13 Oct 2016

Notes From Venice: All In The Detail

Notes From Venice: All In The Detail on vickiarcher.com

Venice is all in the detail.

Venice is sublime for its grandeur and divine in its intimacy.

It is impossible to take in all the detail in Venice; the scale and depth is overwhelming. It is not possible to see and appreciate the finesse of this city. A day, a year or a lifetime of discovery and Venice will never reveal all.

That is my impression.

notes-from-venice-all-in-the-detail-clementine-davis-vicki-archer-2Notes From Venice: All In The Detail on vickiarcher.com



































This visit to Venice is not my first and I hope never my last.

It is a city that casts a spell and weaves a special magic. I have had the pleasure of travelling with my daughter, my niece and my graphic designer. The most wonderful part is seeing a city through the eyes of someone else; for my niece, Clementine it is her first time, for Giulia she is coming home and showing off her city. Emily, my daughter is like me, although we have been several times to Venice each time feels like the first.

Travelling with the girls is the best fun of all.

This is a combination work and family trip. Clementine is taking all the beautiful images you will see in the next few weeks and I hope we can work more closely together in the future as what could be a better combination. Giulia will create wonder with the images and make all my ideas to incorporate fashion, beauty and lifestyle with incredible destinations come to reality and Emily, lucky for us timing worked and she could come and be part of our happy gang.

Venice has made me lose track of time and track of reality; I blame the detail.

Everywhere we walk we can barely concentrate and our plans change by the minute because we are side-tracked by an intrigue; we have walked and walked.

We have seen so much less than we planned but so much more than we imagined.

Discovering the detail in Venice is unavoidable.

Every square inch of architecture, of the waterways of the stores and of the passing parade, is a myriad of colourful detail. The visual overload is extraordinary and walking the same path multiple times yields so many different views. I will ask Giulia if I have walked this path before and she will laugh and shake her head. Of course, we have. To me, it is a new adventure each and every time.

Like a child in a candy shop; I can’t get enough.

Notes From Venice: All In The Detail on vickiarcher.comNotes From Venice: All In The Detail on vickiarcher.com

































The patina and the colour of the city change from minute to minute and from passageway to passageway. The silvery whites give way to the dusty pinks and the strong terracotta the further the canals wander and wind. I want to imprint the colours in my mind for a permanent record. Nature and the wear and tear of patina make for the most beautiful pairings.

I fell in love with the rainbow of pink and terracotta immediately; Venice, brushed and bronzed, is glowing beautifully. xv

All In The Detail: Brushed And Bronzed Like Venice

with the remnants of flu bleaching me out, the blush and bronze have had a workout during the day

lips and cheeks have been tinged with a touch of Venice

nars bronzing powder in laguna  //  charlotte tilbury cheek to chic in ecstacy  //  charlotte tilbury penelope pink

images clementine davis


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These photos are wonderful! I visited Venice a very long time ago… I loved it! Thank you for taking me there for a while…

Lisa DeNunzio

Your images and content enhance the look of Venice. Fall is a magical time there. Here in Umbria it has been a bit raw and rainy – but the mist on the hills is otherworldly.


The AWE moment…The beauty of Venice…❤️ In the world of architecture it is truly an inspiration to its audience! It is so lovely your daughter is able to accompany you on this trip…I can’t wait to see all of your “wonderment” on Instragram and your blog…Thank you once again for “entertaining” your readers with ideas, designs and “high style.”

Our French Oasis

How lucky you are, I have visited Venice twice, but many years ago, before I was married or had children, I remember how mesmerised I was by it back then, I bought a watercolour that one of the street artists painted in front of me, it still hangs on my wall today!

Mona Turner

Oh Vicki, thank-you for sharing these wondrous pictures of beautiful Venice. I feel as though I receive similar feelings admiring these photos and reading your blog as I do from a yoga session. My shoulders seem to drop, my eyes soften, my whole body seems to relax as I take in,”Notes from Venice.” Also, having Emily with you must make your visit so much more special. Cherished memories to last forever! This is a life well lived!

Vicki Ford

Hi Vicki, for anyone who loves Venice, the must check out an Australian artist called Rick Everingham. After a decade living abroad in Tuscany he has returned to Oz and is prolific in turning out the most beautiful images of Venice and his other favourite haunts around Italy. His rendering of water in the canals and the patina of Venetian buildings is wonderful and amazing. Though we cannot live in Venice his work is the next best thing. Also, to meet him during exhibition times is to discover a vivacious and infectiously joyous person who brings happiness and live-wire energy to the room. He is a blast to talk to and his work is transcendent!


So much beauty and colourful history intersecting in one fabulous location. Before we travel anywhere we always read or re-read our favourites from literature – poetry, drama, novels – and watch again the movies, eg for Venice like “Death in Venice” or “Don’t Look Now” – both brilliant films set there. Even if you’re reluctant to go back as far as Titian, Tintoretto or Tiepolo, or even Byron (who swam the canals), Browning (we once stayed in abuilding where he lived for several months) or Ruskin. If you’re at all interested in 20th century icons like Diaghilev, Stravinsky and Brodsky, for example (who all died and were buried in Venice), Nancy Mitford and her famous family, Coco Chanel and so many more, their paths often interwove and connected there. Nowadays too the luminaries head here to make films, or for the Venice Film Festival or just to relax. Was that Woody Allen we just saw on the roof terrace? I feel as we walk the narrow paths along the canals and cross the little bridges and campi that we’re swimming in the song-lines of these amazing people. Provided there aren’t hordes of people around you can even imagine that just around the next corner their spirits are roaming.
Have a magical time with your family and graphic designer! Agree it is a magical place. In out of the way places where there are just a few locals – you could have stepped out of modern times into any past century. Best wishes, Pamela


Hi Vicki,

How beautiful! Love your line: I won’t see as much as I would like to see this week but in many ways I will see so much more. This is true of all of us. Have you seen the film Summertime with Rosanno Brazzi and Katherine Hepburn. It’s set in Venice. She stayed at the Pensione Fiorini, in the film, but I think it is called Pensione Accademia. I want to go to Venice and stay at that hotel. Such a wonderful film. Thank you for inspiring us. Happy holidays. xx

Anita Rivera

Beautiful Vicki Archer,

THIS IS STUNNING. Thank you for bringing me the world dear friend. I have never been to Venice, but those parts of Italy that I did visit were filled with such ancient detail that mesmerizes the memory. Thank you!


“We have seen so much less than we planned but so much more than we imagined.” The best way to travel. Thank-you for the inspiration!



Esther George

Hi Vicki, thank you for sharing so much beauty. When my cousins husband was in Venice, he brought back a beautiful mask which to my great surprise and delight he presented to me. Till next time, regards Esther from Sydney.

Kaaren Eastwood

You must go and see The Australian Pavilion the architecture is amazing a BLACK BOX right in Venice. Hope the crowds are not too much There were 8 cruises ships there when we were there this May! We got lost too ! Loved every minute.


What a lovely trip and much the best time of year to be doing it…you have really whetted my appetite with these beautiful photographs . Thank you for sharing 😍


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