7 Oct 2016

Lauren Hutton: Steal Her Style

Steal her Style: Lauren Hutton on vickiarcher.com

“I’d like to be the first model who becomes a woman.” – Lauren Hutton

Bravo Lauren Hutton, you have.

When she closed for Bottega Veneta’s show last week in Milan, dressed so elegantly, with a nod to the 1980 movie American Gigilo, I thought fashion does look and listen. She is a woman, a beautiful mature woman with impeccable style.

Fashion is no longer restricted to the 20 something beauty; fashion is for every age to interpret in any way we choose. About time.

So, let’s steal her wisdom and her style.

“Fashion is what you’re offered four times a year by designers. And style is what you choose.”

When reading back over our conversations yesterday one point came home. Dressing has become more relaxed and not always in a good way. Casual is to be admired as long as it is not an excuse for sloppy or for having a lack of interest. I would always prefer to feel over-dressed than under-dressed in any occasion. Under dressing does nothing for our confidence levels.

Excuse me if I am old-fashioned but I love dressing up.

Dressing up is a ritual and part of the process of feeling en forme. Feeling good about us is a staged process and a process made up of many parts; dressing up may not be as important as a healthy mind and fit body but it does go towards a feeling of wellbeing and self-confidence. Self-confidence is one of the keys to ageing well.

Dressing up doesn’t have to be all sequins, diamonds and pearls to feel fabulous; dressing up can be for any day of the week. Dressing up could translate as making an effort and taking an interest in how we present ourselves. Dressing up not only makes us feel good about ourselves, but also for others around us.

Making an effort is one of those processes that is catching; I see it and I feel it. I notice my mood elevate if I have found a little extra motivation and I am most decidedly inclined to take care if others are doing so around me.

Steal her Style: Lauren Hutton on vickiarcher.com

What is Lauren Hutton’s style?

The signature look she wears so brilliantly is the tailored suit. Yes I am biased, as I like to wear a suit as often as possible.

The idea of turning the masculine, feminine has always appealed. A suit has nothing to do with age and all to do with elegance. A suit can take you pretty much anywhere and fit in most situations.

When in doubt I wear the suit.

Steal her Style: Lauren Hutton on vickiarcher.comSteal her Style: Lauren Hutton on vickiarcher.com

The suit has many lives.

Whether a suit is tailored in a classic pinstripe or soft and flowing in silk or satin; it is the formality of the two complimentary pieces that makes it work so well. A continuous line in one fabric flatters the body and automatically starts to tell your style story.

We can interpret the suit in our own way; we can make the pieces look masculine or more feminine depending on our whim. We can co-ordinate the jackets with the pants or wear them in contrasting patterns. A tee shirt and lace-up oxfords can bring a classic pinstripe back to earth; a tie-neck blouse and heels can scoot it up to formal status.

The beauty of the suit is it can be interpreted to all personalities. A woman can look equally sexy and gorgeous in tailoring as she can in the flowing. The wonder of being women is we have the choice; the choice to dress how we please and to interpret today’s fashion in our way with our flair.

Most women, like Lauren Hutton, wear a suit very well once they find their stride. xv

Steal Her Style: Lauren Hutton

suit up

jabina straight leg  //  jabina boot leg  //  jabina ankle length  //  julea boot leg  //  julea ankle length  //  julea straight leg

mix and match jackets

**boss  jabilta belted  //  boss julea  //  **theory andorie  //  theory gabe stretch wool  //  veronica beard tuxedo  //  **nordstrom silk trim tuxedo  //  classiques entier pinstripe

mix and match pants

nordstrom silk trim tuxedo pants //  boss temina wool and cashmere  //  boss tulea bootcut  //  boss tamea straight leg  // theory stretch wool  //  theory super slim  //  theory tweed crepe  //  classiques entier pinstripe

images of lauren hutton, elle magazine france and harpers bazaar spain

thankyou nordstrom for partnering with steal her style: lauren hutton

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Taste of France

I was devastated when suits went out of style. If they are back, I am elated, even if I no longer work in an office.
Lauren Hutton always looks great. Simple hair, simple makeup, great big smile.


Suits are back!
I don’t work in a formal office but I wear them so often.. mix and match or however I feel in the mood… An easy way to dress up..
That smile of hers is an absolute winner; one gorgeous woman.. :)

Mary O'B

Why did suits ever “go” anyway? I don’t understand why there is a “Do and Don’t” list every season. Aren’t we supposed to be creating our own styles and select what is good for our body type and personal eccentricities? Our own personal signature looks?

Mimi Gregor

I love to dress up, even just to run errands or go garage-saling. Others can wear their ripped jeans or yoga pants, but I much prefer a skirt and sweater, with a jacket or cardigan as a third layer if needed. I feel better when I look good, and people tend to treat me with deference — which thrills me no end. That being said, I don’t care much for glitter or sequins or ruffles in evening wear. I don’t have a “girlie-girl” appearance, and to dress in too feminine a style would make me feel like a kid playing dress-up with mommy’s clothes. Feminine touches, yes (tulip skirt, v-necks showing just a hint of cleavage, clothes that conform to the shape of my body), but embellishments on the garments themselves… not so much. If I need a bit of something, I prefer to do so with accessories: lots of necklaces, dangly earrings — touches that I can pile on or remove as I see fit. Whether dressing up or down, I think it’s important to really know yourself — what you’re comfortable wearing and what actually flatters you. It’s different for everyone, so following trends will get a person nowhere. As Lauren says, fashion and style are two different things. I’ve always maintained that fashion is for people who have not developed a sense of style.

david terry

Dear Vicki,

That quotation from Hutton about fashion and designers reminds me of a statement an ancestor of mine (by marriage, circa 1900, so I’m assuming that I never inherited any genetic propensity for The Perfect & Pithy Statement).

Just as he was boarding a train, the ancestor (a senator at the time, and well known for his elegant clothes) was asked by one of the attending reporters how did he manage to always look so fashionable.

Without skipping a beat, the ancestor replied “Fashion is for those who have no style, just as etiquette is for those who have no manners”.

It’s still true, you know (and probably one of the very good reasons that Hutton, with her distinct personal style, has far outlasted the many-many designers who’ve tried to stamp their “look” on her over five or so decades).

Not entirely by the way?……I still recall having an enormous crush on Hutton when I was 13 or so and pubescing in East Tennessee. I think her only rival in my affections was Julie Christie. I also recall reading an interview (years and years ago) with Hutton, in which she talked about the moment when she basically (if amusedly) announced “Oh, SCREW this thing they make me wear to hide the gap in my teeth”. As I recall, she was told that she’;d never work in the industry again.
Obviously, we all know who won that argument.

Thanks as ever for the fine posting,

David Terry

Sharon W

Whilst reading this article I found myself thinking ‘ooh I hope David has left a comment’, and you didn’t disappoint! I think I enjoy your observations almost as much as Vicki’s. I agree with the sentiment of the article. Despite being based at home I still like to dress well and love my black lace blazer with my skinny jeans. Ironically I purchased said blazer to be worn to a gala with a long tulle skirt, but I rather like the high low feel when worn with jeans.


I love Lauren Hutton’s style. And am excited that women are finally back in the ” fashion world” because really, I am a little over seeing a 15 year old wearing couture outfits in all the magazines and ads.

Dressing up is my favorite. Even though I work from home most days, I get fully dressed. Because it makes me work better when I know I look good. I love nothing more than suits, like the LBD, they always look right.


For years I wore suits for work. In my leisure time, I wore blazers and jackets with dress pants or jeans. In the last 10 years my work wear has been much less dressy, and I can’t wear jackets at all. I didn’t realize until recently that my loss of suit-wearing has really taken out a lot of my mojo. As a girl of the 80’s, I really felt confident in the “power suit”. I need to find a way to get my blazers back!


SHE just gets BETTER with age!
I love what you said about dressing up!Those are my thoughts EXACTLY TOO!
“Dressing up doesn’t have to be all sequins, diamonds and pearls to feel fabulous; dressing up can be for any day of the week. Dressing up could translate as making an effort and taking an interest in how we present ourselves. Dressing up not only makes us feel good about ourselves, but also for others around us.”I think I may do a BLOG POST on this TOPIC HERE.Because I notice that people men and women REALLY ADMIRE and LOVE TO LOOK at people who have stepped it up a notch!


She is great even with her signature feature (gap between one teeth)…so natural and I advocate that also older models can appear in the fashion shows. Today I read that the chief editor from the brit. Vogue shows “no size O models and real women 40+” in the November issue. Another try to get back
to normal. She put her statement about fashion and style in a nutshell. …and
there is no reason to dress up yourself at any time when you are in the mood
if only it is a red lipstick


I used to wear suits all the time when I worked in the corporate market. I still like to look put together however these days more relaxed. I prefer to mix a jacket with trousers. My shape has changed I am a size 10 top and 12 bottom so the fit of a suit is challenging. I also now like a longer line jacket when wearing slimmer trousers as they cover the bum. If I wear a short jacket I need more fluid forgiving trousers.


I absolutely agree with everything you say about dressing up and feeling en forme. May I add a quote from somebody famous whose name I temporarily forget…
” Fashion is what you wear when you don’t know who you are .”


Vicki ~ This is my first time commenting and so first off I just want to thank you for all of the wonderful posts you provide. It is so refreshing and inspiring to be able to look forward to aging with beauty and grace. You provide many examples of women doing just that; and I so appreciate it! Besides commenting on how gorgeous Lauren is with her style, I would also like to comment on her hair… Beautiful! Many of the posts that I have read from you show many older women with beautiful hair. I have hair envy! I think if a woman has a nice head of hair it pretty much sets the tone of natural beauty. The eyes and lips can be played with, but the hair can make such a difference! I, unfortunately, am not blessed with good hair. I am 47 and find my fine hair is thinning already, so I am drawn, always, to admire women with thick locks. I don’t have the means to buy hair products that in past posts you have recommended (for volume etc.), but was wondering your thoughts on women’s hair styles for women who are follicle challenged (lol). Also, I can see nice bold cuts for fine hair…if you have a chiseled face… but what about otherwise? Thank you again for posting such uplifting, positive posts! ~ Elaine


Elaine, Thank you so much for your lovely comment.
It is a wonderful way to start my morning with such kind words… especially as I have a disgusting flu and am not that inlined for anything,other than the bed!

Hair is one of my favourite topics… so I shall put some thought into this particular topic and write about it.. Thank you for the idea :)


Oh did suits take a leave of absence ? I love wearing suits…black ,grey, navy! And I’ve been known to buy two jackets different styles . ..Dress up , down..♡


Good evening, Vicki – First, I need/want to share with you that, when I found your website, it filled a hole in me. I have wanted to find a place to celebrate life with women my age who love to talk fashion, food, travel, or any other darn thing! I would love to share with other women my experiences of pure beauty or kindness in my days. I love that I can ask questions about how to wear accessories or a bold dress with confidence – and not run into the house and change into something “safe” while my husband waits for me in the car. Your website gave me the confidence to break free of the chains that dictated how I should look and dress. Vicki – is this the right forum for these kinds of observations and questions?

I have a question for you right now: These chains, believe or not, mostly came from family members.

Second, I do not understand your response to Joyce. Could please elaborate?


Thank you Mary,

My comment meant… suits never, ever are out of fashion for me either.. :)


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