26 Nov 2016

Super Saturday: Today’s Edit

Super Saturday on vickiarcher.com

Everyday feels like Super Saturday to me.

The moment when the eyes open and the delicious feeling that jumping up and out of bed is not necessary. I like to laze in bed for a little bit before I face the day; read a little or in today’s case browse online.

The weekend of great shopping continues and the online opportunities are enormous. Breaking it down into categories makes it so much easier; looking for a particular piece rather than a wide variety of different styles is the way I find I have the greatest success.

Sale time is the time to replace knitwear and in particular cashmere. There are certain styles I wear constantly so I try to find the best deals on these. I know I will wear these pieces over and over so finding them at a discount is a win/win.

In the past, I found sale shopping to be exhausting and at times fraught but online has changed all that. Online buying is so easy once you know how to navigate and make the click work for you.

Whatever I am shopping for I try and stick to my strategies and buy wisely.

Super Saturday on vickiarcher.com

Back to the cashmere.

There are three sweater shapes I wear; the V-neck, the crew neck and the turtleneck. Then there are the wraps and ponchos, the sweater style dresses and the occasional cardigan or jacket. And the total indulgence, the cashmere lounge about “tracksuit“. I wear these pieces endlessly, with everything and everywhere so when they are on sale I like to stock up; replace or adventure out into a new shade I might be uncertain for at full price.

This may seem like a less fun way to tackle the sales, it does seem like a good idea at the time to buy the slightly tight and too short extravaganza but please trust me, buying practical means the results will make you happy and the expensive mistakes minimised.

I learned the hard way  :) xv

Today’s Edit: The Best Of Cashmere

don’t hesitate

**sweater dress  //  **lounge suit  //  **eileen fisher oversized  //  **ribbed turtleneck  //  plain turtleneck  //  blazer jacket

must-have essentials

eileen fisher fine knit  //  vince crop oversized  //  open front cardigan  //  **bateau neck sweater  //  **v neck  //  crew neck

wrap up tight

***rib knit wrap  //  sofia cape  //  madeleine thompson striped wrap  //  madeleine thompson block wrap  //  tomas maier poncho


A Guide To This Weekend

NORDSTROM up to 50%  ||  NEIMAN MARCUS up to 60% today only  ||  NET A PORTER up to 50%

THE OUTNET up to 80  ||  AVENUE 32 up to 30%  ||  ASOS up to 30%  ||  LUISA VIA ROMA up to 50%

images from the chanel exhibition at the ca’ pesaro gallery of modern art in venice

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Anita Rivera

Good strategy,Vicki. Yesterday, we were out and rather enjoyed ourselves. With 50% off in the clothing stores, it made it easier for me to go to Ann Taylor (GORGEOUS styles and quality) and to other shoppes that I normally wouldn’t or COULDN’T shop. I ended up with the most beautiful two gray sweaters, a gray skirt that fits me perfectly, and a divine navy blue, double breasted jumper. The sales rep was a fabulous young man who knew how to help me and he and my husband both were scouring the dress racks and came up with just the right fit! It was fun.

Cathy C

Hi Vicki,
Impeccable timing as usual. Yesterday was cashmere day here! My husband and I both found some beautiful sweaters and we got 4 pieces for what I would have normally expected to pay for one. But I must say I am still tempted by the Neiman Marcos bateau neckline. Maybe one more??
Bon weekend!


The last 3 posts have been fun. I think the simple cashmere NM v neck would get the most use for me. I loved the Kristen Blake, French Connection and Tahari coats. And my favorite blouse was the Vince Faux wrap.

Gillian Anderson is a favorite of mine. Her makeup looked great in that picture-simply done. The show “the Fall” sounds intriguing although might be too gruesome???


It’s a little gruesome but more a psychological thriller, Missi… It is unsettling but excellent..


Ok Vicki, I will watch it! :)

Oh, and have you and your daughters ever seen The Gilmore Girls? I missed it somehow and am now watching it all on Netflix. I’m loving it!!!

Wendy Going Forward

Sale and shopping on the internet just makes me grin and chuckle with excitement! I have purchased the cashmere dress from Neimans too! Snapped up in grey as I have black. I find this style so easy to wear. Dressed up or down. I also picked up a cute bootie from Loeffler Randall at a good price.
Sometimes it it hard to remember to shop for others when I find things I need/ want!!
Have a great weekend!


This was a great post – you are so right about internet shopping and having a strategy, especially for these massive sale times! Every Thanksgiving evening for several years, I have sat down at the computer with a cup of tea and a muffin and done all my shopping in a couple of pleasant hours. First, I take care of any special gift items that I have not yet bought, such as a good leather briefcase for my son. Like you, this is the time that I replace my family’s basics: the classic cashmere sweaters that I live in, my Calvin Klein skinny jeans, my sleepwear and robes for the season. The brands that the men in my family like are always included in the sales, and I buy replacement basic clothing as well as gifts. Then, kitchen, bed and bath items. Finally (most important…) I look for a treat to reward all my hard shopping and all the money I saved!
My credit card gets a very good workout by the end of the evening, but I can be confident that my purchases were good ones and I am not distracted by the ‘ooh, look at that!’ that all too often happens in a brick and mortar store.
I agree that this is an excellent strategy for any price point, but I think it is especially beneficial for those whose purchasing power is limited. Fighting the crowds, driving from store to store…all very time-consuming and tiring, and at the end many of the choices are questionable because of fatigue, or the canned music was distracting, or an item was out of stock, or …!

(One thing I would add: I try to buy from online stores that have a physical presence near me or the recipient of a gift, to facilitate returns if needed.)

Pauline from Phillip Island

Hi Vicki,
I am fairly new to the world of Internet shopping but I am starting to really enjoy it. Living on a small island we have a limited selection of shops and a smaller variety of items to purchase. Whenever I can I will buy on the island to help support our small businesses here, but I feel like I have found a whole new world out there in cyber space. I pick up my IPad and suddenly I can shop all over the world. Its amazing and I thank you for showing me some of the things that are available at the touch of a button. Now that I am getting better and better at it I’m going to have to watch out for that checkout button! It’s just all too easy. What’s even more exciting is the arrival of the parcels!


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