26 Oct 2016

Her Point Of View: Sande Chase

Her Point Of View: Sande Chase on the blog

I think many of you know, Sande.

Where do I start?

Sande and I met through blogging. She was the author of ‘A Gift wrapped Life’. We met when blogs were beginning; when they were about community and voices. We started an “internet” friendship; the first for me. We were both exploring unknown territory; she to showcase her love of gift wrapping and me to promote ‘French Essence’, a book I wrote to celebrate life in Provence. ‘A Gift Wrapped Life’ was one of my favourites and Sande was my new best friend. This was 8 years ago.

Sande is bright, engaging, open, honest and very, very fun to be with. We simply clicked and even though our worlds were continents apart it didn’t matter. I never questioned our long distance relationship; it worked from day one.

In all these years we have met only a handful of times but they have been the best. The first time we met I remember telling my family I was off to Paris to stay with a friend I met on the internet. They questioned my confidence; I knew we were going to have the most wonderful time and we did. I never had a moment’s doubt we were cementing an already strong friendship.

There have been several trips and each better than the first. She is brilliant company and her enthusiasm for life is infectious. Sande came to stay at home in Provence, she was like a small child in a candy shop, she couldn’t believe how beautiful it was. I can still hear her asking me what planet we were on. She made me smile.

She still makes me smile most days.

Except last year when she told me she had developed Glioblastoma brain cancer. I can still picture where I was and exactly what I was doing when I read her message. She was heading into her first surgery and texting me from her bed; wanting me not to be worried and reassuring me. Life changed so suddenly. This doesn’t happen to vibrant women with the world at their fingertips; this doesn’t happen to my beautiful friend, Sande.

We, who have had the privilege to grow up know, it does.

Before we continue,

Sande has the cutest little dog called Daisy. Daisy is a Miki, a breed well known for their gentleness towards children and the elderly. A little time before Sande’s diagnosis with GBM, Daisy would curl up and nuzzle into the top of Sande’s head, where the tumour turned out to be. Daisy had never sat like this before but for two weeks prior to diagnosis, that’s where she was. She watched gently as Sande lost the use of her left side, the warning that something was very wrong and she continued to protect Sande’s head. When a second tumour emerged; Daisy did the same thing. Daisy knew Sande was in trouble long before the doctors.  

The last year has been the fight of Sande’s life and she is an extraordinary woman. She is not only a beautiful woman inside and out but she is beyond wise and inspirational. She is strong, determined and a true fighter. This disease is in no way getting the better of her and I love her for that.

She makes my day every day with her witty commentary, her thoughts on life and her most generous and precious gift of all, her time.

Here she is,

Sande Chase, Windsor, ONtario Canada 2016

How would you describe yourself?

I am a hippie girl from way back and that mentality seems to be reasserting itself. Generally I am intuitive, creative, relaxed, calm, loyal, introspective, adaptive and inquisitive.


I am a really good listener and keeper of secrets, and a very hard worker.




Tell us about your day-to-day life?

Since my diagnosis with Glioblastoma in August 2015 my body rules my day. I do whatever it tells me.


My day starts early, about 4 am when I sit outdoors on our Lanai and watch the sunrise and listen to the lake. I text, scroll Instagram, and get lost on Pinterest. I love starting my day with beauty and communication.

Then Daisy and I go back for a wee nap and cuddle. Sleep is very important for brain cancer healing so I go for a nap several times a day. I accept them for what they are, healing. As a side benefit I have the best dreams for some unknown reason.


It is a totally different vibe than my younger days when I was a creative nighthawk and my day was go, go, go. In the afternoon, my son takes me to my numerous medical appointments; having cancer really is a full-time job. Late afternoon I begin dinner prep and cooking and baking which brings me some feeling of productivity. There are only the 3 of us but I have always felt the importance of a sit-down homemade dinner to connect after the day, especially during the busy years. If the weather permits we go on our boat and always make time to watch the sunsets, which I have become fascinated by as a gift of nature that is shared by the whole world. I take them as a message that we need to share our world, not divide it. We have somehow mixed up citizenship with ownership of our countries and the world. This saddens me for the generations ahead.




Are you the woman you imagined you would become?

Yes, I think so.


I walked through every door of opportunity that came my way. I had my high energy and creative years during my 30’s, 40’s, and 50’s. I established 4 successful businesses during those years and that was what I imagined when I was younger. I am entrepreneurial by nature. If I could, I would take another go at it. Luckily I had a spouse who always supported his wife’s latest scheme and let me fly as high as I could.


Her Point Of View: Sande Chase on the blog


What are the valuable life lessons you have all figured out?

That we really do take time for granted, we tell ourselves we don’t but we do.


I have found time can be measured in many ways. I have been given some extra time to tie up loose ends so my boys don’t have to do it and time to say what I should to the people I love and will miss. This helps me a great deal. I have also made time to visit with most of the women in my life, I am saying goodbye in a way and want them to know how meaningful their relationship was to me.




What do you like most about yourself? What do you like the least?

That I can see ahead of the curve. My creativity has been enhanced by that ability.


The least favourite is sometimes that ability can mean I take on too much and can’t follow through to the level it demands.


I like that I surprised myself with my strength during this cancer journey. If someone had told me even a few years ago that I would get through 2 brain surgeries within 6 months, 30 rounds of radiation and on-going chemo I would have told them they were crazy. Medically I was a bit of a wuss.


I faced this epic fight with Glioblastoma head on and I realised I couldn’t control the outcome but I could fight back hard.




What do you like most about getting older? What do you like the least?

I like that I took permission to speak my mind and remove toxic or negative people from my life. It is essential to my wellbeing right now. Ageing in a physical sense or number never concerned me for some reason. It should have, I would have liked to embrace physical activity more instead of always living in my head and I did a few years ago with cycling, which I loved.


I can’t say I dislike getting older. I recently accepted that this is my old age right now, I am living it in a condensed and accelerated version and I have claimed it as gracefully as I can. I find I reminisce about all the stages of my life. It keeps me grateful at a time when I could chose to be bitter but I refuse to give into that. I have had a wonderful life supported by love and beauty and amazing people.




What’s your favourite way to dress? Do you have a signature style?

I am ruled by comfort now, more Eileen Fisher than Max Mara. I miss highly stylish and trendy fashion madly but it just isn’t practical. I do indulge my love of style by buying hats, which I always adored. I have quite a collection going and they protect my head and cover the post chemo and radiation hair loss. They also look quite fetching with the pyjamas or hippie style maxi dresses that I wear most days. I do miss high heels like crazy.


Her Point Of View: Sande Chase on the blog


Do you have a beauty secret to share?

Always wear sunglasses. I have worn prescription sunglasses since my 20’s to drive and see outdoors and I swear I don’t have one eye wrinkle. Other than that, be careful what products you put in and on your body. We are at a chemical and medical crossroads and women have to insist on safety. And you can. There is nothing more powerful than an army of women who close their wallets.




What’s on the bucket list?

I don’t know that I can have the movie-type bucket list at this point in time, it is medically challenging but I do have more of a TO DO list so I can leave my 2 guys prepared for what we know will happen.


They were lovingly coddled for many years so the list and instructions are quite lengthy, almost comical. I can accomplish and organise these tasks when I have the energy. I am quite practical in that regard and I want to make things as easy as possible for them. Most of all I want to help get my son back to his new medical residency choice and on with his life.




If you could change one thing in the past, what would you do differently?

I would have asked my parents and grandparents more question about their lives. Our family has discovered a most interesting ancestry and lineage from France to New France (Canada) and I have many questions.


I wish I had been more supportive to people going through what I am going through now. I always did something but not enough. I was always worried about being intrusive and I missed opportunities to be more supportive. I wish I had been the first one at their door when something happened.




What age do you feel right now?

In my head, I am that outgoing 18 year old hippie girl, having fun in a footloose way in the summer of 1971. It was a very good year. Despite what is happening, I feel my age of 62 whatever that means. I don’t long to look younger but I do I believe it is more important as you age to keep your head in a really good place.




Who would play you in a movie?

My husband says Kim Basinger. I’m not going to turn that one down.


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In This Post:




Vicki – please tell her that Kim Basinger may not do her justice! And hail the beauty in her wisdom and courage.


She is, Mimi… you would love her… She is so incredible I forget she is so unwell and facing such uncertainty. She a woman that makes you feel so good about yourself… The “perfect” friend”.. :)

Sharon Santoni

Thank you Vicki for this great chat with Sande. I remember meeting Sande the first time that you and I ever met, and I immediately felt her energy and fun, warm personality. (Do you both remember that bloggers’ rendez vous, many moons ago in Saitn Germain?)

I admire her strength, and that of her son and send them both love and positive energy. The way that Sande has approached and battled with her illness is truly inspiring.

Love to you both



I do remember Sharon.. :) We didn’t think anyone would possibly show and when they did we were both so surprised!
It was such a fun trip and I loved every second… How lucky we are to have had those early days of blogging where we made such fantastic friends. We all have so much in common, it made it very easy.

Sande’s son Austin is an incredible guy… he has kept me in the loop at all times and never fails to message me with the news…

The thing about Sande is she is always so engaged in what’s happening around her and with everybody else… she is never too pre-occupied.. and I am sure sometimes she must be…

Sande Chase

I remember well that evening Sharon. The table was filled with early bloggers and that we all made time to meet was fabulous, The table was filled with energy and personality, such talent that has grown from there! It has remained one of my best memories of meeting up with Vicki or the first time and what fun we had! I love your new book Sharon too and your Instagram, first one each morning. You ladies are so “gifted”. Much love. xx Sande

Sharon Santoni

It was such a fun evening …. I was a very new blogger, and totally in awe of Vicki’s beautiful blog and of your amazing website Sande, with all the fantastic fancy packaging ideas, you were both bright stars then and still are today :)
As Wendi says further down below, this is the New World happening before our eyes, this ability we have to create friendships via blogs that translate well into real life
much love to you


I too met Sande in the early blogging days, although not in person. Always so elegant, vibrant and giving, Sande is someone I know I would love in an instant. Brave, inspiring and now the essence of living each day with the greatest meaning, a fighter and a woman of substance. Sande you are in my thoughts and prayers. On the days where it seems too much, I hope that the love and support of your family, friends and those of us “who would be friends” carries you. Much love for you,


You would Lidy.. and she would too…
I do love that expression, “a woman of substance”… a well chosen one.. :)

Sande Chase

I do remember meeting Lidy, you are one attractive lady! Paris seems to pull many of us bloggers. Thank you for your kind words and support, it has made all the difference in my treatment and recovery. Much love xx Sande

Angela Muller

To Sande, thank you for your thoughtful authenticity. Love and prayers from the U.S.
To Vicki, thank you so much for this beautiful post and introducing us to Sande.

Sande Chase

Thank you Angela Angela for your love and prayers from the US I will gladly take them, they have been working. Much love and hugs. xx Sande

Bungalow Hostess

I loved seeing her amazing blog posts and knew of her cancer diagnosis.
This interview is quite beautiful and Sande continues to inspire us with her strength and determination….thank you !

Cindy White

Vicki – thank you for this post. I have long been an admirer of Sande Chase and lost track of her after her cancer diagnosis. You are lucky to personally know her and she is lucky to have you as a friend. Blessings to both of you.


Oh my gosh I was shocked and saddened to read this. Sande I discovered your blog around the same time that I discovered Vicki and Sharon and so many of the women bloggers sharing beauty and spirit and fun and usually France as well! I remember reading of your meet up in Paris and being so inspired by all of you. And Sande countless times I’ve gone back to your blog pages to try and recreate one of your magical beauties. I wish for you peace and healing and I offer you a heartfelt thank you for the beauty you’ve shared with your readers. I’ll be following you on Instagram and keeping you and your family in my prayers.

Sande Chase

Thank you Debbie for your most wonderful comment. I am happy you can continue to follow on Instagram as I think it will be where I will be found most days. I plan on keeping it short and very readable which suits my schedule right now. I think readers will like it too. I am always grateful for prayers for measnd my boys. I am trying to move original gift wrapping over to my FB perhaps. Bit of a challenge! Thank you again for your lovely comment and staying with me during this transition. xx

Linda B

Sande, thank you so much for what you have shared of your experiences and your wisdom, which is profound (and thanks to Vicki for creating this opportunity.) I am pondering all that you shared, such as how we pretend to not take time for granted, but we do. . . and not holding back when we know people need support because we fear being intrusive. Know that I will be holding a vision of you from now on, in support of whatever is happening.

Blessings on your journey ahead. I suspect you will carry through with humor and grace and love. . .

Lisa DeNunzio

I was completely taken in hearing Sande’s thoughts on life. I too think we take it for granted and do not use or time wisely to savor all of life’s goodness. What a positive outlook Sande has. I wish her good health.


Sande’s blog was one I also discovered back in my early days of blogging ( I’m not sure I commented much as I was shy about it… Still am I think!). I loved the inspiration, the beautiful gift wrapping, but more than that I finally understood that giving a gift was more than choosing an object; how we give it says as much about us as what we give? Sande is also the person that introduced me to Downton Abbey, long before it ever hit the PBS airwaves – on her recommendation I ordered it from Amazon, never doubting that it would be as amazing as she said it was. Now that was a great blogging tip!
I would never have doubted that Sande will face this terrible disease with grace, paying attention to all the details, for her family and herself, making what needs to be done as thoughtfully detailed and presented as if it also was a gift, but then, really – it is. A very beautiful gift.
Best of luck Sande, the very best.

Sande Chase

Thank you Jillayne for your lovely comment and loved that you told me about Downtown, I must have been on my game that day! I do miss gift wrapping, it was such a creative pleasure for me. I love gifting. Did some wrapping today but my ribbon tying skills need brushing up! The very best to you as well. xx


I do remember SANDE and A GIFT WRAPED LIFE commentary on MANY MANY BLOGS!
I also remember when YOU two met up and shared a HOTEL ROOM in PARIS!
I thought that was SO beautiful that a friendship could grow out of these BLOGS!
I only followed a couple back then…….YOU and SHARON as I worked and did not have the time I do now.
As for SANDE and her BATTLE……………and that little DOG who KNEW what can I say?My thoughts are with YOU and just let me say YOU HAVE RAISED A SON that even I am SO PROUD of!!!!!!!!HATS off to YOU lovely LADY as that is utterly BEAUTIFUL.
PS. DO tell me what the MEAL is in 10 minutes……as I could use a few of those up my sleeve! THAT will give me MORE TIME TO READ BLOGS!!
We have created a WONDERFUL environment here especially with those that comment regularly.


Thank you for sharing Sandy’s story and her thoughts. Truly inspiring a lot of self reflection right now. Sending you both love and light


So this is the New World happening right in front of us….I am reading “Sande’s Story” here in Cambridge, Ontario just down the road from Windsor as it were on a blog written by an Australian now living in England and France and reading comments from other bloggers that I follow, Sharon Santoni, British now living in Normandy, France and Lidy in California…..as well as various other followers of “French Essence” from around the globe….just wow! Sande, I am glad to meet you even under these difficult circumstances. Your story is a remarkable one on so many levels. I too have followed my entrepreneurial spirit born from a different place than that of most of you as I do not have the support of a significant other and in fact, that is a bit of the how “I got here” story. I actually was feeling rather low today and seriously contemplating throwing in the towel, but Sande your attitude to all things in your life, the fortuitous and the not-so-really has caused me to press the “pause button” and I thank you for that from the bottom of my heart. Know that even with an uncertain future, that there is one for you Sande and that all of us together are supporting you and sending you our love and encouragement just as you have done and are doing.xoxo

Deborah Peterson MILNE

These words pop in my mind when Ithink of Sande Chase – brilliant, thoughtful, valiant, faithful, gorgeous, caring.

From day one of getting to know Sande through our early blogging days, I knew she was a special woman. I was drawn like a moth to a flame soaking up all her creativity & warmth. I felt that great connection with her that so many of us felt through that new world as we discovered like-minds.

What makes me truly sad is that I have never met Sande in the flesh, but I know I would feel as though we’ve been precious friends since we were young. I know today that I love & adore her.

Sande, her amazing son & her husband are in my constant prayers. She has taught me so much over these years, but most of all she has taught me how to handle oneself in the face uncertainty. She has not retreated; instead she has bravely shared so that we can lbenefit from what she’s learned & experienced.

One thing I didn’t know was that Sande had a hippie vibe. Now I love her more, if that’s possible. ❤️

Sande Chase

Dearest Deborah,
I doubt I could have blogged back in the early days had it not been for your supportive comments over the years. You know that. And you do it for so many of us! I just wish I had kept a time capsule of my hippie fashion, I had it going on…….lol with some fab outfits. My hair has a long ways to catch up too. Now, how does a 62 yr. old hippie girl dress? Or best to keep it as a fun state of mind? Much love Deborah and many hugs. And as for meeting, you never know, you aren’t that away.


Wonderful interview of a dynamic person. Thank you
Changes, challenges, reality dancing with a focus that is determined and solid. I realize after reading here, that parts of our past can be as comforting as daydreams.

Kate Gumbley

Thank you Vicki for bringing us ‘Her Point of View’ of Sande. Omg I am so very sad to hear about her situation. I also was so fortunate to meet the engaging vibrant beautiful Sande at your get together in Saint Germain. A night I will always treasure. I couldn’t believe I was in the company of such a talented, friendly wonderful group. I had followed Sande’s inspirational blog for a long time and wondered what had happened, so thank you for today’s post. Sending lots of love and strength to you Sande, you are very much in my thoughts. Xxx


Hello Kate!!! I remember that night so vividly… meeting you.. Lovely to re-connect and I know Sande will too.. :)

Sande Chase

Thank you Kate, I remember you too. Weren’t we brave to all meet up? Thank you for sending your love and strength, I believe it is helping me to defy the odds right now. Much love and many hugs. xx

Anita Rivera

Good afternoon Vicki and Sande!Late as usual these days with leaving to work in the early morning, but so glad to see another feature of “Her Point of View.” Vicki, this is a wonderful connection to many of the women we “pass” in the internet as we see names on comments or blogs. But when we get to know each other through correspondence, something amazing happens. Sande, so glad to meet you and your philosophy on living suits anyone who wants to get more out of this gift of living. I wish you health and goodness and wonderful moments of discovering who you are. I find that this journey we are all on is just that: learning more about who you are and going out into the world to make a difference. Blessings to both of you! Anita

Sande Chase

Dear Anita, As you already know it takes a woman (Vicki A. )with huge heart and generous spirit to share my journey in the way Vicki has done. I am so grateful that Vicki and i both reached out those years ago and it has been nothing but fun to get to know her and pause in her circle of beauty and inspiration. I know we all feel the same about this remarkable woman! She is one of a kind and we are all the better for knowing her and letting her lead the way. Thank you for your lovely comment. xx

Donna De Luca

Have always loved the blog…..Sande Chase, such an inspirational person, I wish she was my friend! Having been through this with a family member, so many of her comments hit home with me. Sending positive thoughts and energy to Sande from the other side of the world. xxx
Vicki, thank you for this story about your dear friend.


A bit late in joining you, early morning, from Canberra, Australia. Thank you Vicki for this strong and inspirational post. Thank you Sande for sharing your life so eloquently and selflessly. It has awakened in me the ‘lightbulb’ moment I needed, to go forward with real gratitude for what I have today. Know that your words are truly inspiring Sande. Sending you as many blessings and love as possible. Mary-Jill xx


Thank you for introducing Sande to us, a truly amazing courageous women, we can all learn from her strength and positive attitude. Where would we be without our canine friends!!! xxx

Susie Martin

Wow! Amazing and inspirational woman. Beautiful words, thoughtful and courageous. Thank you for sharing Vicki. Keep up the good fight Sande! XX


What a wonderful interview. Sande sounds amazing! Such a great attitude and peace about her. I’m visiting my friend tomorrow after her similar brain surgery. I will keep in mind to “be there” as much as possible! Thank you!


Thankyou Vicki for this wonderful piece on Sande. I have been following the progress of her journey through her various treatments with snippets on Instagram, but to actually hear her speaking throughout your interview has given me so much more of an insight into this inspirational woman.
As mentioned by so many others, I have been following all of you for many years, Jeanne, Sharon, Millie, Sande, ( you even sent me a postcard once that I absolutely treasure ) and your virtual “friendship” has always been so special to me. I can truly see how significant it is to you all who have met through blogging. What a supportive and loving friend you are to Sande, holding her hand in the best possible way. May every new day bring her renewed strength. X

Sande Chase

Dear Sue. Such a perfect way to say what Vicki has been doing in supporting me during th past 14-15 months. She has had my hand and that of my son;s each and every day somehow. Not only does she check on me but she would check in on my son to see that he was doing Ok, you can’t imagine how meaningful that has been. It is remarkable as she has a enormously busy life but that is never an excuse in her caring vocabulary. My son adores her as well. Much love. xx

Bev Cook

Just wanted to send love to you Sande. You are truly an amazing person, which you have conveyed in this interview. All that really matters in our lives is love . And knowing we are loved.
Vicki I always appreciate your perspective on life, you seem so well grounded .
Thank you both for sharing, Bev

Jeanne Henriques

Thank you Vicki and Sande for writing this wonderfully touching post. I too remember those early days when you both first met in Paris. Sande…you took a photo in your hotel room, getting ready for your first meet. I thought it was the most magical moment and still remember it. I have so enjoyed the connection with both of you through the years…via the blog, IG or FB…just knowing we are part of this amazing community is very special. Sande…your words touched me deeply, so honest and thoughtful. You are an inspiration to so many in more ways than you can imagine, it speaks volumes about you. Keep doing what you are doing and give an extra hug to Daisy for me…what a sweeetie. Vicki….see you soon! Much love to you both from Sydney… Jeanne xx

Julienne wilson

What wonderful days they were those early blogging days. The friendships that developed have been amazing. The blogs took on a life of their own and took us to places we could never have known and people we would never have met and to stories both happy and sad that we would not have known. I regret, more than anything, that I gave up when I lost my husband but through Instagram many of those friendships have continued. I love that you have never given up or given in and if those hats are as beautiful as your gifts, and I don’t doubt for a moment that they are not, then you are turning heads and cheering up every Dr’s room and hospital corridor. Take care Sande know that you have given and still give me many, many happy hours and many smiles when I felt I had nothing to smile over. Your energy is contagious. A delight to read Vicki thank you

Sande Chase

Ahhhhhhhh. I love you too Alba and your happy energy. You ill do me a ton of good.We will have a fab visit in November. I will cll you to arrange. for now, hugs. xx

Elizabeth@pine cones and acorns

Sande, I too followed along on your lovely blog and was in awe of your talents. Then when you decided to “close up shop” and move I found you on Facebook. I have followed along on your cancer journey and because of you and your advice I stopped burning candles, got rid of the plug-in air fresheners and have been a voracious reader of the labels of things I use on my person. I was with you on the day you wen to both of your surgeries and you have been in my thoughts and prayers since then. What has stayed with me over the last year is your courage and fortitude. I would also like to second La Contessa and state that you “done good” as they say here in the South. Your son is my hero as well, how wonderful to have raised such a kind, caring and thoughtful your man who clearly loves his mom and has out his life on hold to help care for her. You are blessed.

My thoughts and prayers for you and your two men as you continue on your journey.

Sande Chase

Yes you have Elizabeth, and thankfully. I always look forward to your comment. So happy to hear you were moved to get rid of many of the toxic things in your home. They are bad for us. Yes, I am blessed with such good people in my life and you are one of them. I know it. hugs and love. xx


I usually only drop in for a visit without leaving a note but not when it is about Sande Chase. I have followed and dropped many blogs since the early days, except for Sande’s and yours, which has remained a constant companion. But when Sande stopped, i did wonder about her and found her instagram instead but i always wondered. It is sad to know of her illness. When i found her blog, i was very amazed; it was like a magical door had opened up for me, as i found someone who was like minded and had the same concept of gift giving and with the level of sophistication and creativity. I used to devour her site, at the uniquely beautiful wrapping and her total fearlessness with her use of colors. I really wanted to meet her, chat about “stuff” and discover more “things” that we might perhaps have in common. Of course the meeting didn’t take place. She inspired me, as here was a total stranger whom i felt more connected creatively than anyone else that i meet everyday with her spirit of giving. Thank you Sande for sharing a part of yourself, shall keep you in my thoughts. Thank you Vicki for this post and all the other post that you share.

Sande Chase

I am sure we would have much in common Sheila and could chat for hours if not days! You sound like a connected, open woman who understands the beauty of blogging and friendship. Yes, Vicki deserves all the credit for letting me share a grim journey, not so from when you are all in my corner. Hugs. xx

Ra Ra

Hi Beauties! Sande you made me stop and really think for the first time all day. I think I love you , you are very brave! xx


What a marvelous woman. I wish I could sit across from her at a beautiful lunch and talk for hours and hours. She sounds like someone I would “know” immediately. I send her love and all my best wishes. xx

Mona Turner

We never know who we may meet, the paths we may cross together and the meaning behind it all. I have truly been inspired many times over, by reading your blogs Vicki. Sande is truly a woman of strength, courage, hope, trust, wisdom and beauty. Presently, my sister of 48yrs. of age is on life support. I opened your blog this morning to distract myself I guess, to read about something beautiful. When I got to the fifth paragraph I wanted to stop reading, but I’m glad I read on. Sande’s love of life and love of her family must have given her the strength to “fight hard.” Sande, you and your family are in my thoughts and prayers. God Bless You. xo


I am so, so sorry to hear about your sister, Mona.. thinking of you and your family.
I wish you the greatest courage to get through… xv

Sande Chase

I am so sorry Mona to hear of your sister. But wonderful that you are there for her, how loved she must feel to have her sister right there with her now. I am keeping you and your family in my prayers and thoughts. Much love and many hugs. xx

Millicent Clarke

Dear Vicki,
I have been reading your blog for a couple of years now and draw tremendous inspiration and information from you, but have never left a comment. Just wanted to say to Sande, whose wonderful blog I often visited. “You gave birth to your hero.” TD Jakes


Sande has made a brilliant impression upon all of us. I miss her blogging, and remember her in my prayers each night. Beautiful tribute post, Vicki. One I will long remember. sending love


Vicki and Sande,
You both were my favorite bloggers from the beginning. The stunning posts, interesting topics and real-life logic and wisdom you both shared with such grace and classic elegance. My heart is filled with joy knowing you have this very special bond and friendship from meeting online. I’ve always been a firm believer in good people attract incredible goodness in their lives, and it thrills me to see this is the case with you both. Sande, you inspire me with your strength and ability to find happiness. Wishing you both much love and light ~ Melissa (formerly Reverie-Daydream)

Sande Chase

How wonderful to hear from you Melissa. You were right there with us in those early days spending beauty and goo vibes across the internet. You still do. I am enjoyed watching your life and daughter grow an grow this past while. I will look at your new website today, it will be sublime I know. Love. xx


I have never been more deeply touched or moved….For me, Sande, you are the ultimate woman…the perfect human being.
Love (a strangely inadequate word here) you.
Lilibeth (from far away India)

Ruth Nettle

This story touched my heart, my soul. My friend Sandra and I have a sweet little ditty of how we met which I have shared with people over the years. I cannot imagine my life without her in it. We may not have always been in the ‘immediate-ness’ physically, but she is always in my heart. This wonderful, inspiring, exquisite woman that is your friend, Sande is exquisite beyond words. Reading this story broke my heart, bought tears to my eyes. I wish her well. Thank you to her husband, and to her son. Thank you Vicki, for being so generous to share her with us. And thank you Sandra, for being with me for so much of my life. Mostly, thank you Sande.. Your love for your family, your friend and for this life has shone through with abundance. I wish you much love and joy. And strength in the journey ahead. xxx


I was a new blogger when I came across Sande’s blog. I (like many readers) were in awe of Sande’s style – it comes across in everything she shows. Elegant, captivating, with the right balance of edgy. But mostly I remember how kind she was leaving me messages about my posts, always with words of encouragement.
To Sande – There are so many things people have likely have said to you during this time of healing, and I hesitate wondering if anything we say can be ‘right’. But, – it is time to be selfish (give in to the healing naps, take as many quiet moments just holding hands with your ‘guys’ and cuddles with sweet little Daisy). Embrace the tears, fears and the kick-butt moments – they all matter.
Quietly I’ll sit today to meditate and send you Angels. Warm hugs from a Canadian blog friend, Katherine.

Trish Murphy

Vicki such a beautiful and touching post. Sande is an inspiration and I have started to follow her IG post. Two wonderful and amazing women. Trish


Dear Vicki,
Thank you so much for this post on Sande Chase. I have long admired her, and followed her blog , A Gift Wrapped Life, religiously, for a very long time, until she stopped posting, and now I know why. She is a talented and remarkable woman, and very fortunate to have such an amazing son. For many years, I took care of my elderly father, and I am forever grateful for the time we spent together. A wonderful, loving, new relationship blossomed that never would have been had I not made this choice. I wish Sande and her son all the best.

With great fondness, Lisa


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