liquids and have only ever used a pencil! Always but always, I never go anywhere without eyeliner! I always remember reading a little thing that French women don’t even put their rubbish out without make up on. Of course it’s not true, but somehow it has stuck with me and makeup it is, always!!!


As I am older than most, but still frequent the gym early mornings five days a week, and don’t have time to do makeup, I invested in permanent tattoo eyeliner. It is amazing and my eyes always look bright and made up. I can always add additional eyeliner for a more dramatic look but rarely do. And, it lasts forever! Just a thought for those of you who don’t have or choose to makeup every day.


I only use pencils, they seem so much faster and easier to handle. I will try this OPEN trick, guilty of lining with my eyes half closed. Thanks for trick, Vicki, I can use all the tricks I can get at this lovely age. xo

Linda B

I just got into doing liner fairly consistently about 6 months ago–use a lovely little pot of gel liner with a tiny brush from MAC. I have not done the little flick though–not sure if my rather droopy eyes would benefit from that or not! However. . . for the past 19 days I have been at home recovering from a serious cycling crash. Since the only time I have left home is to go to medical appointments, I have actually been having a break from any makeup. The doctors don’t care and I don’t either for a bit. It says something that now I am starting to look forward to using cosmetics again!


I attend a weekly toddlers’ library hour with my granddaughters. There are many other grandmothers there – Some of them must be younger than me and some are older. I noticed one thing in general – they all looked tired and worn out! None of them had any makeup on and their hair was unkept. They basically look like they have given up on themselves. I have never worn a lot of makeup but every morning I apply at a minimum some sun screen and then a light foundation or BB cream. It makes all the difference in the world.


I also have a fantastic Make up artist and I must say it is wonderful to always have your eyeliner on and your eyebrows in the morning not to mention my lips. It took years off of me. The key is not to go to dark on your eyebrows and go with your natural eyebrow but the proper shape. Go with your natural arch or slightly up. On the eyelids I went black because after a few years it does fade and you have to have it touched up. my lips I had done for years ago and I haven’t had to redo their very natural color similar to my own only a few shades darker and all I need to do is put lipgloss so it doesn’t bleed. I also use a lip pencil when I want to little darker from a brand called young bloods I get from the professional supply house. When I want to darker eyelid I use Chanel’s pencil that rolls out like a pen. It never smudges and you could put it on a tiny bit at a time you don’t drop a line all the way across. The same for the bottom. if you don’t want your eyeshadow to Crease. Elizabeth Arden Eye fix works perfect in your eye make up stays in place all day without creasing giving a more youthful look. A lot of the new beautiful natural pallet of eyeshadow out right now. Loreal makes a good one. if you’re short on funds I would say the L’Oreal is the best bet and all their products. I hope this helps somebody.


Vicki, I very much appreciate your tips and insights. I do have a question — if none of your lid is exposed or showing with your eye open, how do you apply eyeliner using the artist’s suggestion? I’m fascinated.


I hold my eyelid up a little and draw the line from mid way along the eyelashes but keep my eyes open. I do use a magnifying mirror.
Try both.. one with eyes shut and one with eyes open.. you will see the difference :)


I’ll try it, but just to clarify — when you say you hold your eyelid up are you referring to the fleshy part of the brow bone or your actual eyelid where you are placing the liner? Many thanks.

Jenny Barton

How interesting to hear everyone’s different views on what works! I am a total fan of liquid eye-liner, it doesn’t smudge for me, but I find it increasingly difficult to find it in the bronze/brown shade which suits me best, so I have been using Bobbi Brown eye shadow, in just the lovely deep colour I love, and applying it with a very fine angled brush. So far, so good. Having had a shoulder length bob for the last 15 years, I had my hair cut very short a couple of months ago, à la Judi Dench, and I find that, combined with the eye-liner, has given my face a face-lift without the scalpel. One thing, though, about Provence summers – no point in too much maquillage, by mid-morning it’s a fast slide down to the chin!


I have worn eye makeup since I was a teen. I worked as a print model for a few years and had other people do my makeup which is lovely … I hate that fake little line at the outer corner of the eye. Eye makeup is supposed to enhance your eyes and improve if they need it. Humans don’t have that little line at the eye, not naturally. So to draw it on looks like those 50s B movies where the women all had that Bridgett Bardot look when they actually never ever looked anything like Bridgett Bardot lol
I like one line, across the lid at the lash line with a soft eye pencil then smudged. For the length of the natural eye .. only if you want to dress up as Cleopatra will it work otherwise :)

Linda Boardman Kerr

I can’t wear this look because my eyes aren’t DROOPY exactly, but any time I’ve tried this look, to actually make the extension, I’d have to make a real turn of the line upwards, and it looks bad. I think many of us “of a certain age” can’t carry this off because it can be too harsh.


Dear Jan,
You can always use a dark shadow on your lid instead and with an eye primer like Eye fix it stays right in place.


Angelique, thank you for your suggestion. So I should use the dark shadow as one would use eyeliner? Not a dark shadow all over the lid, correct?


I too use pencil but it is Khol – good for the eyes. Made of natural ingredients and I tend to only do the lower lid. In black. If I do the top lid I pull the eye a little and draw from the inner eye out, it’s a straight line then a flick if I want. Just another way to try… But PRACTICE helps enormously ea morning at the mirror persevere the end of the week… Hello Audry. Xx
Thanks Vicki
Kim. ?

Anita Rivera

Oh how late am I!

Vicki, like you mentioned, I too have become “lazy” with my eye make-up. At the beginning of the school year (late August), I wore my eye makeup. But for some reason, I developed a sty in my eye that forced me to not wear any eye makeup since…here is where my red lipstick comes to the rescue. However, the eyeliner suggestion is so true. The eyes must be kept open to use the pencil to follow the natural line of the eye. It’s amazing how these small tips can give us a lot of beauty bang! Have a sensational weekend! Anita

Esther George

Hi Vicki, I used to be so good at liquid brush on eyeliner, I still have a Chanel compact eyeliner it’s about 25 years old (antique) but I’m not that brave to try at age 60. I keep thinking one of these days I must try this just for the fun o, just like a teenager experimenting with make up. Thank you for sharing beauty. Till next time, regards Esther from beautiful sunny Sydney.


So sorry for such a late reply I didn’t see it until now . I’m sorry you use a dark shadow and smudge it across the bottom over the top of the Eye fix.
Can use blush colored or soft soft Mauve or brown
On your brow bone and then use a wedge sponge and blend it.


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