15 Dec 2016

Clare Foy In “The Crown”: Steal Her Style

Clare Foy in The Crown: Steal Her Style on vickiarcher.com

Introducing Claire Foy and her on-screen ego, Queen Elizabeth II.

Period drama The Crown has had us hooked since it first appeared on Netflix.

Set around the Windsor family, the intimate insight into the young monarch’s life delivers every emotion from shock to romance and back round again.

Claire Foy stars alongside Matt Smith who plays Prince Phillip in the series. A fictional portrayal of the Queen’s life from her wedding to present day, the programme offers interesting yet endearing vision of her majesty’s private affairs. Claire Foy’s characterisation of Queen Elizabeth II is as close as can be.

Clare Foy in The Crown: Steal Her Style on vickiarcher.com

Her story may be enticing, but her wardrobe is enviable.

To live a life where dressing up as a princess is your daily attire, now wouldn’t that be lovely? When she’s not dolled to the nines Her Royal Highness prefers a more casual look, still delivered with exquisite elegance and grace, of course.

One of her signatures is the full skirt and fitted sweater, a style which is effortlessly achievable yet still fit for a queen. The volume of the skirt, particularly in the A-Line style, often makes it the central piece to the outfit. Pleated or strait, the skirt gives a sophisticated finish to a more relaxed presentation of the Queen in the series, normally fashioned in a warmer colour palette such as beige or rose.

Taking us back to the fashion trends of the past, the fitted sweater is perfectly suited to the royal’s petit frame and compliments her wonderfully. An antithesis of the boyfriend cardigan, fitted styles are becoming increasingly more popular this season and are a go-to top layer for any outfit. It is an essential for your winter wardrobe and will ensure you’re looking chic yet feeling warm in no time.

We may not be able to fully embrace all of the Queen’s elaborate costumes, but we can certainly embody her charming, more practical guises, and this is the way to begin.

Let’s steal her style in the most royal of fashions.

Clare Foy In “The Crown”: Steal Her Style

go to all lengths

eliza j jacquard midi  //  eliza j release pleat  //  st john satin wrap

eliza j cascade  //  carolina herrera full length evening skirt

wear it snug

pointelle cashmere  //  crewneck cashmere  //  v neck  //  bateau neck

Clare Foy In “The Crown“: Steal Her Style by Megan Goodey

images alex bailey


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Sharon Santoni

Love this series Vicki! I binge watched it while my husband was away for a few days, and simply loved every minute, from the wardrobe, to the acting to the decors – what a great production!


Linda B

I too am totally infatuated by this series, for all the reasons you mentioned. What a great a idea to explore how we can be inspired in a more down to earth way by the more casual of the queen’s styles. After all, most of us remember those full skirts and fitted sweaters from watching our own mothers when we were little, so this look is full of lovely nostalgia.

Lidy@FrenchGardenHouse Antiques

Isn’t it delicious, Vicki? I was sad to end season 1, excited for future seasons, and so very happy I am not a royal. It has made me admire the Queen on a whole different level. And the sets! The clothes! Oh. My. Superb. My husband I absolutely adored this gorgeous production. I inwardly cheered when young Elizabeth finally put her foot down a little and got her own way in a few things. Love her elegant style, too.


I love this show! The clothes, the sets, the historical setting…loving every bit of it! Can’t wait for the next set of episodes.


I loved it! And learned so much about this period in British history. And the fashion was breathtaking, yet so casually presented. What a masterpiece this series is! I wish I could purchase it!

Anita Rivera

I have heard so much about this show and will start watching it soon. This style, OH YES, bring it on to ME!


Obsessed with The Crown. I think I am going to watch the entire season for a second time it was that good. It’s just gorgeous. We here in the US are loving it.


Absolutely loved this series. Everything was beautifully done. The enormous sacrifice the Queen made for her country. WOW!

Kaaren Eastwood

I haven’t watched the series yet….still on The House of Cards which we are loving! The Queen herself is amazing I just think she is the most gracious woman God Bless Her and keep her safe and Healthy in 2017. Happy New Year to you too!


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