20 Oct 2016

Notes From Venice: Palazzo Papadopoli

Notes From Venice: Palazzo Heaven on vickiarcher.com

Venice is Palazzo heaven; Especially Palazzo Papadopoli.

Aman Venice, in the Palazzo Papadopoli, is something out of this world.

When my daughter Emily and I arrived we were already overwhelmed by the grandeur and beauty of Venice; our emotions were on high alert and we were feeling sensitive to all around us. As we pulled up in front of the Palazzo I think we sensed we were in for a spoiling.

Spoiling is an understatement.

Words never fail me; they did. I think we had tears in our eyes when we mounted the grand staircase and entered the principal reception room, a former ballroom. The decor, the scale and the view onto the Grand Canal were overwhelming. The expression that comes first is mind blowing.

Palazzo Papadopoli has an incredible history and the owners are in residence today, on the top floor. Aman Venice manages the Palazzo and the 24 suites that make up the hotel. The atmosphere is one of luxury and of quiet elegance; no amount of star rating would do it justice or describe the privilege of staying there. If ever I felt like a princess, it was in Palazzo Papadopoli.

Notes From Venice: Palazzo Papadopoli Heaven on vickiarcher.comNotes From Venice: Palazzo Papadopoli Heaven on vickiarcher.com

































I am so fortunate to have stayed in beautiful hotels but this one was very different.

I felt as if I were in my own home; as grand as the surroundings were I never felt ill at ease or out of my depth. If I had wanted to curl up in my PJ’s all day in front of the windows drinking tea, I could have. You will be pleased I resisted the temptation; my sweater dress came in handy. This Palazzo has a family feel, a home-away-from-home and every gesture is aimed at making the guest feel welcome and spoilt. Their attention to detail, their generosity in every gesture reminded me there is an art to being an excellent host; I was in the hands of the masters.


The heart of Palazzo Papadopoli beats in this former ballroom on the first floor. Food and beverages are served here and it is the place to watch the comings and goings of the hotel. Upstairs there are private areas for the guests; the library is somewhere I could have lost myself in for days.

Venice, a city with so much to explore, can lead to thoughts of ‘missing out’; this was playing in the back of the mind on constant repeat. The real success to travel is to know when to stop and count your blessings and when not to over do the frenetic activity. The minute I walked into Aman Venice I knew I had to savour every exquisite moment and to remember time spent there was equally as wonderful as exploring further afield.

Notes From Venice: Palazzo Papadopoli Heaven on vickiarcher.comNotes From Venice: Palazzo Papadopoli Heaven on vickiarcher.com


































The decor is a mix of Venetian wonder and Italian modernism.

The Italians, like the French have the ability to blend the two seamlessly; comfort, edge and aesthetics work in harmony to create a jaw-dropping scene. The furnishings in all areas of the Palazzo are simple in form and neutral in colour to allow the many paintings their rightful glory. I knew I was “home” when I saw the myriad of amaryllis in one colour generously arranged throughout; white of course. Who needs anything more when painted scenes by Tiepolo are the accomplices?

Did you know cut amaryllis does not need water in the vase? I didn’t and have been making life hard for myself all these years with re-cutting stems and changing water each day. Something new I learned at Palazzo Papadopoli.

Not to mention the chandeliers twinkling and winking in the October sunlight.

Aman Venice takes sumptuousness to a higher plane and as much as I have enjoyed the delights of other hotels in the past, nothing compares in any way to Palazzo Papadopoli. Yes, it is as extravagant as one can get and yes it’s worth every bit.

Stop by for the decor alone and for the gorgeous Italians who make everyday feel like one in a million.

Aman Venice is definitely one for your itinerary. xv

Aman Venice

Calle Tiepolo Baiamonte

1364, Palazzo Papadopoli, 30125 Sestiere San Polo

Venezia VE, Italy

+39 041 270 7333

images of aman venice in palazzo papadopoli, clementine davis

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It is really wonderful ! I am Italian, but I didn’t know this magnificent place…claudiag


I always want to stay and never go home when I travel and end up in a space this gorgeous.
Sometimes though, it is just a place, a park, a street, a view and the same thing happens, I want to stay.

Taste of France

Those chandeliers are the very definition of va-va-voom. Wow. I wonder how much they weigh. And how long it takes to clean all those crystals. Totally worth it.
I love the window shades, too.
Thanks for the amaryllis tip!

david terry

Dear Vicki,

Hmmmmm……all I say is that you’ll never go wrong putting your amaryllis in water (are you talking cut-stems or the potted/forced ones I have in the winter?). If they’re cut, you needn’t ever re-cut them (they don’t last that long) if you do as smart florists do with roses……before putting them in the vases, cut them once again, diagonally and with a sharp razor, UNDER water (in, say, a sink or bucket). otherwise, air bubbles are immediately sucked in and later cause the bloom’s deterioration. The same goes for roses that you cut in your garden.

On ant entirely different note?….sure you’ve seen the Merchant Ivory production of “The Wings of The Dove”? It’s gorgeous…..and a must for anyone longing for Venice.

I have to admit that I still sorta-agree with Oscar Wilde who, when asked about his first trip to Venice (“Did you ride in a GONDOLA!!!!!!!), wearily replied “Yes….it was like riding in a coffin through a sewer”.

Of course, I grew up in the mountains and have never been a water-person, so to speak….I don’t even like full-baths and, despite owning three in this old house, have never done anything in any of them beyond bathing dogs.

Thanks for the lovely posting….it does LOOK beautiful. It’s my problem, and mine alone, that I think a city of canals would begin to feel very claustrophobic very quickly.

level best as ever,

David Terry


So so gorgeous! Just got back from a European buying/family trip, and I wish I could have joined YOU in Venice. The art of receiving guests and making them feel special is going somewhat out of “style” in many hotels, it’s always a treat to put one that is highly recommend by a friend on our “go to” list. Thank you. xo Lidy

Sande Chase

I am so happy to read the pleasure in your voice with this trip Vicki. What an opportunity! Of course they were lucky to have you there, no one can do it justice as you have in writing about it and the photographs………..oh my! You know that bucket list I didn’t have…………..I think I better add Venice! Lovely, gorgeous post. Much love. xx Sande


Absolutely over the top gorgeous! Think this may be the hotel where George Clooney and Amal stayed for their wedding? A fabulous treat to holiday there.
Must remember for the future, but sadly think it may be out of our price range. Have stayed at several different places in Venice, none as palatial. One was in an old house where Browning had had rooms for several months. Our room was large and right on the Grand Canal near the Accademia bridge with two double windows looking out onto the vaporetti and gondolas passing by. I used to stand in one of the windows with my breakfast coffee watching all the passing boats and pinching myself to be sure I wasn’t dreaming. Invariably new arrivals would wave at me, maybe thinking I was a local, and I’d wave back. One year we were there during the Vogalonga boat race so we had ringside seats to watch the gondolas. double sculls, all types of boats including funny old rubber dinghies. Some of the rowers in costume, whether sleek and stylish, olde worlde or just plain funny. One of the boats capsized just in front and they had to swim their boat across to the nearest landing stage. People from all over the world come to Venice to row in this race. Many years ago we were also lucky enough to be there for the Regatta where they row in Renaissance dress and there were musicians and jugglers and dancers swaying on the boats as well.
Love Wilde’s description of Venice – typical of his wit and cynicism. The gondolas have often been compared to coffins – but I think it depends on your point of view and mood. If you’re happy and in good spirits – and reasonable weather – it’s magical. If not, it could be very depressing, particularly during the damp cold of winter when the mists and fogs set in. Have heard from Italians that people who are struggling in their marriages should avoid Venice like the plague as it’s where difficult marriages go to die. On the other hand if you’re in love, it’s a paradise. Best wishes, Pamela


HEAVEN……………….did you read those books my MARLENA DE BLASI…………her husband is from VENICE.They moved from Venice to Tuscany to ORVIETO and their apartment is an old BALLROOM from a PALAZZO.I probably wouldNOT have left………………XX

Anita Rivera

Fabulous. Chic. Opulent. Perfect.

Vicki, your travels are the utmost in glamorous travel. And, I loved your photos of YOU!

Susan Danton

Beautiful!!! Love everything you do Vicki. Venice is so magical and surreal! Thank you for
sharing such breathtaking photos.

Susie Martin

Thank you so much for sharing your time in Venice Have lived every bit of it I have read about the Aman & it is a definite my bucket list – will just keep buying those lottery tickets & dream big!! I really appreciate your comment on traveling & knowing when to just stop, count your blessings & soak up your surroundings I am always very good at trying to pack in too much with the fear of not returning to experience it all Your images & words are always amazing Thank you again xx


Oh Vicki
What a post!!
Glamour, radiance, exquisite taste, adornment, splendour, oh to be able to…
Thankyou for the glimpses.
Kim 🌸

Kaaren Eastwood

Hi Vicki thank you for sharing and would you believe today I was reading a recipe book called Venezia by Tessa Kiros I just loved her quote as many times as I went out was as many times as I got lost. But I was never lost. I was always somewhere in Venice. We were in Venice in June this year and stayed at the Hilton on Giudecca is was terrific. But nothing liked where you stayed ! I will have to go again some day!


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