13 Nov 2016

The English Country Weekend: “Me, Not The Horses”


Me, not the horses.”
It’s a silly little story but one that had me smiling; that’s what happens on an English country weekend.

We have been trying to explore on the weekends and to discover more of the English countryside. With the leaves turning and the countryside awash with colour it’s the loveliest time. As much as I am sorry to miss the gardens in their full floral glory I am happy with the exchange.

At Lucknam Park, in Wiltshire, the leaves had thrown a golden carpet for our arrival.

Back to my little tale,

I asked David to take a photo. Call me vain, but I am rather fond of this jacket and liked the military green against the foliage, especially with the yellow frames of my glasses. As I have mentioned before I don’t like having photographs taken as I think I am never properly dressed, or some such similar excuse. This day I thought, now or never.

I get myself together, preening away, so I can look my best.

He walks away from me, towards the horses, and starts snapping away. When I understood he was not in any way pointing or clicking at me, I asked him what he was doing. Looking back at me he was completely puzzled.

I should have clarified not presumed. Never presume.

The penny dropped and I said, “Me, not the horses.”

I found it hysterically funny because here I am thinking I look pretty cute and perky in all my country kit and telling myself to stand up straight, hold the stomach in and smile (remember it takes 10 years off the face or so I have been told) and he hasn’t noticed and is doing his very best to focus on the horse and riders.

Maybe this happens when you have been married 30+ years.

He did take my photograph as you can see but by then we couldn’t stop laughing.

Why would he think I wanted a very distant shot of a horse and rider? I’m still pondering that; so is he.

Have a fabulous weekend, xv.

The English Country Weekend

“Me , Not The Horses.”

s13/nyc army parka  //  steve madden with shearling trim  //  woolrich eskimo parka  //  mr & mrs italy

faux fur fix

halogen faux scarf  //  halogen faux stole  //  ***infinity scarf  //  black fox faux  //  arctic fox faux


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Sande chase

Because he knows you well and just does what he’s told!. Happy wife. Happy life. So cute. Xx


Yes you are so right Sande and if I could also add that as we grow older together, we become more attuned and comfortable in each others company but you know what? Isn’t it wonderful that just as Vicki and David did, we can laugh together. Our love binds us over and through those ‘testy’ little “me, not the horses” moments. Love Vicki’s honesty and spontaneity – a woman truly comfortable ‘in her own skin’.

Josephine Chicatanyage

We spent a week-end at Lucknam Park some years ago and it is truly gorgeous. I too love the beautiful colours of autumn. Great photos of you, very flattering I think your husband did an extremely good job. On your advice I have bought myself a khaki jacket similar to yours from J.Crew and it has become one of my favourite wardrobe pieces.


That is too funny! Well you had a hearty laugh and that is good for the soul.
You look wonderful in your military inspired jacket. I recently bought the Nordstrom one you featured and have been trying to decide – keep or send back. Now, that I see you wearing one I know it is still current. I love that they have added the extra luxury of fur on the hood. Your fur lined version is gorgeous and oh so warm but I’m afraid that it’s a tad over my budget for an every day jacket.


Absolutely delightful story…I have to laugh because I was having a very similar conversation with my husband.

Thanks for sharing and you look absolutely lovely in your photos!!

Anita Rivera

Oh yes; we are 34+ years and those presumptions are proven so wrong, too often! I still think I should be his center of attention, especially when I have something “very important” to say, but often times, a bug, a rabbit on our walking path or a news flash on the television win his attention. I find myself saying as well dearest Vicki, “ME, not the horses!” XOXOXOX


My husband would no doubt do exactly the same. Love the photos so compliments to the photographer and his eventual subject.


That is SO funny, Vicki! When I dated my now husband he was all to eager to photograph me and to compliment me at every turn. Fast forward many yrs. and he does not compliment me often enough ( I usually have to remind him I am dressed up and “how do I look?” nor does he take my photo anymore……what is it with men?! BTW. You look Absolutely Gorgeous, Vicki!

Melissa Helms Buckner

Loved your charming story. Thanks for sharing it along with the wonderful photos of you in the countryside. Leaves turning here in Atlanta, Georgia, too! Happy Fall.

Lori Rayner

My morning giggle!! Thanks for sharing Vicki. And yes, your coat and glasses do look great against the fall backdrop.

lisa thomson

Beautiful photos, Vicki! He probably couldn’t believe you wanted a picture of yourself cause he knows you so well. Sometimes my Beau and I talk for a few minutes until we both realize we’re talking about two different things. LOL.

Esther George

Hi Vicki, may I say that you look absolutely beautiful. Thank you for your charming story and the beautiful photographs. Till next time, regards Esther from Sydney. PS the sun is so harsh, I’m dreading summer already.

Pauline from Phillip Island

I love your beautiful coat, Vicki. It’s also lovely to see your smiling face. I have been reading your blog for many years and it is so nice to see you occasionally. I also love to read stories about happy relationships and the one you just told is very sweet. I haven’t commented for some time but I do read everything you write. Does it make a difference to you to receive a comment? If it does I will do so more often. I just wondered if you can possibly have the time to read all the messages that are sent to you. Anyway, yours is the first and favourite blog that I read. I love the way you inspire in such a gentle easy way, always making me feel good about the day ahead. It is a very special talent. Thank you for all the gifts you bring into our lives.


I do read every comment Pauline and am so happy to receive them.
I think the interactions between readers together and with me is what really makes the site.
Thank you for your lovely message :)

Pauline Heymen

I’m so glad to hear that, Vicki. It’s wonderful to have a reply from you all the way from England. I always remember that you come from Melbourne (my home town) and I still have the beautiful vintage French postcard I won in one of your competitions featured on my desk. Thank you again!


Smiles absolutely take off years! I never realized it until I started getting laugh lines. So, just laugh or smile and those lines go away!


I told my friend about the ‘horses ‘ post and she laughed and told me this:-

Whilst she was on holiday on the continent her husband, a keen photographer, stopped the car on a remote road to record the beautiful the scenery and walked away leaving my friend standing by the car.
Suddenly some thieves came out of nowhere demanding money and valuables to be handed over. Her husband heard the commotion that ensued and came running back to the car videoing the robbery he ran towards her. His explanation thereafter was that is was a one off opportunity to record a real life robbery as it was actually taking place
They remained married, just!!

Leslie in Oregon

It’s lovely to see you. You look so beautiful and happy! Your story about David sounds like stories I could tell about my husband of 41 years…


So funny! Perhaps a good thing as the photos were probably much more relaxed and fun than otherwise.
You look great, hair wonderful as usual- and love the deep blue faux fur collar on the green jacket.

One thing I learned about English country house stays is always to take sensible shoes for walking in the fields. Years ago we stayed as usual with English friends at their house in Windsor Great Park when there was an another Australian guest who had never visited before. She was wearing brand new high heeled amethyst suede knee boots. They were spectacularly beautiful. However, also as usual our hostess invited us for a walk in the fields to admire her horses (she bred Arabs which she adored) – and as usual the fields were very muddy and soft. The poor girl’s boots sank ankle deep into the mud. I could feel her pain as she looked down in horror. Luckily I was prepared and wore sensible rather old leather lace-up flats, as did our hostess. Best wishes, Pamela

M. Lane

The laughter is the most important thing. Next year will be 30 years for the Irish Redhead and me and we seem SO much like you. We’ll never stop laughing and we’ll never be at a loss for something to talk about!! Lovely photo by the way.

M. Lane

Our French Oasis

You look gorgeous, but you know what the best thing is here, that you laugh with your husband still after 30 years. I do too, although we have only been married for 21 years, but still we fall about laughing like children. Isn’t that the best thing any of us could ask for in a relationship that has spanned decades?

Lynn Baker

Lovely fall day and he just had to catch that beautiful avenue of trees! So glad you could have time out and about with your husband. You look fabulous!


I know I am late, but just had to say this sounds so much like my husband and I! after 30 years together, he knows full well I hate being photographed, so if I asked him to take a picture, he would surely think I meant of the scenery!


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